3 clips about Nice: where’s all the blood; ISIS claims responsibility & the Corbett Report

When I first heard about what happened at Nice I thought, wait a while. Gather in some data. See what people are saying…. & I’ll admit, initially I felt this incident had all the hallmarks of when Andreas Lubitz crashed Germanwings flight 9525 into the Alps. I do not now subscribe to this point of view. Before I list the reasons why I feel there’s more to this than meets the eye, I’d like to stress I’m not the kind of person who goes looking for a particular scenario, so please, drop that line of attack altogether. I let the facts & evidence do the talking.
Yesterday I suggested there was a discrepancy. For starters, if this guy had done what he was supposed to have done, I would have expected the entire cabin of the lorry to be riddled with bullet holes. After mowing down all these people, the Police would have had every right to unload! And speaking of running over all these folk quite how I didn’t observe this yesterday I’ll never know but a white lorry that’s smashed into 200 odd people without a drop of blood on it? I don’t care what anyone says or thinks – this is impossible!
The lady in this video is 100% correct. Where’s all the blood? Also just like with Orlando, where are the damn ambulances? Moreover, body parts should be strewn all over the place. An ex-flatmate had a job with a railway company. He had to be on call. Every so often someone would throw themselves in front of a train. His job was to go there & sort it all out. Only when I heard the gory details did I realise what actually occurs. Even when someone jumps in front of a train approaching a station, the front of the train often has blood all over it.
Thanks to Natasha Ryan for sending me this clip (6.56). As I said the lady makes many relevant points, no more so than with this photographer. It sure is beginning to seem the authorities have a whole team in place, professional scumbags who’d do anything for a bit of money. They have no conscience for they know they’re job is to fool all the uninitiated folk out there, regardless of the fact the ramifications of their actions can be enormous. I by no means have all the answers. I just know several aspects of this ‘attack’ simply don’t sit right.

Once again the media comes out with some pure unadulterated bullshit – “ISIS claim responsibility” for the Nice ‘attack!’ Now this is a complete load of crap! Even though increasing numbers of people are waking up to the fact mainstream media cannot be trusted, so desperate are the string-pullers to usher in laws to strip us of our fundamental rights, every nasty event has to be attributed to this Zionist entity. YES! ISIS IS A ZIONIST ENTITY & UNTIL PEOPLE UNDERSTAND THIS, WE WILL STRUGGLE TO TURN THIS NIGHTMARE AROUND!


Another interesting piece from RT is – ‘France may face public backlash as surveillance state fails against terrorism’ – 


Damn right too. I wasn’t dropping a hint yesterday when I said “when are we going to conclude that people like Obama, Cameron & Hollande are absolutely useless at fighting terrorism?” What is interesting too is these emergency powers Hollande declared after the Paris ‘false flag’ attack were about to be revoked. Once again we see the coincidence of convenience. I’m not buying this & as Annie Machon says in this interview with RT (5.50), France is a tinderbox waiting to erupt into civil war. I can’t help but think the whole thing is being engineered by this Zionist traitor Hollande who more than deserves to be taken & shot. He is an enemy of France.


RT Annie Machon


Finally here’s James Corbett’s take on this. The Corbett report has always been right the mark. In 5.30 he says it all. Thanks to Kevin Brant for this…..




  • Fred

    Best thing to do is getting proof. Proof that people leave blood on cars. I would like to suggest that you participate in a test. Maybe you could stand in front of a truck when it hits you with lets say 50mph or so. Ill come film it… And if your blood is all over the truck, we will all hail your superiority. If not… Well… Fuck you and your retarded posts. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=5bf_1468545131

  • Arrow Durfee

    So if the woman in the video is correct, that this is a false flag and probably no dead, then it would also have to be true that the celebration of Bastille Day in Nice had to be non-existent so this false flag event could be staged. Typically that celebration attracts many hundreds of people. So how does she account for that? Or were there a thousand actors there? and if there were how did the city put it off. What do the citizens of Nice have to say? all those people who historically attend this street party?

    Look at the guy’s leg at 0:04 – 0:07 Looks like a leg torn out of its hip socket to me.. but what do I know. I only spent 27 years as a nurse and dealt with many a broken leg and hip. At 0:09 it appears that there is a dead dog. Are they hiring dog actors now too? at 0:16 it looks like another rotated out of socket leg. http://pamelageller.com/2016/07/graphic-raw-footage-of-nice-terror-attack-up-to-50-dead.html/

    ISIS might be inclined to declare it was their job even if it wasn’t. Why should we believe that they would tell the truth, especially since the guy had a history of affixation with the Muslim religion, even if not practicing, is was a shoe in for a claim. Here in the USA the CBS news agency is just reporting that this guy was a violent nut case more or less, with a history of violence.

    The evidence she presents regarding that photographer carries the most weight. Killing people in false flags is not new. We’re pretty good at it in the USA.

    How much blood on a car would depend on the speed that its going. This past week at a black lives matter protest someone drove through the line of people and smacked 3 head on,, their bodies flying up onto the hood then off to the side.. When I first saw the video I thought surely that killed some one but no.. no serious injuries. Recently my 60 pound dog got hit out on the highway and was killed. Broke his leg bad.. I was surprised at how little blood there was even though it was a compound fracture, No blood significant amounts of blood on the ground. Don’t know who hit him or how fast they were going.

    • I think you’ve got it spot on AD. The photographer is her key point but this hardly proves this was yet another false flag. I do not believe it was but I do not believe ISIS had anything to do with this either. There are several unanswered questions like how this lorry got through. It certainly seems someone did not do their job.

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