9/11: A tale of how protocol was turned on its head. Part 2 – what occurred at crime scenes & how virtually every eye-witness account was ignored.

Though we’ve seen it a million times on TV, we don’t think about these things when it really matters. Let’s say you’re the first to arrive on a crime scene. What do you do? It is imperative to seal off the entire crime scene. Forget about TV – how many times have we actually seen the obligatory yellow tape/ribbon that’s used to cordon off a specific area? On the yellow band, in large black capitols it states words top the effect – if you’re a Tom, Dick or a Harry then do not enter. This is a crime scene.


So what’s the 2nd thing you’d do? Well when Kojak arrived at a crime scene in the Big Apple, Kroker or Saperstein would give him the lowdown but you can be sure, the next thing Baldy would ask is ‘were there any witnesses?’ It goes without saying – the Police are far more likely to apprehend & punish a criminal or solve a crime if they have eye-witness testimony to help them on their way, the more the merrier. Then, when you get back to the office the first thing you ask yourself is who gained? Who wanted this? Thus – 

1) Seal off the Crime Scene

2) Take statements from all the eye-witnesses.

3) Follow the money trail.

Knowing the truth about 9/11 can be rather soul-destroying at times. I mean how can anyone be fooled? Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe these are the 3 most important aspects of crime fighting & detection. On September 11 2001, a crime of the century occurred & instead of protocol being meticulously adhered to CSI style, it was as if Chief Wigham of Simpsons fame was coordinating the entire investigation. And the crazy thing is – I’M NOT JOKING! This analogy is accurate because the exact opposite of what should have happened, occurred.


The price for Greater Israel
I got so bogged down I made a bit of a mess of part 1 in that I briefly touched on what occurred at the crime scenes & then I suddenly went off in a tangent on the money trail with steam coming out of my ears. That evil little wretch Silverstein does it to me every time. I still cannot believe he’s got away with it. He’s as guilty as sin; it’s obvious as hell & guess who’s one of his best mates – none other than Benjamin Netanyahu. It sure takes one to know one!
Part 4 – How to convince people 9/11 was a Mossad/CIA job.


Anyway, before I complete the piece I’d just like to say over the last 14 years I’ve fine-tuned my 9/11 pitch where I’m confident I can convert even those with the brains of a rocking horse. Reeling off fact after fact is not the way. It gives the impression you simply care too much, like a double-glazing salesman who’s just got to get your signature. All that’s required is planting a seed. I’ve gone blue in the face telling people how to do this – DUMP THE DETAIL! Yet on Part 1 there were so many comments that really disappointed me – I said can we please stop going on about bloody laser weapons, holograms & this daft notion that planes did not hit the Towers. So I’ll give it one more shot –
An integral reason I wrote this is because I wanted to emphasise that exhaustive research is not required. The truth is literally staring at us in the face. In Part 1, I said I’ll make my case merely by eliminating everything that was included in the official explanation. I would simply concentrate on what the media & 9/11 commission totally ignored!
So since we have all the evidence we need, what earthly reason is there to squabble among ourselves over detail? Rules 1,2 & 3 for crime-fighting were ignored. Evidence was gathered, removed & destroyed. CSI Grissom would have croaked if he saw what was occurring at Ground Zero. All you have to say is – 
‘Look. If you choose to label people conspiracy theorists, fine. That’s your call. All I’m saying is I’ve seen loads of controlled demolitions on TV & on 9/11, I FELT THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT I WAS WATCHING! If you honestly believe that warrants being branded a conspiracy theorist then I wonder of but one thing – WHAT THE HELL DID YOUR EYES SEE? 
Learning every last detail about 9/11 & trying to convince people 9/11 was an inside job are TWO ENTIRELY DIFFERENT THINGS! Perhaps this is a better avenue of attack. Try it.
I’ll say it again – our job is to make people realise we were lied to & that those blamed for 9/11 had bugger all to do with it! THE DETAIL CAN BE SORTED OUT WHEN BUSH, CHENEY & RUMSFELD ARE IN THE DOCK! When it comes to utilising the best tactics, I’m sorry but most people leave much to be desired. I’m sure all of us try & spread the word in good faith but I know people are struggling to convince others because I’m forever receiving the same message from friends who say ‘hard as I try, I can’t get people to realise they’ve been duped. They don’t want to know.’
My approach I grant you has a near 90% success rate. I’m emotional alright but getting hot under the collar over 9/11? No more. Do that & it’s game over! Once that sunk in I knew I had to modify my approach. 12 years ago I was lucky to convert 1 out of 5. So I thought about it & ended up making a video called guess what –

HOW TO CONVINCE PEOPLE 9/11 was an inside job. 

And I kid you not when I say I’d love to modify this video. The learning process never stops.



How ironic! Has any criminal act had more eye-witnesses? I’m pretty much worn out trying to finish this piece. Whether my brain has shot its bolt I’m not quite sure but I cannot think of any event which beats 9/11 for the sheer number of first hand eye-witness accounts. The dream scenario for any detective. One eye-witness often makes all the difference in a court of law & it works both ways – an independent eye-witness can be the only reason you remain free as a bird or it can have you munching on a diet of porridge come wallpaper paste. 


