9/11: A tale of how protocol was turned on its head. Part 1 – The outrageous money trail that was totally ignored.

Preface: My Chronic Insomnia has all but driven me round the bend. I finally got an appointment into UK’s finest sleep clinic at Harefield Hospital. Overnight, I was strapped onto machines & electrodes, you name it. In the morning the doctor came in & said, “I don’t know how to say this but we can’t do anything for you!” I couldn’t believe it. I was devastated. Cut a long story short, the doctor said he’d never seen such a case. My condition was solely down to one thing – my brain simply refuses to switch off. Hard as I try to empty my mind, I’m forever analysing & pondering scenarios. So, it’s not a question of whether I jump to conclusions; I’m as close as dammit the last person in the world who can!


So does that mean I yearn to work out everything? No way! I just want to work out what’s really going on so I can present my thoughts & perhaps suggest the best approach. How many times have I said stick the detail. Sure it’s relevant but it’s hardly the be all & end all. Ascertaining the truth in terms of right & wrong; who’s innocent & who’s guilty; who’s leading us up the garden path & above all, utilising appropriate tactics so as to present a united front – this is what determines whether one possesses analytical prowess. It’s the whole package.


So to hell with the detail. This is for those who specialise – lawyers & authors. Our job is to get the perpetrators into the dock. Why waste precious energy by squabbling over the finer points? To think we have all the evidence we need, even proof yet we play into the hands of the conspirators. If you believe Dr Judy Woods laser weapon theory or the ‘no planes hit the Towers’ scenario or that some Truthers are controlled shills – if you really care about punishing those responsible, then don’t push these ideas. Place them on the back-burner because whether you like it or not, your efforts will otherwise divide the Truther movement.


911- Israel


The moment the 2nd plane hit the South Tower I thought – WHAT! You’ve got to be kidding me. I was in my card club at the time & immediately I cried out ‘why didn’t they shoot the plane down?’ The amazing thing is, though this question is entirely legitimate, over 14 years have passed & I’m still waiting for an explanation.



Around 5 years ago I met a chief inspector of an anti-terrorist unit at a party. We started chatting & no surprise he believed he was thwarting all sorts of terrorist attacks, fighting Muslim extremists, saving countless lives & so on. However it became evident he had no idea the war on terror was entirely manufactured. So while he rambled on I thought ‘have I got a proper plum before me – fallen hook, line and sinker for everything the government & media have said!’ So, I simply said, ‘why did they allow the 2nd plane to hit the Tower? He said, ‘allow?’ I said ‘well, didn’t it hit the building? ……… Silence. I said, ‘look. I’m not here to question you or your job but since you’re an expert on terrorism I thought you could enlighten me.’ He looked decidedly uncomfortable. So I said, ‘alright. Let’s say I agree with you. Let’s say all that we were told about 9/11 was true. I’m not contesting anything…………. so …..WHY DID THEY ALLOW THE 2nd PLANE TO HIT THE TOWER?’


Now, if we are being entirely reasonable here, this should be 3 match points for the GMM but does this chief inspector have an inkling something doesn’t add up? Perhaps but for whatever banal reason, he wasn’t going to concede. For him the only thing that mattered was maintaining this ludicrous notion the official narrative was not just right but anyone questioning it could be a trouble-maker. Why do I say the latter? Because I trust my instincts & all of a sudden, I could sense bad vibes. Yet any investigation worth its salt would demand answers to such questions. So why would this high-ranking police officer do everything possible to dodge crucial issues? To a large extent these questions were answered by experts in Psychology on Richard Gage’s superb ‘Architects & Engineers: Experts for 9/11 truth.’ As much as I believe & understand all that was said, I nevertheless find it hard to accept.


I calmly stated, ‘they knew flight 175 (the 2nd plane) had also been hijacked. This meant if the plane’s target was the South Tower (& let’s face it – you’d have to be daft not to think this was a distinct possibility), then many more innocent lives would be lost. Their duty was to save lives. Therefore, they had no option but to shoot the plane down.’ His reply beggared belief. ‘Do you know how hard it is to make a decision to kill all those people?’ Struggling to control myself I said, ‘WHAT? Haven’t you worked out the passengers on flight 175 were out of bargaining chips the moment flight 11 slammed into the North Tower. The passengers on flight 175 aren’t even in the equation. It’s about saving people in the South Tower. Do you think they should die too?’ Only for the idiot to say, ‘you know, I can see where you’re coming from but I don’t know how you can be so heartless.’ I turned my back on him.


