911 Videos

9/11 Finale – How best to convince people 9/11 was an inside job –

1) Are they aware for instance of the warnings Britain, Russia & many other countries gave to the US of impending attacks with aircrafts being used as missiles?

2) Are they aware of US civil air defence procedure?

3) Are they aware of Dick Cheney’s order for US fighter jets to STAND DOWN?

4) Are they aware of what happened to WTC 7 on the day of 9/11?

5) Do they know Kerosene plane fuel’s maximum temperature is 900C?

6) Do they know grade A steel can only be compromised if temperatures reach 1500C?

7) Do they know owner of the Twin Towers Larry Silverstein was paid $7.1 billion due to 35 separate insurance policies taken out soon after he bought them for a paltry $15 million that very same year?

8) Do they know the President’s brother Marvin was in charge of security at the Towers?…….. NO! They most certainly do not know because if they did they couldn’t possibly believe the official account……… yet these same people have the gall to label 9/11 truthers conspiracy theorists!

No one has the right to open their mouth if they cannot answer all the above points correctly.



Part 1 – Victim’s families & the Stand Down order –

1) No independent inquiry.

2) Why did US civil air defense go to sleep.

3) Civil air defense protocol.

4) Why was the 2nd plane allowed to hit the South Tower?

5) How could the 3rd ‘plane’ travel for 55 minutes in the most protected air-space in the world to hit the Pentagon?

6) The Stand Down Order courtesy of Dick Cheney.

7) Why was Civil Air defense chief General Richard Myers not grilled & then taken & shot for gross dereliction of duty?

8) Why instead was this traitor promoted to the Joint Chief Of Staff?



Part 2 – Obama, Silverstein, lie-detectors, the money trail & Bin Laden denial –

1) Obama immediately bought – no need for an inquiry!
2) Larry Silverstein & the purchase of the Towers.
3) Screw worrying about the billion dollar Asbestos repair job. Let’s get a whole load of insurance cover.
4) And while Larry’s at it, he insists on a special clause – just in case terrorists decide to attack the Towers & reduce them to rubble, IT’S DOUBLE-BUBBLE PAY-OUT!
5) No apologies for such a pathetic security lapse.
6) Yet almost immediately THEY KNOW WHO TO BLAME?
7) Did you know the next day Bin Laden denied the whole thing?
8) How come no one on Capitol Hill or no one in the media suggested those who earned untold millions should sit lie-detector machines?



Part 3 – Warnings, WTC demolition & Securacom –

1) Warnings ignored.

2) Towers collapse demolition style.

3) Construction and project manager Frank De Martini claim that architect Minoru Yamasaki built each Tower to absorb the impact of 4 Boeing 707’s.

4) No mention of the architect – considering how his buildings collapsed like a pack of cards?

5) Kerosene fuel maximum temperature – 1000 degrees C. Temperature required to bend Grade A steel – 2500 degrees C.

6) Scott Forbes testimony ignored by media & 9/11 Commission.

7) No mention that GW’s brother Marvin was in charge of security a the Towers. What a good job he did!

8) Evidence was inexplicably gathered up & shipped to China. This alone is proof something was terribly amiss.



Part 4 – Emergency Services, Media control eye-witness accounts – Inside job – 


1) Emergency services – key eye-witness testimonies were ignored.

2) Firemen stated bombs were going off all over the place.

3) Firemen are experts in knowing whether buildings are about to collapse yet 355 firemen lost their lives.

4) Media control was prerequisite. This is why 9/11 was a Zionist operation.

5) Dan Rather called it – controlled demolition.

6) Iraq destroyed on a pack of Zionist lies.

7) Assange, Pilger & Avery vilified.

8) ‘You’re either with us, or you’re against us’  GW Bush.



Part 5 – Pentagon, more lies, US Industrial Military Complex –

1) A plane is allowed to roam into the most protected air-space in the world. Why didn’t anyone in the media ever ask how this could have transpired?

2) The reason is because in normal circumstances IT COULD NEVER HAPPEN!

3) They knew a plane was on its way. Why wasn’t the Pentagon evacuated?

4) Why didn’t the media ever mention this outrageous anomaly?

5) How come the FBI were already there ready to remove all the CCTV footage?

6) Why has this footage remained hidden from public gaze?

7) Why hasn’t the media said anything about this scandal?

8) This manufactured war on terror has only served the interests of big business & Israel.



Part 6 – Pentagon, removal of CCTV footage & Vaporising Plane 

1) In a genuine terrorist attack on Buckingham Palace or Parliament, it is inconceivable real life footage would be withheld from the public.

2) Removing vital evidence is a recurring theme.

3) When I made this video I didn’t know $2.3 trillion had been misappropriated by Rabbi Dov Zakheim. Some 100 employees mainly accountants had been trying to locate the money. They were working in the Budget Analyst Office where the missile just happened to hit. All the evidence they had collated disappeared in a flash of white light. Now we know why the Pentagon wasn’t evacuated & how Israel ended up with the 2nd largest air-force in the world. 

4) Radar confirmed a military jet.

5) Radar operators threatened.

6) Passengers planes do not vaporise – no wreckage, no bodies, no black boxes, no engines, not even a scratch on the lawn. 

7) Engine parts of an A3 Sky Warrior Jet.

8) The RAYTHEON connection.



Part 7 – WTC7, Shanksville, Silverstein’s admission & flights 77 & 93 –

1) On the same day, WTC7, another building owned by Larry Silverstein collapsed. This 47 storey sky-scraper was not hit by any plane! It just collapsed! 

2) WTC7 housed the SEC offices where files of some 3000 major cases of fraud were being investigated.

3) Larry Silverstein ‘PULL’ interview.

4) BBC reported the collapse of WTC7 23 minutes BEFORE IT DID COLLAPSE!

5) The myth that Flight 93 crashed at Shanksville.

6) Why Hopkins Airport Cleveland was evacuated.

7) Flight 77 & 93 landed at Hopkins airport. All passengers & crew were in all likelihood killed there.

8) How the media perpetuate the lies while undermining truthers.



Part 8 – PNAC Group, 911 Setup, rigged Florida election & myth of GW Bush –

1) The PNAC group -“absent some catastrophic and catalysing event – like a new Pearl Harbour.” 

2) The rigged Florida primary.

3) How come the planes were allowed to hit their targets?

4) How come all the evidence was taken away & destroyed?

5) Insiders on the street sought out TV cameras in order to tell lies.

6) Zionists were plotted up at every major news outlet in order to plant myths into people’s minds from the word go about Muslim terrorists.

7) GW the buffoon suddenly looked good. Small wonder. 9/11 was their plan so he didn’t have to make any decisions. 

8) There’s no war on terror. This is all about MONEY & POWER!



Part 9 – Winners/losers, GW prosecution, Zionist lies of Al Qaeda & Saddam –

1) Those who pointed the finger gained beyond their wildest dreams. Those blamed lost everything!

2) The Zionist controlled media went into lying overdrive. Israel could tell all the porkies it wanted & as a result could do as it wished.

3) Asking questions is paramount. We must always have this right.


5) WMD’s were myths fabricated by 3 Zionists – Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle & Douglas Feith. 

6) Tony Blair’s decision to murder Britain’s chief weapons inspector to Iraq – Dr. David Kelly.

7) Even though it is unequivocal we were told lies, the way has been paved for the systematic erosion of our civil liberties.

8) Everything that’s occurring today is exactly what the Zionist perpetrators of 9/11 wanted all along.