In Loving Memory of Michael Aydinian

In loving memory of
my friend and fellow activist & writer

Michael Aydinian
The Great Metal Mickey

November 30, 1956 ~ April 7, 2020


You can view Michael Aydinian’s funeral below
and leave comments and/or eulogies for him as well.

It was reported, by a long-time friend of Michael Aydinian’s, that Michael passed away in the hospital in the United Kingdom on April 7, 2020. You can read his close friend’s touching eulogy below my writing and information.

Michael was a gifted and prolific writer, researcher and activist for many years. A Great Heart has been stilled. An enormous and irreplaceable loss for those who knew him, and an even greater loss, if that be possible, for the truth and justice movement in which he worked so passionately.

Michael was a charismatic, kind, generous, humble and compassionate human being. He gave blood & platelets over 250 times and cared deeply for his fellow man, which is why he devoted so much of his life to giving a voice to oppressed people around the world. He worked diligently for truth and justice and a better world for our children. He was a brilliant intellect with refined tastes and was a talented cook and animal lover; he adored his gorgeous mischievous cats.

It was my pleasure and honor working with Michael since 2014. I built this website for him (as a volunteer) and also host it for him; it was a bitter sweet project as you’ll hear later. His hard work and prolific writing were much appreciated by many; he had devoted fans and followers who loved him and respected his dedication, great work & personal sacrifice.

He also had many unwanted and hostile followers who tried to destroy him and his work. Michael knew the dangers of speaking out, but he was brave and worked toward truth and justice with the aim toward world peace. He said he would write and fight until he dropped, a promise he kept.

Michael was literally tortured by big tech and censored more than most any other activist and content creator I have ever worked with. He was banned from making money from his writing by Google Ads and other Zionist-controlled companies. His initial website traffic was impressive and his daily views were reaching 100,000. Soon after, the censorship and sophisticated tech tricks increased and they targeted Michael in every imaginable way, reducing his traffic by 70-80% nearly overnight.

In spite of the heavy censorship and constant hack attacks, Michael’s work attracted millions and millions of viewers, and will garner many more in the future while continuing to educate the public with his legacy of hard-hitting, timeless articles and humor, delivered with a unique combination of wit and fury.

If the Zionists would have played fair, Michael would have been able to make a very good living doing what he loved (and hated), but we know these criminals aspire to be destroyers of all things good and true.

Michael was in a car accident several days before he died, but he was walking around after the accident. Through Covid-19 madness and a tragic comedy of errors, Michael ended up on a ventilator in the hospital a couple of days later and no family or friends were allowed in.

It is my understanding that Michael died 4 days after being admitted into the hospital. He died alone without his loved ones watching over him, due to this criminal Covid-19 Plandemic and these inhumane Talmudic communist edicts.

It is this writer’s personal opinion that Michael did not receive the medical treatment he needed when he needed it and I suspect he may have been killed by the infamous and deadly Covid-19 ventilator protocols as he was put on a ventilator straight away without normal protocols being followed beforehand; see the shocking undercover nurse videos about these criminal ventilator protocols that have killed countless people at Elmhurst Hospital in Queens New York and probably thousands of other hospitals worldwide. Click to see “The Epicenter Nurse Erin Marie Olszewski – Undercover Nurse turned Journalist EXPOSES NEW YORK’S ELMHURST H0SPITAL”

They have listed on
Michael’s death certificate…


I hope Michael is resting in peace, but if not,
I hope he haunts these bastards until the end of time.

Update September 26, 2020 – DID MICHAEL FORESEE HIS OWN DEATH? I was reading Michael’s LAST article from March 16, 2020, just 2 weeks before his car accident and 3 weeks before his death – Michael wrote in the last sentence of the 4th paragraph of his last known article: “Frankly I’ll be amazed if I see the year out though paradoxically I’m convinced the cause of my demise won’t be no virus.”

I love and miss you Michael and I am sorry I did not call you back before you died; something I will forever regret . . . not hearing your voice one last time (“Nicky Darling” in your classy English accent), and forever wondering what it was you wanted to talk to me about.

As much as I would love to have you with us, fighting the good fight, during what appears to be a true zombie apocalypse – masks and all – a part of me is glad you are not here to further witness the continuing Zionist Communist attempt at a complete takeover and destruction of our world – sadly what you had been forever warning people about and trying to prevent. You were documenting history in real time, and your meticulous work will live on to motivate and inspire. It’s not over yet.

The world was a better place with you in it, my friend.

– Nicky Nelson, fellow activist and friend

“If you yearn for the truth, a rule worth applying –
whatever the media says – IMAGINE THE EXACT OPPOSITE!”
– Michael Aydinian,

A touching eulogy from a long-time friend

“Today I lost my friend of over 20 years. Michael Aydinian was a highly intelligent man with strong opinions and beliefs which he would share, whether you wanted to hear them or not!

He wasn’t one to brag, so it came as a surprise when I learnt that he’d got the highest ever marks at his school and the best ever grade of anyone in his gemmology degree.

