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Look who’s the new Head of Policy & Communication at FB – ONLY A SENIOR ADVISER TO NETANYAHU!


This is no surprise but all day long I’ve had problems opening my FB wall & my GMMuk page. After my November 30 day ban & the more recent FB censorship which scuppered my original George Michael post from going viral, I’ve been warned it’s only a matter of time for FB to close me down altogether. If they do

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The good news: My FB ban ends on the day I hit the big 60. The bad news: Truth is under attack like never before!


First of all, from the bottom of my heart, thanks for all the messages & birthday greetings. I will endeavor to answer each & every one. Please be patient though. My FB ban included answering messages so I’ve 30 days worth to catch up on. I don’t know how I’m going to do it but I will. It’s just a

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So much for freedom of speech Facebook

So much for freedom of speech

To be perfectly honest my heart had gone out of writing on social media long ago. I continued only because of the encouragement I received from friends & followers. When I first got my website up & running, initially I was pleased I carried on through the tough moments but then at the end of last year, Facebook & my

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Porn goes; Death threats go; Islamophobia goes. Criticism of Israel & Zionists doesn’t! Herein lie FB’s censorship guidelines

Soeaking of lies.....

Sorry folks. FB has banned me from posting into groups yet again so I may as well take a break till the ban ends on Thursday. Even then, I’m not holding out much hope that my FB account will remain open for too much longer. I’d like to add I couldn’t have done more to avoid being reported. I simply write

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