9/11 author of the BIG BAMBOOZLE Phillip Marshall, his 2 kids & his dog were murdered by the true conspirators

Yesterday my good friend Paul Stewart sent me a piece –
“Russia has presented Evidence Against US, UK and Israel As Being the Actual 9/11 Terrorist”
The first thing I thought – WELL ABOUT BLOODY TIME! There have been God knows how many rumors in the past 30 months, especially since in that time the West couldn’t have done more to antagonise Russia. What on earth were they waiting for? So I started writing –
Let me get this straight – Russia did everything it possibly could to bring about an end to the Cold War. The possibility of the nightmare scenario – a nuclear exchange between the two world super-powers – had all but vanished. Now it’s back on the grid & as far as I’m concerned, the West is entirely to blame. The Zionist controlled media excelled in what it does best – lie through its back teeth. The same can be said of Western leaders, who if the truth were ever told, are mere puppet/traitors who simply follow orders from their Zionist bankster bosses!
This is bad enough but to add insult to injury, to suffer listening to activists criticise people for daring to support Putin, as if we’re idiots who don’t realise to become any leader on the world stage, having a nasty streak is obligatory. I mean talk about trying to shoot ourselves in the foot. It’s just unbelievable how these very same people have the gall to go on & on about controlled opposition. To be so short-sighted, so tactically inept? I’m beginning to think these people may just as well be on the wrong side of the fence because from where I’m sitting, it’s perfectly obvious – we’re the bad guys, not Putin!


Did you know - Of course not!


Then I decided to actually browse through the link & suddenly I see all this shit about nuclear devices being used to bring down the Towers. I thought ‘oh my God – this is more bullshit; more confusion WHEN THERE IS NONE! So I scrubbed the post. Exasperated having wasted a couple of hours, I sent a message to Paul saying words to the effect ‘leave me out will you?’ I switched the computer off thinking I really have had enough. I mean for crying out loud – we saw classic controlled demolitions. We saw nothing else – no laser weapons; no nukes. In fact there is no other way of bringing down buildings in this precise manner. GET THIS INTO YOUR HEADS!
Better still, adopt my attitude – look upon anyone pushing alternative theories as either naive, idiotic or just a plain trouble-maker. This is not about making a name for oneself. This is all about bringing the chief perpetrators into the dock. Since we already possess mountains of evidence that more than suggest anyone who believes the official account has the brains of a rocking horse, this should be our priority. Ignore people; better still, admonish those who believe no planes hit the Towers or laser weapons were used to bring them down. These people may well mean good but they fail to recognise the damage they’re doing because effectively they’re splitting the Truther movement.
Moreover, the proof is in the pudding – particles taken from the site were meticulously analyzed by the world’s foremost expert on Muon Catalyzed Fusion. Physicist & Professor Emeritus Steven E. Jones concluded the Towers were brought down by controlled demolition. He cited –
  • Symmetry of the collapses
  • Speed of the collapses
  • Characteristics of dust jets
  • Reports of molten metal in the debris piles
  • Failures of the official collapse theories
Here’s The paper Professor Jones presented – 


Needless to say Jones has been treated atrociously, as has every well-known person who’s stated the obvious – what we saw were controlled demolitions as 23 year anchor man of CBS, the genial Dan Rather pointed out on the day of 9/11. Soon he would be rendered unemployed. However, demolition expert Danny Jowenko wasn’t so lucky. He was asked what he thought. This video was made & 3 days later he was murdered!


And I’m in no doubt whatsoever – this was on the expressed orders of the very terrorists behind 9/11. I also tend to believe what the Bush administration or I should say the Zionists wanted was to immediately send a chilling message to everyone who got it right – talk & you die! I guarantee, Dr Judy Wood will not suffer the same fate.



And speaking of a person who got it right, one of the foremost aviation experts in America was Phillip Marshall. His book ‘THE BIG BAMBOOZLE’ probably did as much to convince Americans as Dylan Avery’s excellent documentary LOOSE CHANGE – that 9/11 had to have been an inside job because the official account was simply impossible. No surprise Dylan Avery hasn’t been heard of since. I think I can safely assume he decided to take heed of his would-be assassins that he’d be well advised to keep a very low profile. It’s good for the health.


