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Wolf Blitzer: Putin says Trump means peace; Hillary means war

3 short stories; 1 post – I hate arguing over petty details. I like to keep things simple. I mean we all know dumbos abound so quite why we should complicate matters never ceases to amaze me. However when simplicity of the highest order emerges from the last place you expect it, sometimes I don’t know whether I’m coming or

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Obama demonizing Putin to divert attention from Clinton’s health – Press TV

While I was taking a sabbatical it was sad to hear there was somewhat of a spat between Ken O’Keefe & Max Igan. Friends sent messages asking what I thought. The truth is, this altercation was the last thing that interested me for the very act of voicing an opinion over it would be playing into the hands of those who’d pay good

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US Presidential Candidate Merlin Miller says, “Israel Did 911; Zionists Control US Politics.”

If they can ignore a presidential candidate, what can’t the media do? I believe everything Merlin Miller says in this video is 100% correct. If one could present all the evidence in a court of law where Zionists could not exert outside pressure, each & every point Miller raises would be an open & shut case. No wonder I’ve never

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