A larger-than-life and passionate character, he could explain the expansion theory of the universe, yet not open a packet of crisps without them going all over the place! Excelling at most things he turned his hand to (including writing a film script!), his love for, and his eclectic taste in music was to be admired, from Jimi Hendrix to Mozart, many other things in-between and the odd piece of music that I occasionally threw his way.

Although he had a degree in gemmology, he never chose the path that his friends and family expected him to, instead living the high life and sometimes the low life. He could hold his own in an extravagant room of billionaires or a dark, dingy room of snooker and card players…. And generally be right, even if it went against the grain – he wasn’t a yes man.

His analytical brain could work out the best, constructive and efficient way of solving a problem even before there appeared to be one… from card games, trading currencies to playing video games and even relationship advice! (Of which I got much!)

His edict was to always to be honest and true to himself and possibly lose acquaintances than to lie or hold back at the expense of his own integrity.

He treated my daughter as his own and delighted in imparting his knowledge, analytical prowess and experience to her, which I know she still carries with her today and will always make good use of.

But most of all, he had a good heart and would do virtually anything for his small enclave of close friends, one of which I am proud to be.

He was a true character, definitely a one-of-a-kind and really lit up a room…. It is unfathomable that that light has now gone out.

He left his footprint in the world and in the words of Mr Sinatra, Mike did it his way.

So I’m saying a final goodbye to The Great Metal Mickey – he’ll certainly never be forgotten…. And I know he would really have liked that!”

Michael Aydinian, The Great Metal Mickey
November 30, 1956 ~ April 7, 2020

Michael’s Funeral Wednesday, May 27, 2020 2:45pm – United Kingdom
Breakspear Crematorium, Ruislip | Service conducted by John Graham

A beautiful tribute to Michael Aydinian put together by one if his friends. Thank you!

Additional photos will be posted here in the future


  • Michael was a good friend to me for many years
    and published many of my emails and comments on his site.

    He was a very concerned and decent human being.

    As soon as I heard that he had passed I suspected
    that he may have been murdered.

    Now that I’ve heard that he had a ventilator forced on him I know
    that he was murdered by his longtime enemies.

    It’s such a shame he never had someone there to watch over him
    when he was in the accident to stop the criminals he fought against
    for so many years from killing him as they have probably murdered so many
    truth speakers, like Michael, in the hospitals using this worldwide COVID Scamdemic
    as their cover for outright deliberate mass murder by way of ventilators.

    More and more people, worldwide, are waking up to the reality of what’s really going on
    with the COVID Attack and Lie!.

    All human rights, freedoms and social norms and decency have gone out the window
    with this COVID “asymmetrical warfare” attack on the human race to bring in worldwide
    Communist Totalitarian government..

    We have to hope that Dr. Andrew Kaufman’s COVID truth speech in London
    will be heard around the world and will wake up a majority of mankind.

    Could you post Dr. Kaufman’s London speech on Michael’s site as an honour
    to his passing?

    Thanks so much,

    Please accept my sincere condolences,
    Michael was a good man.

    from Out West
    in Canada.

  • Very sad to read this, may he haunt his haters

  • Dave Steele

    RIP Michael 🙏

  • Mick Breen

    Heartbreaking news………thanks Michael, for a gift beyond measure….peace & love always.

  • Mazen

    I was grieved and shattered on a morning when I received an email announcing the news of my dear friend Michael passing away.
    I met him in 1972. I was an assistant french language teacher at Aylestone High School, Brandesbury Park. And Paula, Mike’s eldest sister was a six former and my pupil. My girl friend at the time was a french girl of armenian descent, she was the other french assistant teacher. We were 20 years old, and Michael was only 16.
    Mikey wrote a piece about how we met and became close friends, and how I introduced him to Jimi Hendrix music. One day, I made him listen to Jimi’s Johnny B Goode from Jimi Hendrix in The West LP.
    Michael was a very sensitive, very clever kid. I will never forget his expression : Oh Lord why am I so brilliant .. and by Jove, he was !!! I remember him saying this in his typical London accent while sniffing frantically at his ventoline spray. At the age of 16 he was already so quick witted, so much in front of everyone, including myself. You simply cannot catch up with Michael Aydinian I also remember teaching him a few chords on an old electric guitar bought 20 quid in a junk store along Wilsden Green High Street. That did it for me. There was no way for me afterwards to get away from Michael. He was all over the place.
    Michael was in Geneva a few years away, and he gave me a phone call. He promised to comme see me in Paris on his way back to London. But that didn’t happen. I just wish he did, because since I left UK in 1974, I lost track of him, and it was only around 2014 that I resumed our relation, when I found an article of him on Facebook, and contacted him again. He was sooo amazed.
    I write all this with a few tears. Anyone who knew this good man personally would grieve at such an early death. But Michaeal Aydinian will never be forgotten, so many good people followed and loved him.
    Have a good rest my dear dear friend Michael, And as Jimi Hendrix puts it : Since I won’t see you in this world, well oh weel, I meet you on the next one, so don’t be late…

  • I didn’t know Michael but have read a fair bit of his recent writings, and whilst I wasn’t convinced about some of his arguments he certainly provided food for thought….. which is a good starting point for every true activist, because only objective reasoning and a passionate determination to uncover the truth can provide a lasting momentum towards a better world for all. Nicky, I hope you are able to keep Michael’s website up as a legacy for him, and as an inspiration for any true seeker to question the blind dogma they are fed by those that subvert true democracy at every twist and turn.

