America’s failed war on terror? No. It’s Israel’s successful war of terror in order to create Greater Israel.

Yesterday I made a pig’s ear of a most crucial post. After a sleepless night I thought to hell with it – I’ll do it properly this time, without rushing. First & foremost GREAT SHOW! Way to go guys…. though in his intro Peter Lavelle talks of the ‘failed war on terror due to America & Obama’s foreign policy.’ Let

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Israel promotes soldier who beat Palestinian children

The kid must be anti-Semitic……….even though he’s a Semite…… he’s still anti-Semitic! They are killing our vimin & our children. They vunt to vipe us off the map! Ven ve invade ve come in peace. Ve are only defending ourselves! 1 every 3 days! In the dock, a mass-murderer is explaining himself. Bear in mind, this court is slightly

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