12 years have passed & still the beleagured Iraqis see no end to the pain & suffering caused by the lies of Wolfowitz, Perle & Feith & their Zionist partners in the media

I’ve been trying to complete an article I began a day & a half ago about the lies that led to the Iraq war, the media’s involvement in conning the public & who was really responsible. Sickening enough because even though most people now concede we went to war on a pack of lies, I get the distinct impression few people care to realise the sheer magnitude of the crime that’s been committed.

Then last night, I remembered the time this bastard was addressing people at this function & he said “those weapons of mass destruction have got to be somewhere” only for everyone to burst out laughing. I thought Jesus. They actually did that. I couldn’t help but think how these people would feel if the same thing happened to them, bombed to oblivion on the say-so of liars. No apology, no nothing & they take the piss to boot.

GW & the WMD's

GW & the WMD’s

So today I was finishing off the piece by trying to explain what these poor people have gone through & are still going through, the incalculable cost, yet the words meant nothing – it’s easy to say 1.5 million dead Iraqis, 5 million rendered homeless but how can people even imagine the pain, anguish & fear? Then as I began to write about the chronic birth defects due to illegal use of Depleted Uranium, I couldn’t do it. I just felt too sick.

Incredibly the gangsters behind the lies that led to the Iraq war are the same people who were responsible for 9/11. This was all part of the plan to create Greater Israel. This is why all the countries in the region are being reduced to rubble. The very people who complain about the Nazis are infinitely worse & the bad news is we’ve given these people a licence & they’re not done in a long sight. Thanks to Felix Cervantes for the caption.


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