Questioning is everything. Questioning is learning. Questioning is a cornerstone of democracy. Questioning is a right. Questioning is essential. Why didn’t they shoot down the 2nd plane? The moment this conundrum entered my thought process, it would remain there as if on auto-pilot. I’d keep asking myself this question. Imagine: 8.20 am – two planes reported hijacked. 26 minutes later Flight 11 slams into the North Tower. Okay. What’s the other plane doing? Only affected a 180 degree U-turn and was now heading for downtown Manhattan. Okay. What’s in downtown Manhattan? Shit! The other Tower! And yet 17 minutes later, 9.03 am, Flight 175 slams into the South Tower. Do you honestly believe such gross dereliction of duty is acceptable? Where on earth was America’s Civil Air Defence? Where the hell were the F16’s? And up to now, I’ve yet to perform a single feat. This is what we ALL already know. No research has been carried out. We’ve not even opened the investigation!


If it was down to me, immediately I’d have had General Richard Myers arrested on a charge of Treason. Who’s this guy? Only the head of US civil air defence. What, was he on a tea-break or something? Myers criminal non-action meant several 100, maybe even 1000 of his fellow citizens lost their lives due to his …….. negligence? How can it be? There’s a limit to how incompetent one can be! An integral reason why questioning is essential is because it sets you on a process of elimination. Sherlock Holmes, the greatest sleuth of them all said, “Watson. How many times must I say once you eliminate all that’s impossible, whatever’s left, however improbable, therein lies the answer.” You eliminate what’s not possible and so at this early stage of the proceedings I can put my hand on my heart and say without fear of contradiction – the Bush Administration & the media had to be complicit because never once did they address this key issue. Oh and by the way…… what do you think happened to Myers? HE WAS PROMOTED TO THE JOINT CHIEFS OF STAFF!


What infuriates me so, many of my old friends think I’m crazy but only on this subject. You see if I challenged any of them to a pub quiz, there’d be no takers….. but what really does my head in is not one of them have ever bothered to ask patently obvious questions when it comes to 9/11. They simply accept what they’ve been told yet they’ve the gall to say I’m the crazy one. As far as I’m concerned they may have a right to question what I say but they’ve no right to pass judgement. I’m the one asking questions in order to piece together a scenario that eventually can connect all the dots. What have they done? Unconditionally believe a cock and bull story while glaring discrepancies abound.


Off the top of my head I’m certain I can reel off 20 major anomalies, any one of which would be sufficient to cast very serious doubt on both the sequence of events that took place on the very day, as well as the official explanation. Better still, let’s apply some method. I’ll endeavour to concentrate my efforts on one crucial aspect of 9/11 – the investigation alone. Moreover I’ll automatically eliminate everything that was included in the official explanation. How about that? Let’s just concentrate on what was totally ignored by the media & the 9/11 commission and break it down into three specific areas – Cui Bono. Who gained. The money trail: The Crime Scenes: Eye-witness testimonies.



Unravelling a terrorist attack like 9/11 is much the same as unravelling any crime. Motive and who gains simply has to form the foundations of any meaningful investigation but first there’s the sealing off of a crime scene so the experts can meticulously collate all the data. How many times did we see CSI Grissom do his nut simply because someone inadvertently stepped into his crime scene. 130 years ago the great Sir Arthur Conan Doyle often had his remarkable Sherlock Holmes bemoaning ‘Watson. How the devil can one deduce anything when the Metropolitan Police have trampled over the crime scene?’ Now I’ll admit I have little or no knowledge of police procedure. Plain common sense tells me –

1) Seal off the crime scene.
2) Touch nothing.
3) Leave everything for the experts.
4) Only they decide when they’re done.
5) Evidence is packaged, taken back to their labs & logged.


