Depopulation: This is what it’s all about. They’ve more or less told us this.

We just don’t get it do we? The media puts fear onto Defcon 1 mode & suddenly everyone’s in a trance. I’ll bet any money they’ve already got the bloody vaccine. They’re never going to release a deadly strain if it puts them at risk! As per usual, we’re being played & I must admit the way they’re closing everything down has worked wonders. We have no response. The Internet has been bombarded with every possible scenario. As a result few people understand what’s really going on.

And I’d like to bet, the first people selling shares were the Rothschilds. Since they own by far & away the most stock, what they do doesn’t just move markets; they implode them…. just as they did in the Napoleonic wars when they conned everyone into believing Napoleon triumphed at Waterloo, thus precipitating a massive share sell off. Then, when prices hit rock bottom they gobbled up everything for next to nothing, all the time knowing Napoleon got lagged over! It’s happening again folks.

By now it should be obvious. This lock-down will go on for a while & then suddenly they’ll say WE’VE DONE IT! WE’VE DEVELOPED A VACCINE & guess what….. all the saps out there ie 99 out of 100 people, having been programmed to the point where normality is a distant memory, like a junkie needing a fix, they’ll be gagging for a jab. The Sheep will unwittingly excel at impersonating themselves as they obediently accept the supposed vaccine that in all likelihood will be a new electronic tag that the NSA ie the Israelis, will ultimately control. Freedom will be a thing of the past. Sadly I feel I have good reason to believe activists like me, along with all the undesirables as they say, are more likely to receive lethal injections.

Many years ago I said the same people engineering everything today were for the best part responsible for the brutal massacre of 66 million Russians in the Bolshevic Revolution. This was merely payback because 100 years earlier Tsar Alexander got wind of the Rothschild’s NWO plan & effectively scuppered it at the Congress of Vienna in 1817. I said, ‘just this one time take my word for it – when they get the chance these psychos will make what occurred in the Russian Revolution look like a warm up!’ I for one will not submit to any vaccine. They can shoot me in the head but I will not be taken away to be plonked in some sort of ‘facility’ which in reality will be a death camp. Frankly I’ll be amazed if I see the year out though paradoxically I’m convinced the cause of my demise won’t be no virus.

What we’re hearing on the news is simply a script the media has been given. First of all one has to grasp a single fact all these viruses in the last 30 years have been man-made. Why? Two answers, the first is obvious – to use as a weapon. The other reason – these previous ‘outbreaks’ were merely trial runs. These viruses reared their ugly head. The media dutifully put fear into Defcon one mode & then lo & behold, these alleged viral threats, rather mysteriously became old news. If ever there was a need to ask questions like how these viruses emerged…. yet it was almost as if…. ‘oh really didn’t like that but let’s just forget it all happened. We don’t want to go there do we?’

These were trial runs for the purpose of editing the script. I know a bit about this because some years ago I wrote a screenplay. I finished the first draft in a year but then spent 3 more years editing the damn thing so that finally I was satisfied. Since those responsible for creating these viruses own the media, one can safely assume, rather like 9/11, the media is literally reading from a script, except this one’s a lot longer. They’ve probably been modifying this particular script for years on end, learning from the previous ‘outbreaks.’ Think this is mere speculation? Yes. Certainly if the reaction on the street is anything to go by. That’s because most people live in fear & can’t think for themselves. How many times have I said – THE MEDIA TELLS YOU WHEN TO GET ANGRY & WHAT TO GET ANGRY ABOUT!

Naturally any journalist who tries to do their own investigative research to learn more of this so-called virus will find his or her work is surplus to requirements. Then that journalist will not only be sacked but forever blacklisted for daring to break free of Zionist shackles. ‘Inform the public? Are you out of your tiny mind?’ Yet I have to pinch myself that people still believe what they’re being told. They lied to go to war & the end result has always been total & utter carnage. These were crimes of Nuremberg proportions but has the media ever offered an apology? The media then goes out their way to protect the war-mongers & the even more vile child molesters that thanks to the NWO merchants, are prevalent in high office.