9/11 could not have taken place without the conspirators being sure they could rely on their Zionist pals in the media. However, on the day the vast majority of media personnel had no idea this was an inside job. So they went out as reporters do, attempting to piece together what exactly occurred. What better way to do this than seek out eye-witness accounts? The conspirators knew they had to suffer this for one cannot censor live TV on the day of a major disaster. The censorship would start in earnest the very next day & any eye-witness account or anything delving too near the truth would be dumped, never to be repeated on the airwaves again.


Make no mistake – mainstream media aired two versions of 9/11. Moreover, they were so far removed from each other you could be excused for thinking there had to be two separate catastrophes! There were the eye-witness accounts on the day & then there was the official narrative. The conspirators knew they only had to ride out the first day. Fortunately for them it was the day where everyone naturally was consumed with shock. Whatever eye-witnesses, the Fireman, Police & Paramedics were saying, the media & significantly, those in the know behind the scenes would slowly but surely establish their version of events as if nothing untoward was occurring. Genuine eye-witness accounts would become strictly the domain of the Internet.


Expert eye witnesses


So, imagine you’re one of the chief architects of 9/11. Is there anything you can do to counteract the barrage of truth from the countless eye-witnesses? In the 9/11 documentary ‘Loose Change’ Dylan Avery cottoned on to the fact a few people could be seen chomping at the bit to be interviewed. When they got their chance it was like they were on a game show. You’d go from a person in a semi-state of shock to a guy that was an eager beaver, explaining to reporters how he ‘witnessed’ the two planes crashing into the Towers and how they collapsed due to the intense heat. Talk about a reporter’s dream – this guy was answering questions THAT HE WASN’T EVEN ASKED!


I remember seeing him interviewed on the day – the guy who ‘knew’ way too much & gave an altogether different version to everyone else. Cool, calm & collected; he read his lines as if he’d learned them off by heart & he couldn’t wait to tell everyone! Of course, with all the False Flags we’ve had since 9/11, it’s become increasingly evident ‘crisis’ actors or those on the CIA payroll are used to help hoodwink the public. Now I can’t say I have proof but I’ll bet my life I’m right because it’s perfectly reasonable to assume the conspirators knew this option was open to them & it could only help their cause. Not that I need any confirmation, there were two ginormous giveaways – his account was total bullshit & it just so happened to be identical to the official view!   


Cut a long story short, on the fateful day we had numerous testimonies from members of all the emergency services. They were adamant – bombs were going off all over the place in both Towers. Those who saw the 2nd plane career into the South Tower categorically stated it was a grey military plane. Some noticed there were no side windows. Very few people believed passenger planes were involved. Now these were first hand eye-witness accounts from people who had no reason to lie. The sad truth is, their testimonies alone would have blown the official account out the water. So……. the media never aired them again & the 9/11 Commission deemed the unthinkable – key eye-witness accounts were surplus to requirements.


Much the same occurred at the Pentagon. Employees stated there were two explosions while just about every bystander outside countered the very notion a large passenger jet hit the building. Air-traffic controllers from the Washington DC sector said the incoming plane was a military jet. Radar data confirmed this. At Shanksville even media reporters stuck their necks out to say there were absolutely no signs of any passenger plane having crashed there. Once again crucial eye-witness accounts were totally ignored & bear in mind, just one would have made all the difference in a court of law. If this is how we run our lives – small wonder we’re in the khazi!


Where's the plane.


To say we need a drastic overhaul of the way we organise ourselves is a chronic understatement. If we ever get the chance to create a new system of government it simply has to be one where the law cannot be broken at will. Quite how these evil people killed their own people & then blamed those who had nothing to do with 9/11 & as a result millions have lost their lives; millions more rendered homeless – their lives all but destroyed, all on bare-faced lies. It’s just sickening how humans can be so evil. The only light I see is increasing numbers of people are awakening to the fact we’re ruled by gargantuan gangsters. Whether we can do something about it…….




  • dizzy enough

    The government couldn’t care less if you believe their story, they just stick to it anyway. Their narrative is laid out and they then just dance and obfuscate everything.
    It doesn’t have to make sense, or add up, they don’t freak’n care. Everything is corrupted and totally controlled, especially your VOTES. So, don’t bother folks. They have the ending already planned and set.

  • I think they’re getting desperate Dizzy.

  • Dizzy Enough (aren’t we all) : You say “they ‘couldn’t care less’ if you believe their story” and I disagree; I say “They ‘could care less’ if you believe their story. The English Language is designed to be confusing.. I have empathy for your anger and frustration but it goes much higher than “your government”. Your government is a key part of the Western Alliance but the power is in the hands of The Illumined Ones, the ONE WORLD ORDER. “France is under attack” ………..by 8 guys,. who were gonna die anyway. Spread the word! France is under attack! Let’s go to war!!! Read my articles on my Face Book page JACK TAFOYA’S WISDOM AND INSIGHTS and send me some comments. OK?

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