Well, with 9/11, I think it’s safe to say Grissom would have blown a gasket! A heinous crime occurs. Politicians and media are up in arms. In the meantime what’s occurring at crime scenes defies logic. Forget about protocol being ignored like the plague. Even conceding to negligence and incompetence is totally inadequate. As I said earlier, there’s a limit to how daft one can be. What possible explanation is there for not one of the 5 procedures listed above to be followed? We’re talking about the fundamentals here. But before you even ponder over this – is it possible to imagine the worst is yet to come?


Incredibly the order was given to do what effectively was the exact reverse! So what’s the antithesis of conducting an exhaustive examination of a crime scene? How about destroying and disposing all the evidence immediately? In other words indulging in the ideal course of action for the perpetrator – leave no traces. Well, this is precisely what occurred! The fact everything was gathered, lumped together & shipped off to China for recycling is a detail that’s so astonishing one is well within their rights to effect a citizens arrest on the person or persons who gave this order. Now in ideal world if Bush & Cheney were arrested immediately & water-boarded as to why all the evidence was being destroyed, I can guarantee on the day of 9/11 we would all know who the real perpetrators were. Therefore, without venturing any further we can safely draw these conclusions –

1) Real terrorists would never even consider such an operation because they know even if they hijacked planes, within 5 minutes two F16’s would be either side. In no time the terrorist pilot would have but two options – land or be shot down. The Towers or any other building doesn’t enter the equation. By the way, this process is US civil air defence protocol ie what would happen each and every time a plane is hijacked.

2) The Bush administration at the very least allowed this attack to occur.

3) The perpetrators of 9/11 could only be those possessing vast influence & power over US politicians & institutions.

4) The entire media apparatus had to be owned or controlled by those who were either directly or indirectly linked to the conspirators.

5) The perpetrators had to be those able to exert untold pressure on anyone.



There is little doubt 9/11 was the mother of false flags. Yet this sordid episode in our history has proved to be unique in more ways than one. Inexplicable as it seems, the media made nothing of the fact 9/11 was (banking aside) by far & away the greatest financial embezzlement in history. I’d be astonished if the Rothschild’s Napoleonic master stroke, which for almost 200 years reigned as numero uno mega fraud even gets close. Easy to say trillion but quite how one goes about gauging a trillion bucks so as to put this ungodly figure into some perspective, beats me. What I do know is 9/11 saw several $trillion exchange hands. The bad news – the crooks still have the bread; the good news – the perpetrators, as well as those in the know, left a money trail wider than the Grand Canyon. The only trouble investigators would have had is knowing where to start! I say would have had as opposed to had because believe it or not, detectives never got out the traps. It’s debatable whether any even made it to the starting gate!


So, we have this nonsensical paradox – the greatest financial heist in history, with a money trail so vast detectives could be excused for thinking it must be Christmas …….Cui Bono, who gains, erupting from every orifice; motive, step No.1 for unravelling crime, sticking out like a sore thumb…….. & what happens?…….Zilch. Nada. Nothing! This alone should have alerted anyone with functional brain cells. Our politicians & media were at the forefront telling us how terrible this attack was yet lines of inquiry that would have been routine for a 14 year old were completely ignored. Moreover, the media never once highlighted this glaring anomaly. How does one makes sense of this?


Or the fact that Larry Silverstein bought the Towers for $15 million with the stipulation he had to replace no less than 400 tons of Asbestos which had been used as a fire-resistant material in the Towers. The cost to replace the Asbestos would be approximately $1 billion. This was the reason he was sold the buildings at a knockdown price when almost 30 years earlier they cost around a billion to put up. So does Silverstein go looking for someone who’s figured out a way to neutralise Asbestos on the cheap? Hell no. Suddenly, all Larry’s interested in is building insurance, especially companies prepared to under-write rather unusual clauses. What am I talking about? Just this: Double indemnity. Silverstein insisted that should the Towers be destroyed in a terrorist act, he would be entitled to claim double the amount! To be perfectly honest, if you can’t smell a rat here, then you never will!