Remaining in control


Thanks to Joe McPhillips for sending me this link. When I heard Marshall was dead & in no time the media was saying he was depressed & that he killed his kids, his dog & then turned the gun on himself, I wrote a piece immediately stating –


I never even knew the facts. In fact, I didn’t even want to know the gory details for the mere notion this brave man, who bust a gut trying to expose the real crooks behind 9/11, would suddenly wipe out his entire family, is so preposterous it beggars belief how anyone could be so daft to believe such tripe. Bear in mind, several 100 experienced pilots have come forward to say terrorists, who were at best inexperienced flyers, could never have flown those planes on the day of 9/11. The evidence is overwhelming. Why doesn’t the media ever mention this?




Do not forget these brave people who gave their lives. Inadvertently they were trying to stop all the shenanigans we are seeing today.


9/11 Conspiracy Author Phillip Marshall, His Dog and 2 Kids Found Dead in California


To rule by Proxy



  • Mike: I was aware of the impending attack in NYC for about 3+ months prior to 9/11. The published warnings were from various governments around the world to the Sate Department.

    Additionally: Not only was there evidence from witnesses accounts of “directed energy” devices emanating from deep under the Twin Towers, but also were the many, laid out symmetrically, great pools of molten steel weeks after the clean-up began. Nothing ells could scientifically explain that phenomenon.

    The fact is that there were many technologies, some “Classified”, that were employed on 9/11.

    • Kenny Geach

      I haven’t heard of any witness accounts of DEW’s. How is it possible anyway if ppl don’t even know they exist on this scale. The molten steel underneath can be explained by the thermite evidence.

      • Quite right Kenny. When you have someone like Professor Steven Jones who says this is what occurred, why would anyone with any brains not take this for gospel? We all saw controlled demolitions!

        • Kenny Geach

          Exactly!!…..when I’ve listened to wood’s lecture and radio broadcasts, apart from sounding like they’ve overdosed on mogadone, it’s an insult to tell anyone to understand her theory you basically have to unthink everything you’ve thought to date, and think her way and she’ll teach you how to do it. Every time I’ve debated wood’s followers , they’ve always hit me with about 100hours of research to look at, evidence and common sense is not allowed.

          • Yes indeed Ken. From the very beginning I smelt a very large rat when I heard about Wood’s work. I immediately pointed out to people how this woman had been given all the airplay she could have ever expected whereas a REAL expert like Professor Steven Jones has been avoided like the plague. I think I’m going to make one more video on 9/11 & it will be exactly how to deal with misinformation spreaders.

    • I appreciate that Greg but like I said in my piece, the detail can be sorted out later.

  • Dr. John Dwyer

    Not to worry, Mr. Netanyahu. We all now know that you are not a REAL Jew. So the Italian president doesn’t hate YOU.

  • you are relying on what others ‘say’…if you view the actual network broadcasts for that day which are available on archive.org you will see for yourselves that the towers were not brought down by controlled demolition…peter jennings abc news segment beginning at 3:28 and the following segment beginning at 4:08…last minute of the 3:28 and first 5+ minutes of the next segment shows independent footage of ground zero taken approximately one hour before shows the facade of the south tower still standing…no fires or heavy smoke no firefighters and NO RUBBLE HEAP which would be left when two 110 stories collapse ‘into their own footprint’ show this abc broadcast to any engineer and they will definitely say that it was not controlled demolition – for it to be a controlled demolition it would void the laws of physics (no rubble pile where did all that concreat and steel go?)…as well visit dr judy wood’s site and see for yourself the 1200 toasted cars – this cannot be the result of a controlled demolition…it really is as simple as i have stated – do it – go there – see for yourself and you will not simply be speaking the words of others you will see with your own eyes…

    • I RELY ON WHAT OTHERS SAY? That’s actually quite funny. Now I read what you said & considering my whole post was about IGNORING THE DETAIL – look at you. Hmnn. Me thinks we have a professional misinformation spreader here. Goodbye.

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