Website rules for comments –

If you disagree with me, fine. Explain precisely why you feel I may have erred. If you have evidence in the form of links to videos or articles, by all means include them & I will endeavor to watch or read everything that’s sent. I make a point of answering each & every comment on my website. Obviously I cannot offer long-winded responses to all of them. If you disagree with me surely you have genuine reasons. Tell me them. However, if you’re only going to hurl obscenities make the most of it because you will be blocked.




Moreover, I will not stand for anyone who merely unloads with personal insults, EVEN IF I DISAGREE WITH THE PERSON THEY ARE SLAGGING OFF! This rule has to apply both ways. One thing you won’t find with me are double standards. Insult anyone & it WILL BE THE LAST TIME YOU DO! I know most of us swear; I do all the time but I know some folks are put off by it. Above all I do not want decent folk to be scared away by loutish behaviour. I want to have a site where everyone can express their opinions without others jumping down their throats.






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