Ask yourself – don’t they want a NWO? Don’t they want a world where the population is 500 million? Haven’t they built the Fema Camps? Haven’t they bought all those coffins? Haven’t they been developing all sorts of ‘vaccines’? Isn’t it a fact WW III is more or less out of the question simply because nuclear weapons are simply way too destructive, as well the immense radiation fallout? Even Prince Philip let the cat out of the bag when this grotesque man said, ‘if I were reincarnated I’d like to come back as a lethal virus.’ If by now you haven’t worked out the 1% hold the rest of us in contempt & that they really do believe they’re above us, then you should look in a mirror & say to yourself, ‘boy. Has the media done a number on me.’


  • Auntie Semite

    At the end of last year, xi jinpig said Islam was a virus, he tried to change the Qur’an to add loyalty to him and his satanic/atheist regime and said that nothing could stop china. Within two months God showed xi jinpig and all his supporters a real virus and just how easy it is to stop china.

    Just like God sent the plagues previously, I feel this virus will disappear only after xi jinpig is gone (one way or another) and the Uighurs can once again read the AUTHENTIC Qur’an and worship God FREELY.

    So if it takes all countries to be infected to BOYCOTT china and seal their borders until they destroy china to the point where the evil ccp throws xi jinpig under the bus (like he did to his opponents), then all countries will continue to suffer until they stop helping the evil satanic/atheist chinese regime and their supporters.

    Of course this is just my theory, but maybe stopping the torture, imprisonment, rape and murder of the Uighurs in china will help God to remove this plague. But I’m betting the satanic/atheist chinese would never give that a try, until they are so broken that they no longer have the ability to persecute over two million Uighurs. And hopefully that extends to stoping the oppression of those in Tibet and Hong Kong and to stop murdering people to steal their organs for the wealthy in china.

    But having been to china many times and seeing the oppression there firsthand, I have a feeling this plague will be around a long time before china changes for the better. #BDS #BDSchina

    I recall the designer of the Titanic saying that even God couldn’t sink his ship, a few days before He did. The moral – don’t challenge God. Sodom and Gomorrah and Babylon were much better than china and APARTHEID israel and look how they ended up. Good Riddance.

    • A. Theist

      You say atheist like it’s a bad thing 🤣

      • Auntie Semite

        The devil wants only one thing, for people to not worship God so they can join him in eternal Hellfire. So atheists by definition follow the devil. Thus “satanic/atheist”.

        And being ungrateful to your Creator, is a bad thing.

        • Men are gods and devils, the rest are delusions. I do not think your silly gods superstitions apply to the leaders of China …

          • Auntie Semite

            Good for you, keep following the devil and when you are in your wretched grave, where your punishment will be far worse than what it is now, you’ll beg God to be able to return and worship Him. Too late. And the satanic/atheist chinese regime, like pharoah, will only learn when they are completely destroyed, as no amount of plagues and warnings is ever enough for their or your ilk.. Good Riddance.

        • Why should we be grateful? We never asked for such favors. We inherited life by chance.

          • Auntie Semite

            You should be grateful that God gives you the choice between spending eternity in Heaven or Hellfire, up to the moment before death.

            pharoah was also ungrateful and in spite of all the many signs and plagues, continued to challenge God, and that is why he was drowned and will spend eternity in Hellfire.

      • I tend to believe Atheists are generally smart people.

    • I’m not sure why you’re unloading on China AS. At least they don’t go round thinking they’re the global policeman. And isn’t it fair to say there are several nations with appalling records on human rights.

      • Auntie Semite

        Most regimes are satanic, but it was xi jinpig, like pharoah, that challenged God and brought this plague on the world. And we are all paying the price because the other satanic regimes continue to support china in their evil. Hopefully the will all be joined in eternal Hellfire for bringing this upon humanity.

    • Vic

      Hi Mike I know you will never get this message but just so you know your no1 fan here misses you very much.
      I hope your resting easy Metal we love you and i can speak on the behalf of everyone here and say that you are going to be very much missed. ❤

  • Linda Taylor

    I feel that you are correct in what you say and will be having no vaccine advising people I know not to either, create hysteria and people are desperate for any solution, sheep to the slaughter.

