Media programming: Israel saying it feels threatened by the Palestinians is tantamount to the Russians saying they fear Luxembourg!

Yesterday I re-read this piece from July last year & I thought Jesus, this needs a once-over. What happens? An idea pops in my head; stick a new paragraph in…. then another & before I know it, what started as a simple edit…. 


We know what the media is supposed to be – a service to keep the public informed as to what’s occurring nationally & globally. Obviously the most serious news items come first & so on. With several outlets vying for a piece of the action, journalists need to maintain a high standard. Those accurately reporting & presenting stories quickest will in all likelihood attract the most viewers & readers. Better still a scoop, a major story no competitor has but speculation & haste can come at a price. Operating requirements demand a strict adherence to both IMPARTIALITY & TRUTH. Therefore limiting errors is crucial for each time one transgresses one’s credibility comes into question. It most definitely is not the media’s place to offer opinions. Its job is to tell us what’s happening – period! As for truth? Anything but that slowly but surely relinquishes the right to label oneself a news outlet. Call yourself what you like but….. YOU’RE NOT MEDIA! 




I’ve often bemoaned the fact the media is not independent yet this is hardly a prerequisite for having a media far removed from the one we’re bedevilled with today. The truth is, who can’t be bought? Therefore, even independent outlets would have to abide by strict rules. Sure, things wouldn’t be nearly as bad if there were 100 independent major news outlets. No. The problem today is due to Adam Weishaupt’s insistence in 1770 that in order for the Rothschilds to eventually create a New World Order it was imperative they & only they controlled the flow of information. This meant not only did they have to acquire all major media outlets but they also had to ensure as few people as possible realised THE MEDIA MARKET WAS BEING CORNERED BY THE SAME PEOPLE!


The Rothschilds merely used agents, for you can be sure even 200 years ago such was their reputation even mafiosi king-pins bowed to this lot. In short crossing the Rothschilds meant signing your own death warrant. This is where the problem lies. Try telling people the entire mainstream media, TV, Papers, Radio & Magazines, is to all intents & purposes controlled by one family. 9 times out of 10 people will look at me as if you’ve taken leave of your senses. Yet if one bothers to think & analyse what occurred on the day of 9/11, from their very actions, the real perpetrators revealed themselves – 



This was a synchronised campaign to lay the foundations of myths, total falsehoods to totally brainwash Americans & indeed the world as they looked on in shock. At the BBC how convenient to have former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, a pathological liar & war criminal, all set & ready to tell everyone – ‘it was Bin Laden & what was needed was a concerted war on terror.’ Quite why the BBC presenter never asked the key question – ‘HOW THE HELL DO YOU KNOW IT WAS HIM?’ Of course Bush insider Zionist Jerome Hauer had already told Peter Jennings on ABC this was case as did Zionist warmonger Paul Bremmer on MSNBC & Bill Kristol another arch Zionist PNAC stalwart on CNN. It was a synchronised barrage of total & utter bullshit & I’ll tell you exactly why. 


TWO HOURS BEFORE NO ONE KNEW ANYTHING! EVERYONE PLEADED IGNORANCE. EVEN BUSH HAD THE GALL TO SAY ‘WE NEVER ENVISAGED TERRORISTS FLYING PLANES INTO BUILDINGS.’ WHAT A LIAR…..yet….. 2 hours after the event those who should have known something…. SUDDENLY KNEW EVERYTHING! WOW! IT DEFINITELY WAS OSAMA BIN LADEN. I mean do me a favour. Even Sherlock Holmes wasn’t that smart. So the next day, Bin Laden goes on Al Jazeera TV naturally to issue an emphatic denial – ‘I’m on a goddamn dialysis machine’, only for this earth-shattering interview to be deemed not important enough to air! I mean if you don’t realise now you’ve been had, then uyou never will. Baaaaa….. Baaaaa!


