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Episode 1 – the end of democracy


Here I talk about this ridiculous ruling; how whistle-blowers are treated as if they’re mass-murderers; how we’re systematically being stripped of our basic rights all on the fictitious threat of terrorism that the Zionist controlled West has created; the non-prosecution of 150 cases of Israeli espionage on America; the outrageous US police thuggery & why it’s occurring & how all this skulduggery is largely down to the ungodly influence Zionists possess.



Out-take – Top Cat



1) We saw controlled demolitions period.
2) Owner of the Twin Towers Larry Silverstein gained billions through highly dubious insurance policies & the media never mentioned this.
3) The other building that collapsed that day, WTC7, was also owned by him. He even said ‘WE MADE THE DECISION TO PULL’ & the media never said a word. This building, a 47 storey sky-scraper, was not hit by a plane but it collapsed at free-fall speed (7 seconds) into its own footprint.
4) The BBC reported WTC7 had collapsed 23 MINUTES BEFORE IT DID COLLAPSE!
5) US Civil Air Defense went to sleep. It’s head, General Richard Myers, was never grilled. The media never once questioned this outrageous anomaly.
We need to know little more.


Episode 3 – 9/11 pt 2: WHO REALLY DID IT!


The bullet points –


1) Going on about Dr Judy Wood
2) How Bin Laden & Muslims were fingered for 9/11
3) Bin Laden’s denial on Al-Jazeera
4) The lies of Jerome Hauer, Ehud Barak, Bill Kristol, Paul Bremmer
5) PNAC, Pearl Harbor & Japanese oil embargo
6) Oded Yinon – the plan for Greater Israel
7) Wesley Clark’s admission to take out 7 Arab/Muslim nations
8) Israel’s constant land theft
9) The Dancing Israelis there to document 9/11
10) Dov Zakheim & the missing $2.3 trillion


Episode 4 – Trump vs Hillary


Bullet points – 

1) Look what’s happening in Syria now even though we, the people were dead against military intervention.
2) The Middle East is in dire straits – HILLARY WILL MAKE THINGS INFINITELY WORSE!
3) Only the Russians are fighting ISIS & the terrorists.
4) The West had to get involved in Syria………  TO SAVE ISIS!
5) If the media criticise Trump, THEN WE WANT HIM!
6) When the media talk, it’s Israel talking. THE MEDIA IS OUR ENEMY!
8) Hidden tier of power – war-mongering Zionist bankers. Israel runs the US government.




GMMuk – Countdown to WW III – Drone Assange




GMMuk – Countdown to WW III Part ii


1) TRUMP/HILLARY Though they are both bad, they are worlds apart
2) The media makes up any old bullshit regarding Trump but neglects to say anything regarding Hillary’s blatant shenanigans
3) Hillary means Netanyahu is the US President
4) Albert Pike (1809-1891) – the NWO will need 3 world wars
5) Opposing Israel never goes unpunished
6) FIFA corrupt for years but then they supported the Palestinians
7) Professor Chomsky & Bernie Sanders leaned on to support Hillary
8) Professor Steven Jones, US chief expert on physics – career ruined
9) Phillip Marshall, foremost US aviation expert – him & his family were murdered
10) Behind closed doors Zionists are piling on the pressure – support Hillary or else!




GMMuk – Countdown to WW III – Part iii – UK Lambs to the slaughter


Bullet points –
1) On the back of media lies, UK’s leaders are now pushing for confrontation with Russia!
2) Why are we tangling with Russia? Didn’t we say no to military intervention in Syria?
3) The way of the Zionist controlled media is not just to tell lies but to tell the biggest lie possible. 
4) Cameron, May & Fallon should be taken, put up against the wall & shot!
5) The problem lies in the fact most of our MP’s have to swear allegiance to Israel.
6) We are backing ISIS. The Russians are fighting terrorism.
7) Trump on Fox telling the truth about the media & how the elections are rigged.
8) We need to overthrow our governments. We need to arrest every media baron.
9) We cannot allow a no-fly zone over Syria. No-fly zone over Syria means war with Russia.
10) BBC presenter Andrew Marr is one low-life lying piece of shit!