Trump vs Hillary – it’s a no-brainer

War is not the answer

Before I present my latest offering I’d like you to watch this one minute clip Linda Wal kindly sent me but please……… do not say if only more soldiers stepped up to the plate like this. THEY ARE! The media is simply not reporting it. Oh but they have the gall to accuse Truthers of being unpatriotic yet consistently ignore

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Syria: The media can lie no more

Peace delegation to Syria

So what if before our very eyes crimes of the century are committed. I’ve passed the point of lamenting when people are going to wake up. Along with the inability to think, I’ve long since felt the dumbing-down process has also served to drastically reduce people’s empathy. Unless a problem directly affects our own interests, we simply don’t care. For many

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GMMuk – 9/11 pt 2: WHO REALLY DID IT!

The real terrorists!

Here’s my video 9/11: Who Really Did It! I’m sorry it’s 28 minutes. I tried to cut it down as much as I could but as per usual, I went off in a tangent or two!     9/11 was a false flag event. That much is obvious. It involved the full cooperation of the Bush administration & the entire

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GMMuk – episode 2 – 9/11 pt 1 – What we should concentrate on

911 - the key issues

It’s incredible. Whenever I say or assume ‘this is going to be a piece of cake’, it’s as if there’s an unwritten law in the Universe that states ‘don’t do that because it’s sure to bite your arse!’ More commonly known as tempting fate & though, deep down, I don’t believe this is the case, it all but appears I

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GMMuk episode 1 – the end of democracy

GMMuk episode 1

This is the first video clip I’ve ever made on my tod – hardly a professional production I know. I’m still having serious trouble knowing where the camera is but considering I’d struggle to get 2 out of 10 for being computer savvy & since I so much wanted to have another option to writing, I’m absolutely over the moon I’ve

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Obama demonizing Putin to divert attention from Clinton’s health – Press TV

Mark Dankof

While I was taking a sabbatical it was sad to hear there was somewhat of a spat between Ken O’Keefe & Max Igan. Friends sent messages asking what I thought. The truth is, this altercation was the last thing that interested me for the very act of voicing an opinion over it would be playing into the hands of those who’d pay good

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Talk about divine intervention…….

HIllary on the ropes

I may be back but I’m anything but the Messiah! I’ve never been one for believing in divine intervention. What happens, happens. I suppose the moral of the story yet again is never say never because boy, what’s occurred, miraculous as it is, could not have come at a more opportune moment. Nasty as it may sound, we needed this

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Muhammad Ali & what the media didn’t say


It may be somewhat of a surprise to FB friends, followers & website subscribers but if I had a choice on subject matters to write about, politics & world affairs wouldn’t get close. I find politicians odious & since they control so much, writing about world affairs & what the media doesn’t report is as soul-destroying as it gets. Furthermore it’s

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