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It sure looks like Mossad has taken over from where Murder Incorporated left off.

Mossad To Begin Targeted Murders On American Soil   One of the most reprehensible acts by Obama was to create a new position – a role for someone to literally decide who to kill. The media actually dubbed it the ‘Assassination Czar!’ Of course if it was down to Obama he’d have never done such a thing. In fact it’s highly questionable

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ORANGE: What we’ve got here is failure to communicate. One minute they’re boycotting Israel; the next minute they love Israel.

Yesterday I came across a video of Netanyahu spouting the kind of acidic bile we’ve come to accept from him. This time he was coercing the French government into applying pressure on Orange, the huge mobile network operator in which they hold a large stake, not to go ahead with it’s planned Israeli boycott. On hearing the news I declared as

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ISIS Are Terrorists who kill Arabs & Muslims. They’re doing a good job too. Why do you think their fighters are nursed back to health in Israeli hospitals?

The answer to this conundrum is simple – they have no intention of destroying ISIS! Why do you think MOSSAD with the help of the CIA created this band of mercenaries? So they’d do Israel’s dirty work! What’s that you may ask? Destroy Libya, kill Gadaffi, destroy Syria, get rid of Assad, destroy Iraq….. again, steal more oil, start destabilising

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Gaza Under Fire……… again

For crying out loud, haven’t these people suffered enough? What worries me more than anything is there’s absolutely no media coverage. At least before, the Israelis would show themselves up by saying daft things like they have to defend themselves or Hamas was using tunnels, Hezbollah were using human sheilds & 1000’s of rockets every day were being fired into

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It was a Malaysian jet, carrying Malaysian passengers, flown by Malaysian pilots. Why has Malaysia been blocked from investigating?

A few months ago I received an email which had something like 10 topics & it said which 3 would you most like to ask Cameron about. There was nothing about foreign policy, nothing about banker’s bonuses & tax loopholes & there was nothing about Paedophiles. So I pressed reply & wrote UP YOURS! Needless to say the email bounced

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The whole political system requires a major overhaul. Rule No 1 – get money out of politics

Since the UK General Election, I’ve told loads of people the whole thing’s bent! They go “what, the election?” No. The banana I’m eating! Amazing as it seems, within 5 minutes I’d have most of them saying “oh yeah. Didn’t look at it that way.” Almost to a fault, when I tell people the last UK election was totally rigged, most

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