Why haven’t the Police arrested Katie Hopkins?


Fair play to George Galloway for lambasting this evil, wretched bitch Katie Hopkins. Can you imagine the publicity & the sheer level of outrage if anyone ever said “it’s time to bomb the Israelis. They are rodents burrowing underneath the Palestinians?” This would rightly be regarded as hate speech. As vast as Israel’s crimes are, I nevertheless feel this kind of talk is

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Trump inauguration: just what America needs – less talk; more action


Forget comparing this speech to Obama’s rapturous inaugural message. You can’t. There’s no comparison. At the time, Obama’s speech alone instilled me with some renewed optimism but these hopes were soon dashed. From the word go it became obvious dual national Zionists had dug their claws into him & his administration. As a result what occurred was 8 years of

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Obama commutes much of Chelsea Manning’s sentence


Wonderful news to hear Chelsea Manning will be freed in May. Part of me wants to thank Obama for my feeling is someone like GW Bush would have let Manning rot in jail. Yet how can we forget that under Obama’s watch, whistle-blowers never had it so bad? How can we forget the targeted assassinations of true patriots, good men

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Yet another convenient death of a whistle-blower? For sure – far more appropriate though to say – yet another chilling message sent!


Those who go out their way to defy us will die! This should be Mossad’s or should I say the Rothschild motto. Those who speak out are quite aware of this. Therefore, having the guts to do so is a rare quality. For me it sets us apart – you either care about right & wrong or you don’t. Whether

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Perhaps Nature remains destined to have the last laugh


Nature never ceases to amaze me. Over 15 years ago I felt a compulsion to write a piece entitled ‘Does Nature have a Rule Book’. Here’s a segment – Some 14 billion years after Genesis, Nature chose to expand its repertoire by creating a life-form which would evolve dramatically. No species before had been blessed with such a multi-faceted, powerful

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Letter to Boris Johnson: Rejects calls to punish Israel over ‘take down’ plot


How can this be possible? An Israeli caught red-handed stating there exists a hit-list of British MP’s who do not toe the Zionist line, Sir Alan Duncan actually being named & YOU DO NOTHING? I used to think you were a decent chap. What’s happened to you? If any other country pulled such a stroke Westminster would be up in arms.

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Hot off the press: Israel plot to ‘take down’ Tory minister


Hardly surprising most people retain a dim view of politicians. Money talks thus holding one’s hand out, illegal as it is, nevertheless has become accepted practice. It shouldn’t be but the problem is most of us have been programmed into believing there’s nothing we can do. I’ve lost count the number of times I’ve heard ‘aaahh, it’s always been like this.’ It all

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Meryl Streep: You may be the G.O.A.T but you have the brains of a rocking horse!


Sorry folks. I’ve got to re-post this. I didn’t think it was appropriate for my website but I just watched this clip & I don’t think it’s possible to sum it up any better than this guy did. I tried but when I saw this I felt my effort was rendered lame in comparison. Listen to the man (4.43)….      

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The Coming War on China by John Pilger


What is news? A means of informing the world’s inhabitants what’s occurring around the globe. Ideally it would be something we could rely on & place our trust in. News should enlighten us of technological & scientific strides, modification of skills & methods in order to advance mankind while protecting planet Earth, our home & all it’s wonderful life-forms. Significantly,

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