3% of US Military funding could end starvation on Earth

Since yet another 7 day FB group ban has been slapped on me I thought it would be more productive spending time preparing better pieces which I can post everywhere when my ban ends, rather than post 3 or 4 a week which I can’t share. In the meantime the odd caption will have to suffice, not that this is my preferred choice by any stretch of the imagination, even though I’m well aware in terms of Likes & Shares, a caption with no writing or at best, a paragraph or two, is in another league. It seems the more I say, the more FB tightens the screw!


So here’s a rather astonishing fact but then what better way to show everyone the world is run by truly sick mothers. How can any of these warmongers justify this? Well, all I can say is if a fully-fledged psychopath like Netanyahu can fashion US foreign policy & no one says a dickie bird, then what chance does this god-forsaken world have?



  • Thomas

    All they are worried about is their psychopathy. Psychopathic desires to ever increase their oppressive powers, and psychopathic desire to add another digit to their already inflated bank account numbers. We need to cull the herd from the top down.

    • Couldn’t agree more Thomas. The only good thing is more than ever Netanyahu is showing the Zionist hand. This is what we need. A lot of people are now saying Israel controls US foreign policy. People used to think I was mad when I said that! Not now….

  • Eliot Gerone

    Unfortunately many people are blind about their surroundings. They see what suits them selves today and tomorrow, but not beyond their boundaries.. And They don’t see how the world is getting to shrink around them with the establishment actually running their lives…

    • Unbelievable selfish, greedy people but what I find so astonishing is how they are void of empathy. They really don’t give a shit how many lives they ruin. What’s even worse is all the people involved already have more money than they can ever spend. Mankind is going backwards.

  • Ted Duggan

    Another ban …. JESUS just goes to show they are worried sick …… One of me RELATIVES just came back from China ….2 weeks holiday seeing a Chinese friend ….. They tried to set up a Chinese bank account and they where turned down due to their political views ???? ….Just goes to show we are being watched from all 4 corners of this World ……. How the hell can we change this shit

    • naimah yianni

      By refusing to comply and encouraging other people to do the same. If we dont use their tools of surveillance (smart devices, app after app etc,) that´s a start. Next we have to all do our best to wake people up as to what is going on. Once there are enough of us that won´t be trodden on and like to make things difficult for their systems they won´t be able to control us anymore. Trouble is a lot of people want a quiet life. We have to make them realise that there wont be any such thing as a quite life, certainly not one with any freedom, if they just sit there with their heads in the sand.

      The other problem is that many young people just can´t see that technology is the key to control. Look up Max Igan and the smart control grid. This needs to be fought by every one of us

      • Yes Naimah – way too many people can’t be bothered to do anything. Humans in general are sadly very selfish creatures. What you say is correct but we fail to utilise the one power we have – strength in numbers!

    • After every weekly ban ends, two days later they ban me again for a week. It’s ridiculous but it tells me my method as well as my judgement is what they don’t like.
      It’s difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel Ted. I just hope the Russians put their foot down early.

  • Welcome to the club Michael ! – i have had several bans placed on me on the FB site – say the slightest thing that they might disagree with & a ban is forthcoming !
    Trump is obviously in the back pockets of the zionists – yesterday’s announcement of a US withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal is further proof of that – it was Satanyahoo who instigated that one !
    I have noted that he is now in Moscow (on the day of the annual Russian victory parade) – i wonder what that might all be about – possibly to explain his latest actions in Syria ?!
    On many occasions i have attempted to post articles from certain other websites,only to find that they somehow mysteriously disappear soon afterwards !
    Zuckberg has in fact made it clear that there will be a further stringent crack-down on conservative voices on FB during the run-up to the November nominations.
    It certainly is sad !

    • We’re working on a new site but there’s still much to do. The only good thing is I don’t believe it’s ever been so obvious US foreign policy is decided by Israel. This is what Americans need to realise. I just hope Putin tells Netanyahu to back off in no uncertain terms. He has to show he’s committed to Assad & Iran

  • Venner

    Yes I always thought Trump would prove to be one of theirs.

    As Michael recently mentioned, General Wesley Clark spilled the beans when he revealed Iran was one of the countries that were to be taken out after Iraq and Syria.
    So Obama knew that.
    I think he was giving them a chance, if they could take advantage of the nuclear deal and develop nuclear weapons they would be safe.
    That is the only reason the Zionists are having Trump pull out of that deal.

    • The IAEA have never produced any evidence that Iran is developing nuclear weapons

      • The characteristic Israeli MO is that they don’t just tell lies – THEY TELL THE BIGGEST POSSIBLE LIES! Why else have the Europeans stood firm on this? They know it’s more Netanyahu bullshit!

    • Yes well even though I wanted Trump much more than Hilary, I’m somewhat miffed he’s caved in so readily to Netanyahu. At least its obvious who’s running America. I’m just hoping this doesn’t escalate.

      • Venner

        Yeah makes me wonder about Hillary the media made a big deal about Benghazi and her emails in the run up to the elections, that is what killed it for her, maybe the Zionists decided they didn’t want her.

        • Yes. At the time I gave this subject matter some attention. If you’re able to go back to the date of the US Presidential elections on my website, you’ll see some pieces about this. notably how the odds fluctuated wildly in the final two hours. You could have backed Trump at around 16/1 some 90 minutes before the result was declared. This is unprecedented, the fact Hilary was 1/20 on AND STILL LOST! This tells me one thing – they wanted to cheat. In fact they cheated Bernie big time. However, so few people actually supported Hilary, I think they got cold feet. This was a last minute decision. Perhaps they felt there would be a massive scream up among Americans. Perhaps they also believed a Hilary victory would galvanise the American people to rise up. For many years I was a gambler & one thing I know is – THE ODDS NEVER LIE! For me the Zionists wanted her but in the last minute decided they better let Trump win. This would buy them time & no doubt, they would go to work on Trump. If you think about it, this is exactly what’s happened. This also explains why the media continued to undermine Trump’s presidency really right up until Trump bombed Syria & then killed the Iran deal. Only now has the media let up on Trump. This has all the hallmarks of Zionist skulduggery behind closed doors. This scenario connects all the dots.

  • Join the club – I too have frequently incurred a ban for upsetting Fuckerberg and his minions. We just have to keep on fighting – the truth shall set you free.

  • Free Speech Warrior

    Yeah !Lets roll against those fuckers ,Satanists and Pedophiles.Ride on ,Ride on!!

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