But of course, it was a lot more than that! Anyone with a modicum of intelligence from here should ascertain ‘here we were listening to THE REAL 9/11 TERRORISTS!’ The art of any false flag attack is to blame your enemies for something you did. Which leads me to something I’ve gone blue in the face telling people – THE ONLY WHO CAN GET AWAY WITH COMMITTING SUCH HEINOUS ACTS ARE THOSE WHO ARE IN NO DOUBT THE MEDIA WILL COVER FOR THEIR ARSE! 


Any institution or entity that’s owned is bound to serve the interests of its proprietors. In the case of the media I’d go as far to say thisThis is the main reason why the media has never really performed the job it was supposed to & become Public Enemy No.1.


Cursing the media is . Every week I tell someone – if you have a yearning for the truth, whatever the media says, just imagine the exact opposite! I must admit when I first wrote that it was a touch tongue-in-cheek but now I feel it’s more than justified. The media couldn’t be a greater disgrace if it tried. They protect the child molesters in Westminster because these vermin are in bed with the very people who own the media. Conversely, anyone daring to speak the truth runs the risk of being falsely labelled a pervert – Julian Assange & George Michael spring to mind. They’re always pro war; they lie about going to war; they lie all the time!


Lying is bad enough but if only it was as simple as that. I believe the chief dilemma regarding mainstream media is the fact but a handful of people, all with identical interests, own & control the whole caboodle. As well as being able to present a unified voice each time they lie, this cartel allows them to completely ignore news items that would normally make front page headlines. Just the other day a huge march in London protesting against the global elite & austerity which the leader of the opposition, Jeremy Corbyn duly addressed, was met with a total news blackout. Considering what’s recently been in the news in the UK, how dare they do this?


Tens Of Thousands Protest New World Order In London – Media Blackout


But this is literally the tip of the iceberg. As I said the blatant lies about Russia, Syria, Libya, Ukraine, Iraq, ISIS – one can go on & on, is bad enough but what the media ignores in America really does take some believing. Foreign policy aside & that’s saying something, blatant voter fraud a la Clinton & Wasserman-Shultz; the obvious murder of the man who tried to expose it, Seth Rich; the non-reporting of all the high profile Pedophile arrests & the ‘shoot first, ask questions later’ policy adopted by the US Police force which coincided with the US Police seeking advice from the Israelis on how to really do their job! None of this ever makes the airwaves.


As does anything that counters their crud. We never hear the Palestinian side of the story yet we constantly hear the ludicrous notion Israel is merely defending itself. The truth is altogether a different story. They know that but what they don’t want is anyone explaining this because look how easy it is for Dr. Norman Finkelstein to tear apart that lying, little weasel Wolf Blitzer. Blitzer comes out with the usual verbal diarrhea only for Finkelstein to counter, ‘Israel saying it feels threatened by the Palestinians is tantamount to the Russians saying they feel threatened by Luxembourg!’ Zionists know full well even though Finkelstein is 100% correct, the public must never hear this! Small wonder the great Malcolm X said –


“The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.”



At the time of WWI, the founding father of propaganda Edward Bernays realised the public must never see the true horrors of war. Well that’s pretty much been the case but 14 years ago in Iraq, Falluga, we all heard a US marine shoot an injured Iraqi. The shots rang out & he said, “he’s gone now!” It was a cold-blooded execution & the public naturally voiced their concern. Along with the tortures being carried out at Abu Ghraib, the powers-brokers realised Bernays was correct. The truth could not be reported…. AT ALL! Now what’s important here is the idea of simply stamping out such criminality never entered the equation. Why? Because creating unbridled chaos & hatred is all part of the plan to divide & conquer. The media thus imposed a blanket boycott on any news involving war crimes & torture. This way these horrendous crimes could occur non-stop.


So, after witnessing the systematic mass-murder of Iraqi civilians, it inevitably led to Bradley Manning (now Chelsea Manning) giving up on protocol. Manning effectively usurped the MSM in order to reveal the truth. There was no doubt – the US military was committing war crimes yet it was Manning who went to jail. The same with John Kiriakou. He revealed the US government was regularly indulging in torture. This had been outlawed by the Geneva Convention yet we all know what happened to Kiriakou. Had the media not been so utterly corrupt this could not have happened. End result, whistle-blowers were made to think twice & instead of everyone thinking what the hell’s going on here, a large number of people were daft enough to condone this while some actually had the gall to say these whistle-blowers got what they deserved!


