Brendon O’Connell on Operation Talpiot

BRENDON O’CONNELL – I KNOW EXACTLY HOW YOU FEEL! This is what I’ve been saying for years & it’s the main reason I’ve had enough – NO ONE WANTS TO SAY ISRAEL IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL THE SHIT THAT’S GOING ON IN THE WORLD! I only wish I had this video to accompany my decision yesterday to break off from social media. I declared I’d had enough of FB & my website. I’d had it with so-called activists & their tripe. Sadly, I had to make do with a link which showed how everything was being done to destroy Ken Livingstone. Why? Because he’s one of the few who speaks the truth about Zionism.


WHAT MORE DO WE NEED TO KNOW THAN ISRAEL DID 9/11? How many times have I said ‘screw the detail? Why did I keep saying this? Am I an idiot? I said it because I could see this was where we were going wrong? Moreover, whenever I did say it, I always dropped the hint – analytical skills & tactical know-how was my forte & from what I see, few are in my league. I know it sounds god-awful BUT THAT’S THE TRUTH! Years back, when the false flags started, I said what I felt was obvious – ‘be prepared. This is not going to stop because the Zionists cannot stop. Therefore, what’s crucial is SAYING WHO’S RESPONSIBLE!’ Not, as Brendon O’Connell so rightly says, making video after video saying ‘another false flag, another false flag’, boring everyone with detail & confusing the issue further still with ‘evidence’ no one needs to hear. What’s the point of introducing flimsy, way out theories when one already possesses mountains of iron-clad evidence?


Why did I keep saying why else am I being singled out for the most ferocious censorship? I mean if ever there was a sure-fire way of knowing who’s on the ball, here it is. Saying what needs to be said is one thing but saying it in a way where so many stop & think & where so few are able to counter with any effectiveness, is another thing altogether. And don’t get me wrong – I’m proud of what I achieved. Even though I never courted popularity, several thousands gravitated to my work. Without any help I built up a huge following & I hate to think what would have occurred if Zionists could not so readily apply their dirty tricks. The lady who ran my website is in no doubt – it wouldn’t have been thousands; millions would have flocked! Check out what BOC has to say in the clip below (17.09) & the two amazing links that follow…..








IS WAR COMING SOON? Iran, The United States And Israel…



  • Eva Nielsen

    AM i the only person saying that ENRON is the main reason for sept.11. ENRON = the biggest economical scandal in american history. If Mossad/Cia didn’t “perform” sep.11. before the elucidation of ENRON – there would have been revolution in USA. Mossad/CIA was in a hurry, because the elucidation was on the way in June 2011.

    • Eva Nielsen

      Correction In the laste line – it shall be june 2001.

    • If you are the only person Eva I can understand why. Enron was an enormous financial scandal involving the Bush family but 9/11 involved the $2.3 TRILLION Dov Zakheim siphoned out of the Pentagon for Israel’s air force; the $5 billion+ in insurance Larry Silverstein received for the Twin Towers; in the Towers itself, a couple of companies were involved in mega scams where certain people profited to the tune of trillions.What was significant here is both planes hit exactly where the companies were located. Then there’s the Greater Israel project & the fictitious war on terror which was designed to destroy all of Israel’s competitors while creating an albeit flimsy justification to strip us all of our fundamental rights. Therefore saying Enron was the main reason for 9/11 when there were 3000 cases all-told destroyed in the SEC offices in WTC7 is pushing it.

  • Michael fear not Angel of Redemption, my next book in the series will lay these precise truths out in the story line. It will be for all to read in digestible fact as fiction and frankly if that does not bring it out I’m with you – sod ’em if they refuse to see the clear sky and prefer the divisive bickering on the minutii and diversionary dribble:

    For those interested –

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