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100’s of pilots have stated the official account of 9/11 was impossible. Why doesn’t the media ever report this?

One crucial detail has for the best part been either ignored or simply missed by most 9/11 truthers. In fact, I’ll hold my hands up & admit, I made ten 9/11 videos & I missed it altogether. It was only when i read what several pilots said on the site Patriotsquestion9/11 did I realise that passenger planes cannot travel anywhere

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When is the UK public going to realise crooks like Osborne & Cameron are selling off what’s ours, BUT WE’RE NOT THE ONES BEING PAID!

This piece of shit Osborne should be in jail. Him & Cameron have already cheated the UK public out of £1.3 billion when they deliberately under-priced the shares of Royal Mail. Now that Zionist bankers rigged our election to get these scumbags back in, we’re going to see skulduggery that will make the Royal Mail rip off look like a

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Bernie the bolt!

I don’t know that much about Bernie Sanders. I know enough to say this he’ll be infinitely better than Hilary because the chances are there’ll still be a planet left! As for that traitor Jeb Bush – haven’t we had enough of this garbage family? I’m convince both Clinton & Bush have very little support among the people. The whole

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Nazi Resister Returns Holocaust Medal to Israel After Losing Relatives in Gaza

I really like Amy Goodman & her show Democracy Now. In this edition there is the quite incredible story (at 9.17). The Israelis should realise as long as they continue to indiscriminitely kill innocent civilians, then they should expect criticism. Henk Zanoli was given Israel’s Righteous Among the Nations award for his actions under Nazi occupation in Amsterdam. In 1943,

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