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There’s no transparency or truth – JUST TREACHERY!

I thought I’d respond to this because the predicament we find ourselves in is unique in the annals of history. Others may have yearned for Mogul emperor status but such a feat has never been attempted in the manner it is today – conquest by forever pitting ordinary folk against each other. It’s touch & go. On the one hand,

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The critical question about ISIS is WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR IT & WHO IS BENEFITING?

Who wants war? Even though the vast majority of us would much prefer to live in harmony, our history is littered with wars & conflicts. Lamentably for mankind Banksters & war-mongers possess an iron clad grip over decision makers & it doesn’t look like they’re going to give it up anytime soon.     So we have this paradox & I believe

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Cameron regarding the Pedophile scandal – NO STONE WILL BE LEFT UNTURNED…….. YEAH RIGHT!

Quite why there are so many people today who are prepared to commit cold-blooded murder for me is a testament to how bad or perhaps inept our political system is. There can be no denying – if the world wasn’t such an unfair place loaded to the brim with the very worst people calling the shots, there wouldn’t be nearly

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