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Depopulation test run? 75% of children who received vaccines in Mexican town now dead or hospitalized

Ever since I started writing on FB many good friends have encouraged me to write more about vaccines & the ever-increasing number of shenanigans committed by big Pharma. Of course it goes without saying that every time a new vaccine is conjured up, politicians & regulators are going to have cash incentives coming out their ears. With 7 billion humans

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The fact so few people have any idea RON PAUL would have defeated Obama by the biggest landslide in the history of US politics is a testament of media power.

Had the US Presidential elections not had the skullduggerous hand of Zionism all over it, Obama would never have been President. RON PAUL was the people’s choice & I’m convinced had the elections been fair, in 2012 RP would have won by the greatest landslide in the history of US politics. If you don’t believe me check out the video

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The day after 9/11 Netanyahu said “THIS IS GOOD FOR ISRAEL.” Incredibly, this is the only time Netanyahu has ever told the truth!

All the turmoil occurring today is a direct result of 9/11. Only one country has gained & continues to gain – ISRAEL. But let’s forget about CUI BONO – the most crucial aspect of any criminal investigation………..   THEY DID IT! In truth, 9/11 was the worst thing that could have ever happened for Arabs & Muslims! Just like ISIS –

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When it comes to hoodwinking the public there’s a lot more than meets the eye. Over 100 years of experience has gone into perfecting this art.

Back in April I wrote a piece regarding how certain phrases are conjured up out of thin air by the Zionist propaganda machine, more commonly known as the BBC, CNN, FOX & all the rest of the garbage, seemingly tame & unassuming, while providing an opportunity for those who wish to appear a touch more intelligent than they are simply

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Do We Live in such a Crazy World Where Politicians & Media Decide What the Definition of a Terrorist Act Is?

Here’s my latest episode of GMM ranting & raving but really, this is one of my better efforts of laying it on the line. We’ve got to recognise who the real enemy is. If you believe anything the media says your thinking will inevitably be flawed. On several occasions I’ve reiterated the best way to understand what’s going on is

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