29 yr US Army Col., Ann Wright on Gaza Flotilla Kidnapped by Israelis

This is all occurring in international waters! Forget about having right – Israel is breaking the law, plain & simple. Just like Somali pirates – there’s no difference. I feel what’s needed, next time around, activists should try to get as many countries as possible to send an aid ship, with the plan to join together as an ARMADA OF AID FOR GAZA!.

In any case, what possible justification is there for Israel to impose a blockade around Gaza. How would Brits like it if the French imposed a blockade around us? AGAIN THERE’S NO DIFFERENCE! Why doesn’t the law of the land apply to Israel? 


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One must bear in mind, an integral reason our politicians are able to ignore such outrageous violations of international law is because the media is simply being allowed to ignore certain news items where just the bare minimum of coverage would put our pathetic politicians & Israel on the spot. How anyone can listen to the BBC or any mainstream news channel when it’s so obvious they’re deliberately conning the public?

Here’s a link from World News Directory, a site which I’m proud to be part of. It features a video clip of the good lady Ann Wright & another short clip from one of the incredibly brave activists that have dared to defy the belligerent Israelis. Next time, let’s see an – ARMADA OF AID FOR GAZA!



Anonymous Palestine

Anonymous Palestine


Here are a couple more clips from Falastin news regarding the Gaza Flotilla. Thanks to Nicky & Tarek for everything. There are no words to describe the effort & commitment you guys put in………. Love you.





  • anarchyst

    …the jews will probably want to trade the Colonel for traitor and spy Jonathon Pollard. Pollard is looked upon as a jewish patriot in Israel…

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  • Colin

    Good idea about different countries participating at the same time.. Id like to see 100- 200 ships make a dash for the Gaza coast at the same time. Id be honored to be part of that.

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  • whiskeypapa

    They didn’t kill her, they killed the last American just to show Uncle Sam who is boss.

  • Helen Oster

    Firstly, it IS legal in the International Courts – check your facts.
    Second, you know exactly why Israel needs to ensure that all shipments are checked – for weapons, bomb-making equipment and heavy machinery for boring out tunnels (used to plan attacks on Israeli civilians).
    Third; the naval blockade only came into being AFTER the election of Hamas, an organization backed by Iran, which has a sole aim….the destruction of Israeli citizens.
    Fourth: thousands of tons of food and other items pass into Gaza every week, from Israel. Israel provides Gaza’s water and electricity, even though Gaza (and the PA) owe millions of $$ in unpaid bills.
    Fifth: if Hamas expended a fraction of ithe time & energy it expended trying to destroy Israel on actually building and governing Gaza, they could have a thruving economy. But they choose not to.
    Sixth; Hamas are waging Holy War against Israel; unless you are a radical Islamist yourself you will not understand what that means, and why, in spite of their public protestations to the contrary, death at the hands of Israel is what they desire for themselves & their children.

    • Dear Helen you obviously are blinded by what you are told and have been brain washed with by the lies Israel fabricate to the world and present by their powerful owned media. So let me answer your comments.
      First: what facts have you relied on to give Israel a legal right to use its pirates on International waters to intercept a peaceful and unarmed ship, don’t you understand that International waters do not belong to Israel?
      Second: what arms did Israel find on the any Flotillas in the past, and why did they not let them go after the (illegal) inspection, who gave permission to Israel to police the international waters anyway.
      Third: What gives Israel the right to the blockade just because they don’t like the Hamas, remember Hamas was elected democratically by the Palestinian people under the supervision of former US president Jimmy Carter and other respectful people that were chosen by the entire world including the USA,
      Fourth: Who are you to decide how much food and other medical supplies can and cannot pass through to the Gazans, if there are any unpaid bills its because the Israeli government is preventing the Palestinians in Gaza to live a normal life in order to meet their obligations, but isn’t it true that Israel is made to decide when it is right to pass on the $100000 per month the Israeli government collect on behalf of the PA? if this is not piracy I don’t know what is.
      Sixth: You cannot be serious to consider Hamas is truly waging a war against Israel a country that posses hundreds of atomic bombs and have used chemical and illegal weapons in every war against the defenseless Palestinian civilians in hospitals at UN shelters, schools and residential units.
      The Jews involved in the conflict should hang their head in shame for the tens of crimes they proudly commit daily.

  • The Jews, will not hesitate to raid that flotilla of ships. After all there Jews, they can get away any thing.

  • The jews, will not hesitate to raid that flotilla. After all there Jews, they can get away with any thing.

  • The Jews, will not hesitate to raid that flotilla . After all there Jews, they can get away with any thing.

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  • wilson

    USA is a host nation for the Zionist Jews, who are using our military to depopulate the Muslim world, while they loot and destroy our nation from within. WW III is in progress. Since all war is based on de- ception, its best to wage war by deception– creating Stockholm Syndrome via CNN etc.

  • CB

    The back-stabbing Jew attack on the USS Liberty
    was a part of an incestuous Jewish tribal coitus
    in the Oval Office, which is not to say, of course,
    that the Pentagon and the CIA weren’t in on this
    Talmudic blood-letting ritual requiring sacrificial
    American goyim…

    James Jesus Angleton of the CIA’s Counter-
    intelligence was the Judas goat that sold this
    ‘brilliant Jewish idea’ to the Pentagon and the
    CIA. Angleton, a treacherous scumbag with
    a fat chip on each shoulder, who was for years
    led by the nose by the KGB, was either stupid
    enough to have fallen victim to the calculated
    Jewish flattery or corrupt enough to have been
    bought for thirty pieces of silver or both.

    However, Angleton didn’t need to sell anything
    at all to LBJ. The crypto-Jew LBJ was a Mossad
    operative since long before he ever got himself
    elected to the Jew-Ess Congress. And one of
    the obvious reasons why the Jews could have
    President Kennedy ‘safely assassinated’ was
    that LBJ was standing by to step into his shoes.
    Even the Jew Zapruder in Dealey Plaza wasn’t
    just an ‘accidental Jew’ with a movie camera.

    There is nothing the Jews enjoy more than
    gloating over the agony of their victims – and
    that’s exactly what the Zapruder snuff movie
    was for. The Zapruder family ‘negotiated’ with
    the U.S. govt a payment of $16 million for their
    26-second film, copies of which the U.S. govt
    had since 1963. And the Jews are gloating
    once again.

    • I’m not sure whether the act itself or the traitors who allowed this outrage to die a death was the worst aspect of this. What I do know – if Americans only knew the truth…………….

  • CB

    99.99 percent of all Jewish
    ‘anti-Zionists’ are a part of
    the controlled opposition.
    However ‘anti-Zionist’ they get,
    their prior allegiance is always
    owed to their own kosher cabal,
    which bribes, blackmails, spies
    and prostitutes itself on behalf
    of their I$raHell day and night,
    however much obfuscation of
    this obvious fact is perpetrated
    in the wake of the latest Gaza

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