9 Hospital staff doing charity work are killed by US airstrikes in Kunduz, Afghanistan & Obama claims Russian airstrikes are ‘strengthening ISIS?’

Shocking, horrendous, outrageous….. but this is what happens when the media is controlled by war-mongers. I’m sorry but we have the diabolical situation where the six media conglomerates are all controlled by Zionists who also just happen to exert untold influence on Capitol Hill. MSNBC for instance, is owned by GENERAL ELECTRIC. What is GE’s main line of business? The manufacture of weapons. Therefore when CEO Jeff Immelt’s Zionist buddies in Washington DC decide to take out Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, Somalia, Syria etc etc, what chance was there for MSNBC news presenters to ever make a case for peace?


And speaking of Zionists, didn’t exactly the same thing occur in Gaza last year when Netanyahu’s urge to commit mass-murder could no longer be restrained? The IDF attacked hospitals and ambulances, even schools. Of course world-wide revulsion ensued but had the media been independent the outcry in the world would have been amplified several fold as well as sustained for a far longer period. The pressure that would have been so justifiably placed on Netanyahu’s shoulders would have become intolerable. Indeed it’s difficult to imagine how he could’ve sought re-election. He is currently in his 3rd term as Israeli Prime Minister.


All those years ago BRADLEY MANNING’s conscience was too much for him. Of course it hardly took rocket science to work out the US military was indiscriminately mowing down hoards of unarmed civilians in Iraq. However, even though Manning pursued the necessary channels to lodge a complaint, which incidentally by law was his duty, all his efforts were swept under the proverbial carpet. In the end Manning felt he had no option but to approach Julian Assange at Wikileaks, who in turn revealed how the US military was literally being given the green light to commit unspeakable war crimes.


Obama claims Russian airstrikes ‘strengthening ISIS’



One such video showed an Apache helicopter under no threat whatsoever unloading on a group of civilians who’d simply gathered in the street. One could hear the order “open fire” and then “keep firing” as men were being ripped to shreds. As others tried to run away the order to “keep firing” was repeated. Soon no one was left standing. It was cold-blooded murder! Then you could hear one of the executioners in the helicopter say words to the effect ‘that’ll teach them for coming out onto the street!’……. It was broad daylight. These people were in their own country for crying out loud. To this day, all those involved have never been punished.


However, it was an entirely different story for Bradley Manning. He was arrested and consequently spent 11 months in solitary confinement where he was repeatedly tortured. This was before he appeared in court. While the world media never lifted a finger to help this poor boy, on Capitol Hill, those who supported the illegal war in Iraq openly labeled him a traitor and had the temerity to demand the death penalty. The trial, if one can even call it that, was a complete sham. Manning was coerced into making an apologetic surrender – the likelihood being the death penalty loomed had he refused. He was jailed for 35 years; Assange remains under house arrest. At the time over a million innocent Iraqis had already lost their lives. All this in what was an illegal war based on the lies of three dual national Zionists – Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle and Douglas Feith.


When one thinks how all this occurred after we saw US soldiers executing wounded Iraqis; the dreadful, systematic torture of prisoners at Abu Ghraib also common knowledge and all the while the US military was utilising depleted Uranium shells which apart from the death and destruction, would go on to cause a range of birth defects the likes of which the world has never seen. One could safely say the Geneva convention wasn’t worth a bar of soap! Just for the record, for a number of years, of those returning home from the carnage, each and every day 20 found they could not cope with what they’d seen and done. Indeed the number of soldiers who’ve committed suicide dwarfs the 4-5000 who were killed in the theatre of operations. Needless to say, the 10,000+ US soldiers who’ve took their own lives has never so much as been mentioned by the media.


When so much is deliberately being hidden from the American public small wonder the term collateral damage is sufficient to arrest the array of serious questions being asked. However, today Obama displayed a level of hypocrisy that even for his appalling standards was way off the Richter scale. He had the gall to admonish the Russians claiming their airstrikes in Syria were ‘strengthening’ ISIS. Of course he was being told to say this because those running the show know they have no option but to keep telling a pack of lies no matter how ridiculous they may appear. Fortunately, those still daft enough to rely on the contemptible media for ‘news’ are fast becoming an endangered species.


And so it is – while Putin has once again seized the initiative by ‘helping’ the international community combat ISIS terror, effectively snookering the US administration in one fell swoop, Obama is then made to look a complete buffoon because the US military displays a level of incompetence that beggars belief. Yet one wonders if this is not being too lenient for there’s a limit to how incompetent one can be! The US military had been given the coordinates for this make-shift hospital only to be attacked? Then when word reached US HQ that they’d actually bombed a hospital, THE ATTACKS CONTINUED FOR 30 MINUTES? What in the blazes is going on here?




Angels of mercy


7 dead Patients; 37 wounded; 12 dead doctors and nurses…… but these hospital staff were more, much more. Those who give their time risking their own lives trying to save others are people this world can ill-afford to lose. In my opinion they’re heroes, through and through but to be so needlessly slaughtered like this? And haven’t the poor Afghans suffered enough? Typically they had nothing to do with 9/11 yet 14 years later angels of mercy are being cut down and boy, does it show. In seven years Obama’s aged 30, but he knew what he was getting himself into. Twice he was used to rob RON PAUL of the Presidency. At least RP would have fallen on his sword rather than capitulate to the Zionists. Of course, knowing full well the history books will attribute all that’s occurred down to him it’s hardly surprising appearance-wise, Obama is piling on the years. Good job I say.


What must be particularly hard to swallow though is the undeniable fact had Obama been free to decide Presidential policy, what we see today would not be happening. As well as costing a king’s ransom America’s standing in the world has positively plummeted yet none of this mayhem and carnage is in America’s interests. This begs the question – why has America adopted and continue to pursue such a disastrous campaign in the Middle East? The answer is simple. You see whichever way you look at it, only one country wants this – ISRAEL! In fact only when one accepts this unequivocally does everything begin to make perfect sense. US foreign policy IS ISRAEL’S FOREIGN POLICY!


Why do you think Netanyahu once again made a total fool of himself at the UN recently? His 45 second period of silence where he scathingly glared at everyone in the UN assembly hall slap-bang in the midst of his speech was an effront to mankind itself. If looks could kill. People better realise that this was the action of an unstable maniac who would be more at home in a mental asylum. I can safely say not even Hitler or Stalin had ever openly displayed such seething hatred. You see Putin hadn’t actually pulled the rug from under Obama’s feet; HE’S PULLED IT FROM UNDER NETANYAHU’S & THE ZIONIST PLAN TO CREATE GREATER ISRAEL! All of a sudden it’s Plan B. The good news is, they don’t know what that is; the bad news is THERE WILL BE A PLAN B!


What excuse can the US administration give to say what Russia’s doing is wrong, especially since Assad asked Putin for help in fighting ISIS? The US, UK and France had no such invitation. Of course the US & its poodle allies were never fighting ISIS. You have to be brain dead to believe such nonsense. You can be sure if they did attack ISIS the Israelis would be on them like a ton of bricks. No doubt ISIS is a terrorist organisation but IT’S ONE THAT’S RUN BY MOSSAD and frankly it’s obvious. Israel wants to get rid of Assad; so does ISIS! The only people ISIS are killing are Arabs and Muslims; the only country ISIS has not touched is Israel….. and they’re right next door! In my opinion Netanyahu can scream blue murder all he likes. Not that I wanted him to be re-elected. I nevertheless felt his inherent evilness would only serve to raise awareness – HERE is the greatest danger to world peace!




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