  • brian

    I just love your work and the info you give,I studied all this for 50 yearsand its great to find others agree, please keep up the great work BTW the Bilderberg conferences were about population reduction, the Duke of Edinburgh let the cat out of the bag when he said ” if i had to come back i would want to be a virus that kills millions” Bill Gates is said to own the lab that built the virus, they are determoned to kill off the ” useles eaters”

  • John Pike

    yes mate youve got a great grasp on true history,and the bolshevic thing goes back hundreds of years,thats a true measure of these was the russians that chased the khazars out of the middle of europe.that is how these false jews became spread all over europe.the russians were sick of paying taxes to them on the trade between rus empire and constatinopal. sound familiar!the golden gate monument is still there in kiev.and this isnt just about china,this is them getting the n.w.o back on track.oh and as for the cabal being taken down,i think your right its the truthseekers who are the target

    • Auntie Semite

      Every western nation is run by a satanic/zionist regime that works only for the jew banksters and APARTHEID israel. The jew with their control over the courts, politicians and media SELECT candidates for us to “elect” and the sheeple think they have a democracy or it’ll make any difference to them. #BDS #BDSjewCorps

      We must BOYCOTT jew corps like starbucks, home depot, hp, facebook, google…and if you use the latter two, BOYCOTT all their advertisers.

    • Cheers John. Much appreciated but it’s always great to see others on the ball too. Well done mate.

  • brian mitchell

    i had been pressing the reply button to send you restricted WHO info
    i have just seen its a no reply

    • Auntie Semite

      Germany will be hard hit because they accept flights from APARTHEID israel. A few days ago they randomly tested 24 jews on a flight from APARTHEID israel to Frankfort, and 7/24 not only had the corona virus plague, but very high yields of it, undoubtedly to spread it to the Germans. Yet that satanic/zionist merkel continues to kiss jew and APARTHEID israel arses. #BDS

      • 2NEY

        Shut your mouth you collaborator of the synagogue of satan. Don’t presume to speak for GOD. You save yourself, because far are you from the path of righteousness which is TRUTH everlasting.

        Be gone with you fake Judaen.

    • I’m not sure what’s happening here Brian. I have the link you sent.

  • A Cuban scientist says that interferon has success against this virus ! Also it has been reported that the Corona virus cannot withstand temperatures above 26C
    So using a far-infrared sauna is suggested or even a hair dryer , into nasal passage.
    I’m hoping this info will get out before one of the pharmaceutical co’s comes up
    with a vaccine , which no doubt will be mandated for the whole planet 🌎 We
    know that “Gates” and others have the patents on this virus ! LETS NOT LET HIM WIN ,☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️

  • Bingo brother Michael … I am visiting mama in the USA now … going to get so much worse. Only 50k people have been tested in the US, and the gov is blocking the test kits for all except their chosen corporate labs. Very real pandemic, and people are dying. Community health care programs by qualified labs and Mds. are being thwarted.

    I am anticipating a travel ban soon, and forced vaccinations. Also, a massive round up of all “problem makers” to the 600 FEMA camps (They have one in Alaska built for 2 million people) …

    No vaccine for me …

    Virus won’t do me in either …. but ….

    • Thanks Brian. I’m sorry I couldn’t reply earlier. I changed my Broadband supplier & I had to wait to be switched on. It looks like the fix could be in for this bastard Joe Biden. It’s amazing how child molesters are put to the fore.

  • brian
    philip schofield tecting schoolboys scandal

  • Venner

    Michael did you watch the Event 201 videos? The 10 minute highlights pretty much sums it up.

    • Thanks Venner. I’m beginning to think this is another trial run. All the time they’re learning more; learning what not to do next time around so that when they finally decide to start the process that will lead to electronic tagging or wiping us out with their vaccines, it will occur with the minimum of fuss. As far as I’m concerned the media has totally over-reacted to this alleged ‘threat.’

      • Venner

        Oh Michael. RIP brother. You did everything you could have done and more to push the fight for the truth out there. Your excellent investigations and your interpretations of the relevent events and your unique style touched the hearts and minds of every one of us. You will be sorely missed.

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