5 Captions – thanks for screwing up big time Obama

So much hope. That was the difference. With that complete & utter buffoon GW, only brainless moronic twats expected anything. It should have been obvious something was up when the Zionists rigged the Florida Primary to rob Al Gore of the Presidency. What was up was 9/11 & the consequent phony war on terror.


But then we got Obama. I should have known better to fall for all that crap in his quite stunning inaugural speech but then I still believe Obama’s intention was to do good. No way was it his desire to continue GW’s policies with zest. This is what the Zionists wanted. But you can be sure – as soon as he got into the White House, Mossad Murder Incorporated made itself busy – do what we say or else! Obama was simply put there to scupper Ron Paul.


Almost 8 years ago when I made my batch of nine 9/11 videos, I said ‘Obama. You should have fallen on your sword.’ So now as we’re about to see the back of your sorry arse, I’ll use the very words of Vladimir Putin –


Good riddance – 



Who’s the terrorist? – 




Don’t bomb me – 



Bomb the bunkers where the politicians will be – 



The real terrorists – 




  • Ted Duggan


  • I have said right here that Putin is wise to the CIA/MOSSAD creation and he is doing what is best for his country; and what is best for the world. The anti Trump press would have you believe otherwise. The “system” is rigged.

  • Eva Nielsen

    I agree with you about OBAMA – I think his intention was to do good – BUT BUT- then the Khazarian mafia came along…….. and the (rigged) economical crise was just 3 months old…. anyhow the people in USA wanted Obama to “arrest” Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld – BUT THEN THE SWINEFLU “arrived”. in spring 2009.

    The political spectrum and media was ALL ABOUT swineflu…. Mossad know when and how to make false flag. After that- Obama became the lame duck.

  • Eva Nielsen

    In 1970´s king Faisal of Saudi Arabia was pro palestinian and made oilembargo …- Faisal was murdered in 1975 (mossad/CIA…)- and the future kings of SA knew what they could expect- if they didn´t “behaved” ….. They became lame ducks.

  • We should never forget that Vladimir Putin is a chess Grand Master, who has shown in the past that he appplies his chess techniques to his politics, in thinking several moves ahead of his opponents. I am confident he will weather the current provication cast in his direction by NATO in the Baltics and avoid war, although naturally he has to prepare his people for the worst-case scenario (which he is doing with all these civil defence preparations). I would gladly give all I have to be governed by an inspirational leader such as the great Mr. Putin.

    • Another first class analysis. I couldn’t agree with you more Walter. It sure is good to know there are so many people out there who so clearly recognise the blatant lies of mainstream media.

  • naimah yianni

    I agree with all the comments about Putin, Michael, but the one thing that really concerns me is that he is said to be personal friends with Kissinger, which seems a questionable situation. Have you ever looked into this particular issue?

    • I’ll be honest with you Naimah – I haven’t & there’s good reason – here, we are delving into areas where it’s literally impossible to know the whole truth & nothing but. What you must ask yourself is can Putin or any world leader for that matter announce to the world that Kissinger is one slimy, slippery, shit-bag whose stench can be smelt all the way from Tel Aviv? Even if he despised the man he cannot let it be know. This is the very nature of politics. I simply deduce what is most likely.

    • Anna Conaghan

      This has bothered me before as well Naimah, I’ve not looked at the situation in great detail. I’ve watched a couple of documentries on you tube about how he came to power. It seems he has tricked alot of US & UK politicians along the way, by outsmarting them. It seems to me he ‘thinks outside the box’ alot. He also seems to be really good at putting aside differences ‘for the sake of his country’.

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