Silverstein’s role stinks from the get-go. What I can’t get over is the level of greed. He spends $15 million on two worthless buildings yet quite how he managed to acquire so much insurance cover is beyond me. Now I worked in the insurance business for over 3 years so I know the coup. It’s normally impossible to insure anything for far more than it’s worth. Of course you can but try claiming that amount. Buy a Ferrari for $50,000; insure it for a million but if the Ferrari suddenly goes on the missing list, no insurance company is ever going to pay out a million. Be happy to get back what the car cost or more likely, what it was worth! This is how the insurance business operates. Therefore, it’s safe to say that once again with 9/11, even the insurance business tore up the rule book!




The only explanation that connects the dots is all the directors in all the companies that underwrote these crazy policies had to be in on it. With Silverstein being paid out $7.1 billion they knew they’d be getting their grubby mitts on lumpy backhanders. There was plenty to go round. All the firms involved had to be complicit because not one director in any of these insurance companies raised a stink, double indemnity clause & all! No one demanded Silverstein sit a lie-detector test. What better way for the likes of Hank Greenberg to rip off his own company AIG to the tune of multi billions? And guess who was one of the directors of AIG? None other than the President’s brother JEB BUSH! The media never mentioned this. I guarantee one thing – if the directors sat lie-detector tests, the machine would explode!


In any crime if its not a family affair, if you’re any sort of detective, all you have to do is follow the money! 3 days before 9/11 the Securities & Exchange Commission informed the authorities of highly irregular trading in a particular company. Not that this is anything special – what with insider trading, people will always try to make a fast buck but legitimate investors have to have protection – the SEC is there to watch over potential skulduggery. A 3% move here, a 4% move there, a 5% swing in any share in one day would have trader’s tongue’s wagging! So I wonder what the authorities thought when the SEC informed them of a small matter of a 400% increase in trading in American Airlines? The next day the haemorrhaging continued with a 6 fold increase & on the 10th of September 2001 the SEC informed the authorities of an 11 fold increase in trading – all one-way – south!


Here’s where it gets interesting. I know enough about this because I worked in the markets for 4 years in Geneva. I bought and sold shares and I can say categorically – its impossible to trade in shares, even a small investor, without names, addresses, bank accounts etc. IMPOSSIBLE! Get this into your head! Therefore all those who traded in shares of American Airlines ARE ON RECORD! They’re there. The Bush administration & the 9/11 commission however chose to ignore this – evidence that was clear-cut in identifying those who may have had prior knowledge to 9/11 & for 14 years nobody’s been able to explain this to me. What rapidly became painfully obvious was the 9/11 commission wasn’t worth a bar of soap. The very least that should have happened is every last person that gained financially should have been forced to take a lie-detector test & be made to answer one question – did you have prior knowledge of the 9/11 attacks?


Could it be any more farcical? Well now we proceed from the sublime to the ridiculous! Imagine the plight of trading houses & all the layers who for the past 3 days had effectively guaranteed untold millions upon millions on put options on US Airlines. One morning they wake up & all of a sudden they’re watching airplanes go careering into buildings! They must have thought ‘what the hell’s going on here? My God! We’ve done our absolute brains!’ But no…….. It all went quiet! The phones went dead! Of course they weren’t going to complain about it. I mean how can you fathom such a thing? No one was inquiring about their winnings! Imagine – its like winning the lottery, you’ve got the jackpot, you know it……. but for some reason or another you throw away the winning ticket!


Pure unadulterated greed! And greed of the worst kind because how many of these vermin actually thought about informing the police or the newspapers? And vermin they most certainly are because all those who sold Airline shares in the 3 days before 9/11 I grant you, enjoy a standard of living most of us only dream about. Takes hard cash to buy or sell shares – trading on ’futures’ ie ‘call & put’ options requires big money. At the time, these people were privy to information, information of a kind that was as unbelievable as it gets! But unbelievable as it was they knew it was true – so they had to profit from it? Well you can’t sell shares in the stability of skyscrapers & you can’t sell shares in the number of Americans that get massacred in one day but you can sell shares in a American airlines.


The fact is, no share transaction can be performed anonymously; the very fact the Bush administration & the 9/11 commission inexplicably failed to pursue a line of inquiry both with Silverstein & the Security & Exchange commission means the official investigation, if you can even call it that, stopped short in asking the most transparently logical questions which if answered would almost certainly have provided answers as to who really was behind 9/11. Yet this was only the tip of the iceberg. What occurred at the Pentagon truly beggared belief.


