Donald Trump Gettysburg Address – First 100 Days

Trump's Gettysburg address

Just 3 weeks to go & I’m still worried that way too many of my friends are loathed to vote for Trump. Jacqueline Roberts sent me a link where Trump was attending the 33rd Jesuit “Jester” Dinner the night after the final Presidential debate. He was seen cavorting with the Clintons, the Pope, Henry Kissinger, Murdoch, basically, just about all

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Take note Trump – Clinton is the candidate of war! David Duke interviews the great Mark Dankof

Dankof & Duke

Much has been made of Trump & Hillary being the two worst candidates in US Presidential history. I for one fell into that trap, though one can be excused for two reasons – firstly Hillary takes the ticket for being the worst candidate in history. Certainly no candidate has lied more; it’s hard to find a greater fraudster or one that’s

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Israel Stealing Syria’s Oil

More Israeli theft

Hypocrisy off the Richter scale. With Israel, the media lied just as much in 1967 as it does now! The very fact the history books state Israel was attacked from all sides in 1967 yet the end result of this ‘6 day war’ was the capture of the Sinai Desert from Egypt, the continued robbery of vast swathes of Palestinian land including

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Wolf Blitzer: Putin says Trump means peace; Hillary means war

War & Peace

3 short stories; 1 post – I hate arguing over petty details. I like to keep things simple. I mean we all know dumbos abound so quite why we should complicate matters never ceases to amaze me. However when simplicity of the highest order emerges from the last place you expect it, sometimes I don’t know whether I’m coming or

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BAM!!! Trump just attacked the Clintons in the worst way imaginable!

The man has balls!

Look here. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT WE NEED – someone finally saying the system is rigged; highlighting the outrageous media bias; telling everyone the Clinton’s are criminals! WHAT MORE COULD WE POSSIBLY WANT? You’ve got to be gormless if after watching this video you don’t concede we may have half a chance with this guy. So if you still disagree

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The Rigged Election – deleted footage of 3rd party candidate

Deleted 3rd Party footage

This clip goes a long way to showing just how the most important election in the world is being rigged. There are other candidates yet the US public have no say in the matter! How can this possibly be? Before going any further, this fact alone makes the election a mockery. Then when one looks at what’s being served up,

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RT: Newspaper poll shows 71% support for Russia’s anti-terror campaign

Putin in Syria

Since Zionists, bankers & the terrorist mercenaries they utilise do not make up 1% of the world’s population, frankly, quite how almost 30% do not support Russia’s battle against terrorism astonishes me no end. It’s safe to say there are a lot of people out there who have the brains of a rocking horse. Most significantly, Putin was asked to

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GMMuk – Countdown to WW III – Part iii – UK Lambs to the slaughter

Countdown to WW III

I’m close to blowing a gasket because I know WW III is on the cards & as each day passes, we’re moving inexorably closer to it & IT’S ALL BASED ON LIES! Ages ago I said Zionists want to push America & Europe into a war against Russia for this is the only way they can eventually establish the one

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Julian Assange’s Lawyer Found Dead in ‘Suicide’

Yet another Clinton assassination

What are the odds of a QC committing suicide? Answer – I’ve no idea but I’d like to bet such an eventuality is about as unlikely as winning the national lottery. However, when this prominent QC happens to represent none other than Julian Assange & is a barrister specialising in war crimes & human rights, the odds become astronomical! So apart from

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Dankof: We’re on the brink of war with Russia… but what about Trump’s taxes?

The media for you

Not only is Trump being well & truly fitted up but so are the Russians. For my American friends this is English slang for a cross between being stuck in a rock & a hard place & taking it up the gearbox whatever one does. To hell with Trump’s tax returns. There isn’t a millionaire who isn’t a tax cheat.

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