‘Morally & politically bankrupt’: New report slams ‘broken’ UK voting system, says millions being ignored – RT

I’ve never voted Labour in my life yet I bust a gut for Jeremy Corbyn. Now why would I do that? Am I a bit doolally? Well, quite a few people actually think so but running the risk of sounding naff, I simply have a soft spot for any politician, who as well as standing up for what he or she believes, crucially is one who cannot be bought. In any day & age, this is an incredible quality for it’s always been the case the vast majority of us have a price. Many may swear blind this is not so. That’s because most of us never experience being in a position where the mere act of stretching one’s hand out can result in a chunky envelope being placed there.

Sadly for the likes of JC, a natural extrapolation is for many of these people to assume he must be some sort of fool. How can he not fill his boots? I understand why people inwardly feel this way. The thought of someone else having principles, more honesty & integrity is somewhat disconcerting. That’s why the media’s been doing it’s level best to drum compassion out of us. Greed apparently is good! Lets publicise what that greedy bastard Branson or worse still, that sniveling little rat Alan Sugar has to say. What a load of tripe! If there was one word that could sum up the entire planet’s ills, greed wins it hands down!

Unfortunately money is the be all & end all…. & it’s in our nature to want more. It makes life so much easier; takes most of the stress & pressure away & it allows one to lavish upon oneself. This is why it takes a very special person to say ‘no. I have to do what’s morally correct!’ However, another factor has exacerbated this sad situation many times over. The fact one family has amassed between a third & half of the world’s wealth, between $3-500 Trillion, means they can bribe whoever they want & significantly, nobody else gets a look in! These are the Rothschild Zionists & their goal is to shape a New World Order.

This is why today, even though we know bribery, coercion & threats are commonplace in the upper echelons of power & worse still, a foreign entity is responsible, the thought of prosecuting officials who have obviously succumbed is no more than a pipe dream. That’s because the Banksters have so much money they control the entire mass media & naturally they have our justice system under lock & key too. This is why Julian Assange, a man who by rights is a hero is going through utter hell while obvious war criminals & pedophiles side-step justice. These aren’t judges. They’re the scum of the earth. The judge ruling over Assange isn’t fit to shine his shoes.

This also explains why our elections are totally rigged, yet most people remain oblivious. Time & again before the election I said they’re going to cheat. I explained that the media was attacking JC not because they thought they could sway enough people but because they wanted to create an impression that JC wasn’t as popular as he actually was. It’s was all about setting up smokescreens so that when they cheated they could put it down to the bullshit they manufactured. Yet most people still have no idea Boris Johnson received less votes than Jeremy Corbyn & that includes Labour voters. I’ve said it a million times – what we know individually & what we know collectively are altogether different.

This is the power of the media. We’ve been well & truly shafted but how many of us realise their power lies chiefly in their ability to hide what’s true. Lying is easy & only idiots don’t realise the media cannot be trusted but it’s what we’re not told, for instance genuine polls where JC was miles in front; some of his brilliant speeches in the past; the European award he received for being a man of peace; above all, the massive election fraud that took place so the Zionist warmongers got their man. One can go on & on. The only things we heard about JC were all bad & most were blatant lies.

So I thought I’d include some recent articles & some older ones. First two real eye-openers regarding election fraud….

‘Morally & politically bankrupt’: New report slams ‘broken’ UK voting system, says millions being ignored

Did Labour really lose for this reason?

And I’ll say it straight – anyone who believes that JC is an anti-Semite or racist in any way, is a brainless moron. You know why this clip of JC speaking in 2006 was never shown. Here’s proof the media lied it’s arse off, as did Rachel Riley. Yet this evil bitch still has her million pound a year job!


This is a post from September 2015. It features a really terrific speech from JC where he says how it really is (18.18). This is why I entitled it –


Here’s a post from March 2019. I included a letter I wrote in January 2016 to Corbyn HQ soon after he became leader –

The moment he was elected leader Jeremy Corbyn should have gone for the jugular

From April 2018….

Anti-Semitic claims against Corbyn, Labour exaggerated: Poll

From March 2017….

There is no greater threat to the UK than special interest groups like the Conservative & Labour Friends of Israel

And finally from February 2017….

