There is no greater threat to the UK than special interest groups like the Conservative & Labour Friends of Israel

There is no greater threat to the UK than special interest groups like the Conservative & Labour Friends of Israel. These groups are an affront to our democracy. Not only are we being pushed into a confrontation with Russia but negotiations are under way to amalgamate Europe’s armed forces without our say-so. I suggest every UK citizen needs to send this letter to their respective MP.

To Theresa May
10 Downing Street


It has become abundantly clear politicians especially in the West do not represent their electorate but Zionist Neo-Con warmongers instead. How can our political system allow our major parties to have groups within where MPs declare allegiance to another country? Whether this is a Treasonous act I’m not sure. What I do know is there is not one earthly reason to justify the existence of these groups. It should be no surprise to anybody our politicians only adopt policies Israel wants!


Therefore, both the Conservative Friends for Israel & the Labour Friends of Israel should be disbanded immediately. Let Israel look after itself. And don’t give me any crap trying to make out this is anti Semitic. I would be just as furious if it was any other country. Why should our MPs declare their love for Israel or anyone? Bad enough this is even happening but to grant this to the one country that’s the greatest violator of international law? It is an absolute outrage every MP does not feel that Israel is a terrorist state. 


I just watched today’s edition of UK Column News & the guys touched on how they were so concerned that the goal to amalgamate the armies of Europe seemed to be going ahead full steam. The mere thought Europe’s armed forces could operate as a single entity is frightening for one reason – our leaders in Europe are firmly under the Zionist thumb. It couldn’t be more obvious Theresa May, Francois Hollande & Angela Merkel are mere Zionist puppets. Also, the clued up among us know – WW III is part & parcel of the Zionist Rothschild agenda to reduce the world’s population to under 500 million, paving the way for the eventual creation of a New World Order.


What’s worse, these plans to amalgamate Europe’s armed forces have never been placed before the people. Moreover, there has been zero discussion in respective European parliaments about the pros & cons regarding such a move. This alone should alert everyone to the fact our democracies have been well & truly undermined. Our leaders are not calling the shots. They’re being told what to do! What’s most worrying though is this is all happening at a time we are inexplicably being pushed into a conflict with Russia. There can be no question – should Europe get involved in any kind of nuclear exchange with Russia, it will mean total annihilation for all of Europe. Since it is obvious the Russians have done nothing to incur our wrath, one is obliged to ask two questions – WHY IS THIS HAPPENING & WHO IS REALLY RESPONSIBLE?



Back in Sept. 2013, President Putin decided he had no option but to square up to the US fleet which was poised to unload on Syria. Libya had just been destroyed. Now it was Syria’s turn, all in accordance with Oded Yinon’s plan to create Greater Israel. Disaster was averted when the Russians put together a deal which saw Syria give up all its Chemical weapons. This gave Obama an out. However, knowing what a vindictive lot Zionists are, back then I predicted, “watch them now throw the kitchen sink at Putin.” I know it’s hard to cast your minds back but I guarantee before Sept 2013, everything was hunky dory between the West & Russia. It all changed with Syria. 


Ever since, bashing Russia has been in fever pitch mode. We’ve had the West instigating the overthrow of the democratically elected government of Yanukovitch in Ukraine. Poroshenko, a Zionist stooge was installed & there’s been nothing but trouble there since. The West then christened the mercenary thugs they used in Libya, ISIS. These killers were sent into Syria & given all the firepower they needed. The liars in the Zionist media told us we were backing moderates & that it was all about fighting terror. The Russians, not being the moronic twats we are, knew this was total & utter bullshit & so decided to hell with it. If they didn’t help Syria, then next on the list was Iran. That would pose a far greater problem. So, because of Putin’s actions, the plan for the creation of Greater Israel temporarily has hit a brick wall.

* This is why Russia is now everyone’s enemy. They crossed the Israelis!
* This is why the Zionists are going flat out to push America & Europe into a conflict with Russia!
* This is why the media is constantly attacking Donald Trump because the last thing Zionists want is peace between Russia & America.
* This is why the media is putting all its eggs into one basket by constantly demonizing Putin. Only blithering idiots don’t realise Russia is the one fighting terrorism.






  • JennyG

    I have actually typed the letter and added a Paragraph of my own,
    We have to let these Politicians know that we are not stupid and can see what it happening, with out ever being discussed with the British people.
    If people do not stand up and make their voice heard, they can no longer complain if we are taken to War with Russia, Millions upon millions will die for the Benefit of the Zionists hiding in their bunkers.
    I will be posting it in the morning,

  • JennyG

    Reposted correct email error

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