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The Tragic Murder of Jo Cox: If You’re Going to Blame anyone, Blame the Media for Inciting Hatred – 18 June 2016

Jeremy Corbyn Brands BBC bias ‘Disgusting’ and ‘Shallow’ – 6 June 2016

Unraveling the Nonsense about these 28 Pages – 27 April 2016

He shouldn’t just resign, he shouldn’t just be sent to prison. Cameron is guilty of Treason! – 12 April 2016

French Journalist Arrested After Exposing Israeli Link To Paris Attacks – 14 March 2016

UK to Advance anti-BDS Legislation. Now we’re Being Told where to Spend our Money! – 21 February 2016

Military Intervention in Syria Comes with the Prospect of an Altercation with Russia – 30 November 2015

If Cameron Is So Concerned About UK Security, How In The Blazes Has He Refused To Aid The Russians In Their Fight Against ISIS? – 05 November 2015

The West will Never Reveal the Truth about MH17 – 12 October 2015

Suddenly the Zionist Controlled Media Don’t Want To Say a Word about Russia and ISIS – 10 October 2015

Putin: Is This A Final Goodbye to the New World Order? – 05 October 2015

9 Hospital Staff Doing Charity Work Are Killed By US Airstrikes In Kunduz, Afghanistan & Obama Claims Russian Airstrikes Are ‘Strengthening ISIS?’ – 04 October 2015

14 Years on: Without the Guaranteed Support of the Entire Corporate Media, 9/11 would Never Have Made the Drawing Board – 11 September 2015

A Blatant Attempt to Incite Islamophobia: Now Charlie Hebdo is Getting in on the Act of the Tragic Death of Alan Kurdi – 08 September 2015

No Question ISIS Is Our Enemy But It’s Leaders Are Our Leaders – 16 August 2015

Migrants, Refugees, Those Seeking Political Asylum? If You Don’t Know Who’s Responsible For The Carnage In The Middle East And North Africa – Don’t Say A Word! – 05 August 2015

Lies Are Part And Parcel Of Politics. However, A Point One Can Never Cross Is When A Lie Becomes An Act Of Treason. There Are No Ifs And Buts About This – Cameron Has Committed Treason. He’s Got To Go! – 19 July 2015

“Instead Of Fighting Terror with All Its Might, the Free World Has Granted Legitimacy to Iran’s Hateful, Murderous Ways.” Netanyahu – 16 July 2015