Cast your mind back to Sept. 10th 2001, the day before 9/11, when it was deemed the ‘right’ time to tell Americans that $2.3 TRILLION of Pentagon money (US tax-payer money) had been misappropriated. Head of the Pentagon at the time was Rabbi Dov Zakheim, one of the chief architects of 9/11. Unbeknown to most Americans, 100+ Pentagon employees had been working in the Budget Analyst Office for quite some time for the specific purpose of locating the missing trillions. On the fateful day, even though everyone knew the Towers had been struck by two ‘high-jacked’ planes; even though Dick Cheney knew another plane was heading for the Pentagon – HE NEGLECTED TO EVACUATE THE PENTAGON & EFFECTIVELY ISSUED A STAND DOWN ORDER JUST SO THE PENTAGON WAS ATTACKED!


US transport Secretary Norman Mineta confirmed this to the 9/11 Commission only for them to omit this damning evidence. Yet…… I haven’t told you the most incredible aspect of this sordid affair. Bear in mind, in terms of square footage, the Pentagon is the largest building in the world! Guess where the missile hit?

No mention was ever made in the 9/11 Commission of how the Budget Analyst Office was never evacuated or that WTC7 had collapsed & there’s good reason why – it goes a long way to explaining how Israel ended up with the 2nd or 3rd largest air-force in the world!


Incredibly, there’s more; plenty more. This video – 9/11 False Flag Conspiracy – Finally Solved (Names, Connections, Motives) – shows they squeezed every last bean they could. If ever there was a case of in for a penny, in for a pound, this was it. When I first watched this it blew me away. 



In a couple of days hopefully I’ll have completed the 2nd half of this which involves the crime scenes & eye-witness accounts. 


  • Kenny Geach .

    Yea, well said. We’ve always got to question this,( and it’s so absurd a story anyway) or else it is gonna get worse. I can’t even give Judy wood any benefit of doubt, she can’t actually believe her nonsense, she’s got to be there to split and divide.

  • JennyG

    The best treatment for insomnia, is a hot tub soak, every night for just a few days, if impossible do a hot bath soak with Epsom salts added, 1 cupful, Then one capsule of L.Theanine, competently safe and natural, wait for the magic to happen.

  • John Swaim

    The amount the story indicates Silverstein paid for the WTC buildings is incorrect..
    He paid 3.2 billion.

  • Lynne Purdy

    If anyone can finally reveal the truth and without a shadow of doubt, it will be you Michael, and of course the thousands of others who are also so adamant this was a false flag of monumental proportion which involved great planning and financing over many months / years. The fact that the government are going to extreme lengths to avoid a re-investigation ” truth does not fear investigation ” is a give-away. Also the ‘cognitive dissonance’ of citizens to assimilate the fact that their own government would plot and scheme to perpetrate such an horrendous scenario and blame it on others to then rally support for invasion / war in another country.


    Question Michael….. What do you think about Israel bombing Damascus yesterday? What happened to the Russian air defenses? I am curious how that was allowed to happen.

    • Well AA – there’s a whole lot of misinformation out there. I’d like to check out what you’ve got – if you could post the link. Lately though I feel things are not right. RT’s reporting has been a joke lately.

      • Ashamed American

        Here is one of the links and I do believe it is one of the better information sites out there. Let me know what you think.

        • Thanks AA – Now it’s only my opinion but Veterans Today & Gordon Duff in particular is a mixed bag. It provides some terrific articles but it also sensationalises & therefore provides plenty of misinfo.
          The article itself is a bit of both. No question Netanyahu gave the order to shoot the Russian plane down. No one else is crazy enough to risk nuclear annihilation. However, even by Netanyahu’s standards bombing Damascus in such a manner is pushing the boat out. What does he hope to achieve? WW III is a possibility. Frankly I can’t see how Israel can gain from doing such a thing.
          I don’t believe it for a number of reasons – the media’s role in this does not stop Syria making a noise. Also why hasn’t RT said anything about this? It doesn’t make sense for RT to black out such news. However if it’s okay I’d like to post this.

  • Tommy

    Great article!!

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