Today TV, especially films show more & more armed police kitted up as if they’re in a war zone. What’s happened to the ordinary copper? In the old days, when the authorities had reason to believe someone needed apprehending or a house needed to be searched, a warrant was served. Now a warrant is something resembling a commando unit on steroids! There are countless other examples where our minds are being manipulated to accept the unacceptable but it’s done in such a way most of us don’t realise it’s all part of an elaborate plan to slowly but surely steer us so that we turn a blind eye to what’s morally reprehensible. 


Another aspect of the Zionist art of programming is subliminal brainwashing where even those aware of media lies fall foul. Often we don’t realise we’re being programmed. I know this may seem trivial in comparison to some of the things I’ve mentioned but it nevertheless is part & parcel of the whole process of hoodwinking the public. 20 odds years ago a relative asked me about a jeweller come pawnbroker in London. At the time this guy was more of an acquaintance than a friend. You see I’ve always harboured an intense dislike for people in any kind of money lending business. All forms should be outlawed. Banks should be nationalised. Nations should be in charge of printing their own money. Anyway, this relative agreed. He said & I quote, “these people are bloodsuckers!” I thought that was very apt.


Last year I was with in a hotel with this relative. He switched on the TV & the Las Vegas Pawn Stars show was on. I was surprised to hear he liked watching it. I thought my God. 20 years ago, these people were bloodsuckers. Back then the last thing we’d have had to suffer is the glorification of these legalised thieves. They were rightly held in a dim view. Now there must be half a dozen shows not only accepting what they do but ‘entertaining’ us in the process. It’s enough to make me throw up. It’s the same with trapping & killing animals in Alaska simply for their fur. Of course we know it’s always gone on but now we’re led to believe it’s no big deal seeing a creature skinned. I can understand killing an animal because you have to eat but killing one to make a bloody hat? 


This programming is not only a constant ongoing process but it involves more facets of life then we can even imagine. You tell me if I’m wrong when I say on TV in a court of law there are 5 black judges to every white one? See for yourself & ask is this a fluke? Fraid not! All we see on TV, however inconsequential, is for a reason. In this particular case a presiding black judge creates the impression Hollywood is fair & just. This is the kind of world they believe in. Equal opportunities & all that shit. There’s no racism here & therefore whatever you see on the TV is the way things should be. Yeah. And the good guys always win. This is the impression we’re always given yet every last bit of it couldn’t be further from the truth.


In the meantime, violence in films & video games is all the rage. This they like & I believe it’s because they want us to become more violent. Has anything ever been done to stop bullying? It’s all part of divide & conquer. Of course maintaining this mental manipulation requires politicians who’ve sold out. The last thing they want are public servants that can’t be bought. Jeremy Corbyn is one of the few yet look how the media treat him? It couldn’t be worse & again one mustn’t be fooled into believing this is not by design. Just look at this outrageous leaked memo from the BBC headquarters advising presenters on how to give Theresa May an easy ride while making life as difficult as possible for JC. It is truly sickening.


This is no less than Treason. What’s more it couldn’t be more obvious yet the bastards still get away with it. We have to wise up. I’ll say it again – wrestling free from the Zionist controlled media will be the key to turning this dire situation around.


  • zakimar

    The APARTHEID israel satanic jew are liars like their lord, the devil, so they have to demonize their Native Palestinian Muslin and Christian victims. They want to start WW3 in order to murder enough people so they can rule the survivors and make them susceptible to their jew antichrist dajjal. Thank God Muslims and the Russian Orthodox Christians will send those satanic jew and their nato mercenary slaves to their lord, the devil. Good Riddance.

  • 12barblueboy

    BBC is really an acronym for Big Brother Company.

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