When Is A War Crime Not A War Crime? When Israel Commits It! – 24 June 2015
Do We Live in such a Crazy World Where Politicians & Media Decide What the Definition of a Terrorist Act Is? – 21 June 2015
Getting Sexual Predators Into The Upper Echelons Of Power Proved To Be A Zionist Master-Stroke. They Couldn’t Have Extracted More From UK Politicians – 11 June 2015
The Iraq War Was Based on Lies. Therefore whoever Lied Had a Definitve Reason which Begs the Question: Who Gained? – 02 June 2015
What Dreaded Line Did FIFA’s Bosses Cross to Make U.S. Attorney General Interested in Soccer? – 30 May 2015
Israel’s War Minister Declares – Let’s Nuke Iran while Zionists are Demanding the Criminalisation of anti-Semitism. This is not Hypocrisy; This is Madness! – 23 May 2015
Comparing Criticism with Hate Speech is Tantamount to Saying Chalk is Cheese – 21 May 2015
The Dumbing-down Process: Have We Passed the Point of No Return? – 15 May 2015
The Democratic Process in the UK Is a Complete Sham. It’s All about Furthering the Zionist Agenda – 09 May 2015
Governments Have No Right to Introduce, Let Alone Fast-Track any Legislation, without Initially Informing the Public of Their Intention, Prior to an Election – 24 April 2015
Paedophiles in Westminster Push UK Foreign Policy toward Supporting Israel to Stay in Power – 17 April 2015
Since All The Evidence Suggests Zionists Fashion Foreign Policy For The US, UK, Canada, France, Germany And Australia, At What Point Should One Concede To Having Been Taken Over? – 31 March 2015
What did Syria do to deserve this? 16 March 2015
The Media is the Most Powerful Entity on Earth. They Have the Power to Make the Innocent Guilty and to Make the Guilty Innocent – Malcolm X – 13 March 2015
US Foreign Policy Works for Israel’s Interests: The Time Has Come for an End to Dual National Citizenship – 08 March 2015
When Is The Media Going To Ask Cameron To Release The Data On The Black Boxes Of Flight MH17? – 07 March 2015
The new cold war could soon get hot – 05 March 2015
The War on Terror, The Trans-Pacific Partnership and The Quest to End Net Neutrality Are in Fact Acts of Terror! – 21 February 2015
Has Decapitation Become Unfashionable For ISIS Or Is There More To This Than Meets The Eye? – 12 February 2015
ISIS Are Terrorists But Their Commanders Are in the Knesset and Mossad – 10 February 2015
Zionists Move to Criminalize ‘Anti-Semitism’ at UN – 28 January 2015
David Cameron Is Offering a Referendum on Europe…. Again! – 06 January 2015
Cheney, torture & the dancing Israelis – 04 January 2015,-torture4586.html
No Question We Are Moving Closer to WW III but Brinkmanship Aside: Are We Actually Daft Enough to Launch Our Nuclear Weapons? – 28 December 2014
Has Palestinian Authority Sold out Palestine? – 21 December 2014
Philip Hammond: UK’s New Foreign Secretary Joins the Fray & Commits Treason – 19 November 2014
Cameron Trying to Stem the UKIP Tide by Deceiving the British Public over Europe Again – 07 November 2014
Who Benefits from Forced Vaccination Prescribed to Stop Ebola Spreading – 19 October 2014
Palestinian Vote for Recognition to How Learning about Ants Will Defeat the New World Order – 15 October 2014
With the West Now Free to Bring ‘Democracy’ to Syria, Netanyahu Once Again is Beating the Iranian War Drums – 01 October 2014
David Cameron Endearing Himself at the UN by Saying Truthers must be Eradicated! – 27 September 2014
Syria Crisis: The Sixth Stage of A Pre-9/11 Conceived Plan – 25 September 2014
Election Fraud Could Ever Occur in Great Countries Like The U.S. And U.K – 23 September 2014
Cameron: ‘Yes’ Vote Will Make Scottish ‘More Vulnerable to Islamic Terror’ REALLY NOW? – 11 September 2014
Corporate Media Discredits 9/11 Truth-Tellers By Broadcasting Invalid Conspiracy Theories – 10 September 2014
An Open Letter To The UK Parliament MPs: “Impeach Cameron” – 06 September 2014
Excuse Me, But Please Don’t Bring Race Into Michael Brown’s Death; Media Will Do That – 20 August 2014
Nearly Every Conflict in The World Since the End of WW II can in Some Way, Shape or Form be Traced Back to Washington DC! – 28 July 2014
Slaughtering 298 for the Sake of Demonizing Putin. What Next? 21 July 2014
The long list of Zionist crimes – 18 July 2014
Declaring Undying Allegiance to Israel Is Prelude to Reaching the Upper Echelons of Power – 09 July 2014
Holocaust, the Zionist Plan of Establishing the State of Israel – 01 June 2014
Politicians Have Become a Mafiosi – 17 May 2014
By Way of Deception, Thou Shall Do War! – MOSSAD! – 12 May 2014
How a Prime Minister Who’s Committed War Crimes, Treason, Fraud & Worked Against the Best Interests of His Country & Its People, Can Be Re-Elected! – 05 May 2014
Israeli/Palestinian Peace Talks Are a Sham; They Always Have Been Because Israel is Not Interested in Peace – 24 April 2014
Has Zionist Deceit Finally Been Recognized by the Public? – 19 April 2014
We should be preparing for war. It’s all but been declared on us. – 10 April 2014
Israel & the Fading Power of the Western Alliance – 01 April 2014
From the UN to the United State of Israel – 17 March 2014
Lies & Manipulation of the West Unleashes Mayhem in the Ukraine! – 03 March 2014
The Creation of Terrorism & the Manufacture of Fear 18 February – 2014
Has SAUDI ARABIA Created A Rod for Its Own Back? – 14 February 2014
Thank God for Whistle-Blowers – 01 February 2014
The UK Paedophile Scandal – 31 January 2014
Being the Chosen Ones – 17 January 2014
If You Own Television in Britain You Have to Pay BBC – 15 January 2014
The UN Human Rights Council Special Rapporteur Rises Anger among Zionists – 22 December 2013
Ukraine, the EU & Western Skulduggery – 16 December 2013
Democracy is Good for Syria, but NOT for Bahrain – 15 December 2013
The Real Threat for Global Peace is Israel NOT Iran – 12 December 2013
Cameron guaranteed the Zionists EVERYTHING! – 10 December 2013
America has been Taken Over from within – 06 July 2013 –