The outrageous massacre in a New Zealand Mosque

The question everyone should be asking is WHY HAS THIS HAPPENED? Yes, I know the obvious answer. We say it about every monstrous crime committed by depraved maniacs. There are certainly enough head cases about & there’s good reason for that too. We live in a world that’s so unjust & so unfair small wonder there are that many people prepared to commit unspeakable acts? Yet, I seem to be saying this an awful lot – there is far, far more to this than meets the eye. Why a Mosque & why now?

There is no question, since 9/11 the media has been at the forefront inciting Islamophobia. The fact is Muslims had nothing to do with 9/11 so as well as being totally unjustified, this is entirely deliberate. The media is owned by Zionist warmongers & their aim is to continue this deception until every Arab/Muslim nation opposed to Israel is destroyed. In order to achieve their goal, which is the creation of Greater Israel, a plan conceived in 1982 by Oded Yinon, it is imperative as many people as possible continue to believe there exists a genuine Muslim terrorist threat. Maintaining distrust & hatred is the key.

Now before you consider just how much Arabs & Muslims have suffered since that fateful day, not to mention the fact so many Arab/Muslim nations have already been destroyed, (they couldn’t have all been responsible for 9/11), think back to how the very same people bust a gut trying to make the world believe Communism was the scourge of the planet. This fear-mongering by politicians & media went on for ages but think back to how one country paid a quite horrific price. 4 million Vietnamese lost their lives in a war that was conjured out of thin air & VIETNAM NEVER ATTACKED ANYONE! (If you wish to learn more type in Gulf of Tonkin incident & you will quickly realise this was a false flag event just like 9/11).

Exactly the same thing happened to Iraq. Of course many of us were aware once again the media was manufacturing fear. This is why they spent over a year trying to sell the lie Saddam had WMDs & links with Al-Qaeda. We nevertheless went to war, destroyed yet another nation & in the aftermath, almost every decent person realised lies were indeed told in the build up to this war. Now ask yourself – did the media ever apologise for this crime of Nuremberg proportions? HELL NO…… oh but they made damn sure war criminals like Bush & Blair not only never faced the music but continued to live lavish lifestyles. I put it to you, no institution in the history of mankind has more to answer for than the media!

Now even though I agree with pretty much everything Chunky Mark says I’ve never featured him before. However, I really do feel he’s hit the nail on the head here. Look at the shameful way the media has reacted to this abomination? It’s not as if their trying to incite hatred; THEY’RE DOING IT BLATANTLY! This is how the Zionist prime directive Divide & Conquer works. I’ll say it one more time – the media is our sworn enemy, far worse than any terrorist because they are ultimately responsible for just about all the turmoil occurring in this god forsaken world.

Of course the first thing we hear is new firearm legislation being put on the table in New Zealand. This effectively will restrict honest folk from owning guns ie those who rarely indulge in criminal acts, while achieving precisely nothing to stop madmen acquiring them! Virtually all gun crime is committed by those who acquire them illegally. The authorities know this only too well. All this at a time when Police forces in the Western world are being given all the firepower under the sun. If we aren’t being set up then I’m a Chinaman!

Bear in mind, politicians in the West, notably the US, are also attempting to usher in ‘hate’ laws that at best can be described as unconstitutional; at worst, a declaration of war against the people they’re supposed to be representing. An overstatement? Hardly. The very notion that expressing an opinion can ever be construed as a criminal act, let alone something worthy of incarceration is criminality itself. Be sure too the media will positively drum home the phrase ‘hate crime.’

Freedom of speech is a fundamental human right. If people want to show how ignorant & hateful they are, then so-be-it. Surely it’s to their own detriment for who wants to associate themselves with any brainless moron?

Of course, the reward for these so-called politicians are financial incentives that would make one’s head turn. No surprise here either because whichever way you cut it, no politician in their right mind would even contemplate such a thing. It goes without saying therefore, ratifying hate laws is an extremely hard sell so the one thing that’s essential is a world that’s seemingly filled with hatred. This will give the gangsters in power the excuse to usher in laws that are an affront to democracy & you can be sure the media will do all they can to ride shotgun.


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