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WRITER BIO: You could call me a freelance writer/activist, a media & political analyst specialising in world affairs. However, I feel I’m merely a free thinker. 

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My Chronic Insomnia has all but driven me round the bend. I finally got an appointment into UK’s finest sleep clinic at Harefield Hospital. Overnight, I was strapped onto machines & electrodes, you name it. In the morning the doctor came in & said, “I don’t know how to say this but we can’t do anything for you!” I couldn’t believe it. I was devastated. Cut a long story short, the doctor said he’d never seen such a case. My condition was solely down to one thing – my brain simply refuses to switch off. Hard as I try to empty my mind, I’m forever analysing & pondering scenarios. So, it’s not a question of whether I jump to conclusions; I’m as close as dammit the last person in the world who can!


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(June 2015). I’m falling in love with my new website. Today I sorted & indexed all my 9/11 videos & loaded them into the False Flag section. (15 mins) each one analyses specific aspects of 9/11. Most of the material was written over 10 years ago for the sole purpose of including this whole sordid event as a chapter in a new book I was writing entitled ‘DOES NATURE HAVE A RULE BOOK.’


Cut a long story short, at the time I was in the midst of writing a screenplay for a film. (See My Screenplay) The first draft took around 6 months. I’m very critical of my work. I do not think I’m a good writer. I’m okay. My analytical skills & ability to read between the lines allows me to eliminate possibilities so that in no time I’m left with only the right pieces of a puzzle. It’s just a question of putting it together so that all the dots connect. When I speak about my findings, I’m all over the place. Ask me to explain the same thing by writing & out comes a style of delivery people gravitate to.


So after 6 months, I had a skeleton script. However, deep down I felt it had real potential. So I showed it to a few people who I knew not only had good judgement but would above all tell me the truth. I demanded that. Each & every person said the same thing – this is going to a Box office bonanza. Now all I had to do was make every scene perfect.


I started off like a house on fire. 35 pages, one-quarter of the film done & dusted. Strange how nearly all of this 2nd draft remains intact to this day. Then things started to go pear-shaped. Nothing I was putting together satisfied me. Writing required concentration, so I began to do all the work in the Kalooki card club that I ran. When everyone left, out came the computer. Soon I was staying overnight, working hours on end. Little did I know I had taken my first step on what was a very long slippery slope.


This club effectively was a den of iniquity. Every so often items off the back of a lorry would inevitably make their way into the club. One day this guy brought in a case of Laurent Perrier Rose Champagne, one I really liked. I said, how much? He said, £75! There were 6 bottles in the case. £12.50 each! Third of the price! I said, how many cases you got? He said 34! I said, I’ll take the lot! Everyone in the club thought I was joking. What they didn’t know is this Gladys Knight song was in my head. I needed a companion – to help me make it through the night.


I’d carry on; then get stuck. So I’d do a 3rd draft, then a 4th, 5th & soon I’d hit a barrier that felt like Hadrian’s Wall. More booze – another draft – more booze. This went on for almost 6 months & suddenly, the bubbly was no more. I’d done the lot! Over 200 bottles! No worries because all I had to do was go upstairs to the Off Licence & introduce myself to Mr Smirnoff blue & Mr Jose Cuervo Tequila Gold! It proved to be a long friendship. The trouble was, it was anything but a healthy one. Soon, each night I was downing a litre of spirit.


Night-time was good. My problems began in the morning. Hangover after hangover & then I’d wake up with an absolute barnstormer! One particular one was a killer-headache that not only felt like someone parked a grand piano on top of my barnet but also incorporated the built in thump! There was nowhere to run; nowhere to hide! I was crying with pain. It wouldn’t go away. I couldn’t do anything & the thumping would go on & on. I wanted to die.


Then Eric, some 4 hours later, the previous owner of the club said – ‘you know what your problem is Metal?’ I was still in a total daze as I looked up. ‘You’re drinking spirits all the time!’ ……………. Well, thanks a bunch. I’d have never guessed. I mean, can you believe that? I swear. Those were his exact words. Do I need this or what! All of a sudden I’ve got a rocket scientist telling me he’s worked it all out. I thought please. Let me just die! I’ve had a good life. I want to go. Take me now.


Later that night I’d say to myself, no more of that bloody Tequila. I’ll just stick to Vodka…….. & away I’d go. A few days later, it was on a Sunday when the club was shut. I’m working on the script & there’s a knock on the door. It’s Eric. ‘I’ve got something for you Metal.’ So we go out the back & there’s this truck loaded with bottles of wine, red & white. He said, ‘thing is you can’t pick & choose. It’s all or none. I’ll do you a good deal.’ I said, how many bottles you got? He said, ‘only about 2000!’ I said, are you mad? What am I going to do with that lot? He said, ‘drink the fuckers! You’re better off drinking wine than spirits all the time.’ He was right about that so I took a closer look & there was some really good stuff there. All of it was decent but then I saw my favorite red wine – Margaux, all the way from Bordeaux – cases of them! Suddenly I was the not so proud owner of 2000 bottles of wine.


Two years passed. The script was completed but certain scenes simply didn’t gel or sit right. I wasn’t happy. If I was going to do this I had to give it everything. I pushed myself. My mind was made up. I knew I wouldn’t compromise. Then suddenly, the mind went blank. I thought I’ve blown a fuse. Days turned to weeks – nothing. Every time I went near the computer I didn’t want to know. I was told this was a classic case of writer’s block. Forget about the screenplay; write by all means but something different. Clear the mind.


I thought good idea & since Physics, both quantum & astro, were my subjects, why not put it all together as a journey, which coincided with philosophical thought. I’d ask is nature playing games with us? If so, since probing nature’s mind simply leads to more unanswerable questions is there any point assuming how God thinks or works? I believe for the time being if we are to understand God it seems we’re better off observing and analysing what nature does, as opposed to pondering how it does it! Soon I’d have my title – DOES NATURE HAVE A RULE BOOK – and off I went.


Eventually I’d return to my film & boy when I did, my liver may not have been too clever but I was fresh as a daisy. It did the trick. As soon as I hit a barrier, I reverted to the book. I managed to complete the screenplay to my satisfaction. Any scene that didn’t fit was discarded. There were no loose ends. The good news – here was an original script that with the right backing would result in a film that would take in excess of $500 million at the box office. I believed that then & I believe it now. The bad news – I haven’t found the right people & I’m fed up trying. A couple of times I came so close but that’s another story.


In the meantime, my book of Nature, the Universe & evolution, inevitably led to us, human beings. So I began researching 9/11 in depth. I knew it was an inside job but now I had to know the detail. Cut a long story short – a close friend read my book. He felt it was 3 books in one & he was right. I didn’t know what I was doing. I was writing but there was no direction. The ungodly level of alcohol had taken it’s toll. Metal Mickey’s brain, well & truly fried! I left the club & then 5 years later my friend said take out the 9/11 segment & make videos out of them which we duly did & this inadvertently kicked off my career as a writer/activist.


Finally just the other day I decided to read my script for the first time in 6 years, more out of curiosity. Maybe I’d look at it in a different light. Maybe I was wrong to believe it was that good. Maybe it’s naff! …………. Well, almost immediately all the doubt vanished. It’s relatively a low budget production but it has box office written all over it. The same thing happened to the wine. Vanished, most of it guzzled by yours truly. I got some help but two years & it was all gone yet the story has a rather poignant happy ending. Today I began week no. 10 where not a drop of alcohol has passed the lips of the Great MM.