Unprecedented FB manipulation: Groups allegedly supporting Jeremy Corbyn continue to undermine him


  • brian mitchell

    This was an excellent piece, Jeremy Corbin refused the bribes of the israel lobby, so of course this makes him an anti-semite.
    No right thinking person in this world who is not an anti semite, is a sicko.
    The crimes committed by israel on a daily basis are a horrific catalogue of eveil.
    But first lets ne clear on something, the jews are not semites they are Kazhars, the palestinians are the semities.
    The voting system is fake.
    I have always hated racism, so many years ago myself and almost everyone i knew decided to vote national Front to stop the government race hate against its own people.
    Those entering to vote were given a pencil and after the vote, we saw the women election voters rubbing out the pencil votes and writing in labour candidates, all voting papers have numbers, its not confidential, the government knows who you vote for, and you will never get a government job
    if you are not socialist, teachers in particularly have past voting records examined, and the New labour which was a Mossad front party, had pans to take the children away from those who vote right wing parties, the suggestion was also to stop medical advice to these people, this is real racism.
    I looked into Jeremy Corbin very deeply and he is the most honest and straight man since oswald mosley

  • SpeakupIcan’t hear you

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. your voting registration paper includes you voting number. Your voting slip is blank. Clearly you‘be never voted.

  • CB

    Wasn’t ‘Holocaust’ a Rothschild-assisted suicide?…
    Jew Rothschild banksters ‘gassed’ Jews – and
    Jews are still sucking Jew Rothschild banksters
    and blaming Hitler, a protégé of the Rothschilds.
    Since well over a century ago, the Jew Rothschild
    banksters, whose ill-gotten trillion-dollar assets
    are not allowed to be guessed at by the likes of
    the Forbes Magazine, virtually replaced Jehovah
    in the Jews’ pantheon. “What is the object
    of the Jew’s worship? – The bill of exchange.”
    So concluded the Jew Karl Marx.

    The predatory cult of the ‘Holocaust’
    launched by the Madison Ave Jews
    on behalf of their I$raHell in the
    wake of the October (Yom Kippur)
    War (1973-4) in order to justify any
    kosher atrocities, including the use
    of nukes, is now a de facto State
    religion of the ‘secular democracies’…

    The Jew Rothschild banksters’
    funding of Mr Hitler’s political
    party wasn’t an ‘experiment
    gone wrong’ – not in the least.
    On the contrary, that’s how
    the Jew Rothschild banksters
    brought about the Second
    World War, their fattest jackpot
    since the First World War.

    Thanks to their funding of the
    Nazi Party, though not without
    the help of Comrade Stalin,
    the Jew Rothschild banksters
    brought Mr Hitler to power
    in 1933 – because they knew
    they could count on this driven
    man to drag Germany into yet
    another most profitable world
    war, whose reasons they
    themselves created at Versailles
    in 1919 – and in Russia in 1917.

    Comrade Stalin’s help was also
    no less than crucial in 1939, as
    Mr Hitler wasn’t warlike enough,
    after all, to invade Poland
    entirely on his own. (And who
    were Stalin’s ‘Western’ experts?…
    Jews from the Lower East Side?…)

    The Jew Rothschild banksters
    have done very well out of
    the First World War, which
    they also helped to start –
    and to prolong – and to drag
    the Americans into it – and to
    extract the Balfour Declaration
    from the desperate British
    Prime Minister – a declaration
    granting their fellow Khazar
    Jews a ‘national home’ in
    another nation’s country.

    And, of course, the Jew
    Rothschild banksters knew
    only too well that, for lots of
    prisoners in concentration
    camps to die, no gas would
    be ever needed.

    Close to hundred thousand died
    in the British concentration
    camps in South Africa during
    the Boer War – also waged
    largely for the Jew Rothschild
    banksters’ greater profits.

  • We will never sort the UK out until the public stops voting for the Labour,Liberal and Tory Parties. I stood for parliament once in the 1960’s and again in the 70’s. I had a high-ranking Freemason tracking me around. He called me to his house to repair his television thinking I wouldn’t recognize him. He quizzed me for three hours about the politicians I was complaining about. At the end he had to admit that I had good reason to criticize them. Three weeks after I stood for parliament a second time he asked me to call again. He said between the two elections the problems in the UK had risen dramatically and you received the same seventeen and a half per cent each time. You will get no more than this for only around 16% of the public think the majority can be persuaded to vote for whichever party is pushed by the mass media. He then said why don’t you become a Freemason. I can arrange for you to rent TV’s and video recorders in hotels owned by Freemasons. Don’t worry we will put up money towards them. I can also offer you a position as either a Tory or Labour Councillor in a safe area where you are certain to be elected. I turned him down as I wouldn’t be able to campaign in what I believe. Every Labour, Liberal and Conservative MP and Councillor has sold their soul to the devil in order to get elected. In my village the Parish Council together with the public were against a massive house building programme. The local council went against the public and approved the building programme, The establishment is determined to get the British outnumbered by coloured immigrants by 2030.

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