  • Linda Taylor

    Am so sad to hear about Michaels death, my condolences to all.

  • Eileen

    I so missed Michael’s emails, because I used to love reading information that was true for a change and something I always considered was how he was risking his life. If he was forced to use a ventilator, then they have murdered him and, as said above, I hope that he haunts his haters as well as I would like him to haunt all the deep state criminals too.
    My deepest condolences to his family and I hope he rests in peace.

  • I was so saddened to hear this dreadful news today. I was a regular reader of Michael’s words and really appreciated his brave insights. Thanks for letting us all know, and your own words. The eulogy brought tears. Happy Trails Michael…

  • Rhonda Todd

    I did not know Michael personally but felt like I knew him from his online presence. I always looked forward to reading his posts. He will be truly missed.

  • JennyW

    I read his posts regulary and was aware he was a real truth speaker and seeker, he will now be in a very good place because of all the work he did to wake the masses up to the Satanic cabal that runs this world.

  • JennyW

    What I now have realised is that the ventilator forced on him did kill him, I speak from Experience because the same thing happened to my husband in 2016 and also to his Older Sister earlier this year. Both had no reason to die but being over the age of 65, I now realise your are a target to be taken out. My husband was only in for an incident of Choking over a meal, HIs own doctor came to check on him and left a paper with his history on that said he had cancer of the Thyroid, that was absolutely not true. I pointed this out to the doctor and he removed it from his record and Opologised. We had never seen a doctor about it before. had no tests etc. So after that we were concerned, and decided to get it checked out, The hospital kept him in for tests, within a day he was on a Ventilator with nill by mouth above his bed.
    The next time I went to see him, he was in a Private room with tubes coming out of every where, a day later I had a phone call from the Hospital to say he had died of Organ Failure. I still did not figure it out for a long time, But when his Sister died this year for pretty much the same treatment, I was shocked,because she thought she was coming home on the 5th day, she sent me messages via her Ipad every day, she sounded great and very positive but died that night in hospital from choking after being sick! It took me a while to realise due to shock that both of them had been put to death. I feel sick when I see people who praised the NHS staff, they do not have a clue what is going on.

  • Bose bashy

    I wondered why I had stopped receiving notifications from Michael, but I now know why. May his murderers find no peace in this lifetime or the one after as his gentle soul continues to rest in peace. You can kill a man’s body but not his soul. But, the Zionist federation care less as they continue to chase fiat money and absolute power to satisfy their earthly desires and worldly needs.

  • Jeannie Craig

    Thank you for your integrity and humility, and thank you for your time and labour. You will be missed by so many of us.

  • Steven David Gillespie

    RIP Micheal.

  • James Billington

    RIP Michael. We all know who is responsible for this (the morons currently hiding behind China…). If I ever see them they will be sorry they breathed.

  • Shelagh Carter

    He’ll be back in a different form but his energy will be the same.

  • Maria Martinez Balado

    Hope you’re in the best of places now my dearest friend. I will miss the humour, intelligence and honesty in your writings and character. You are of the most amiable of those I’ve met; and although you are gone, the humanity which you left with us and for us will remain until the end of times.

  • Abbas Ali

    God Bless his soul. He has done the British proud. I hope there will be others who will continue speaking out for Justice.
    Since he was a soldier who fought for justice in his own way, maybe this poem by the British poet Thomas Hardy would serve as a tribute to him.


    What of the faith and fire within us
    Men who march away
    Ere the barn-cocks say
    Night is growing grey,
    To hazards whence no tears can win us;
    What of the faith and fire within us
    Men who march away!

    Is it a purblind prank, O think you,
    Friend with the musing eye
    Who watch us stepping by,
    With doubt and dolorous sigh?
    Can much pondering so hoodwink you?
    Is it a purblind prank, O think you,
    Friend with the musing eye?

    Nay. We see well what we are doing,
    Though some may not see —
    Dalliers as they be —
    England’s need are we;
    Her distress would leave us rueing:
    Nay. We well see what we are doing,
    Though some may not see!

    In our heart of hearts believing
    Victory crowns the just,
    And that braggarts must
    Surely bite the dust,
    Press we to the field ungrieving,
    In our heart of hearts believing
    Victory crowns the just.

    Hence the faith and fire within us
    Men who march away
    Ere the barn-cocks say
    Night is growing gray,
    To hazards whence no tears can win us;
    Hence the faith and fire within us
    Men who march away.

    RIP Michael Aydinian

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