9/11 the investigation that never was

I’ve been at this for 4 days & I’m pretty sure it’s going to be one my very best efforts – so I thought I’d give you a taster – who knows – this may result in Newton 3rd law of motion – For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. ie a little bit of inspiration may come my way – 

There’s little doubt 9/11 was the mother of false flags, yet successful as it’s been to create the war OF terror where effectively the US military has been conned into destroying all the countries Israel wanted out the way so that Oded Yinon’s 1982 plan to create Greater Israel could be realised, the operation itself had so many holes in it, it was almost embarressing. Quite how anyone could be daft enough to believe such tripe is a touch more than mystifying. The moment the 2nd plane hit the South Tower I thought – WHAT! You got to be kidding me. Within 5 seconds I shouted out a question. I was in my card club at the time & the amazing thing, though this question is entirely legitimate & so demands an answer, over 13 years have passed & I’m still waiting! I asked – why didn’t they shoot the 2nd plane down?

Around 5 years ago I met a chief inspector of an anti-terrorist unit. I’d had quite a few drinks so as he was telling me about his job, I’m already gone, on my bike. I didn’t want to know. This guy actually believed he was thwarting all sorts of terrorist attacks; fighting Muslim terrorists; saving countless lives. So while he’s rambling on I’m looking at him thinking ‘Ladies & Gentleman – here we have Mr. Hook, line and sinker!’ He said his piece & then I said, ‘why did they allow the 2nd plane to hit the Tower?’ ‘Allow?’ I said, ‘didn’t it hit the building?…… Look. Are we going to be serious? Alright. Let’s say I agree with you – 9/11 was a genuine terrorist attack……so…..WHY DID THEY ALLOW THE 2nd PLANE TO HIT THE TOWER?’….. No answer. This should be, advantage GMM but does this twat even have an inkling something doesn’t add up? I calmly say, ‘they knew the plane was going into the building. This meant many more would die. Their duty was to save lives. They had no option but to shoot the plane down.’ He said, ‘do you know how hard it is to make a decision to kill all those people?’ Now I’m struggling to control myself. I said, ‘haven’t you worked out that the people on the plane are out of bargaining chips? They’re not in the equation. The people in the South Tower are though. Do you think they should die too?’ This idiot then said, ‘you know, I can see what you’re saying but I don’t know how you can so heartless.’ I turned my back on him.

Questioning is everything. Questioning is learning. Questioning is a cornerstone of democracy. Questioning is a right. Questioning is essential. Why didn’t they shoot down the 2nd plane? The moment this conundrum entered my thought process, it would remain there as if on auto-pilot. I’d keep asking myself this question. Imagine: 8.20 am – two planes reported hijacked. 26 minutes later Flight 11 slams into the North Tower. Okay. What’s the other plane doing? Oh it’s only effected a complete about-turn and is now heading for downtown Manhattan. Okay. What’s in downtown Manhatten? Shit! The other Tower. I mean give me a break! And yet 17 minutes later, 9.03 am, Flight 175 follows suit. Can of worms are opening up thick and fast. Several other equally serious questions are flooding in like “where the hell were the F16’s? Super-glued to terra firma! What, all 2760 of them? I ask – up to now, have I done any research? Have I performed any feat?

If it was down to me, immediately I’d have had General Richard Myers arrested on a charge of Treason. Who’s this guy? Only the head of US civil air defense. What, was he on a tea-break? Or perhaps he was severely constipated. Nevertheless, Myers inexplcable non-action meant several 100, maybe even 1000 of his fellow citizens lost their lives due to his ……… due to what? Another question. Negligence? No way. Can’t possibly be. Why’s that? Because there’s a limit to how incompetent one can be! One of the integral reasons why questioning is essential is because it sets you on a process of elimination. Over to the greatest sleuth of them all – Sherlock Holmes “Watson. How many times must I say – once you eliminate all that’s impossible, whatever’s left, however improbable, therein lies the answer.’ You eliminate what’s not possible and so at this early stage of the proceedings I can put my hand on my heart and say without fear of contradiction – The Bush Administration & the media are complicit because they’re lying through their back teeth. Oh and by the way…… what do you think happened to this vermin Myers? PROMOTED TO THE JOINT CHIEFS OF STAFF!

What infuriates me so, some of my old friends think I’m crazy but only on this subject. You see if I challenged any of them to a pub quiz, there’d be no takers….. but what really does my head in is the fact not one of them have bothered to ask any questions. They’ve simply accepted what they’ve been told & they have the gall to say I’m the crazy one? As far as I’m concerned they may have a right to question what I say but they’ve no right to pass judgement, most especially on this subject matter. I’m the one asking questions in order to piece together a feasible scenario that eventually can connect all the dots. What have they done? Bugger all. But to believe this cock and bull story while glaring discrepancies abound? Off the top of my head I’m sure I can list 30 major anomalies and any one of them would be sufficient to cast serious doubt on both the sequence of events that took place & the official explanation.

Better still, let’s apply some method. I’ll endeavor to concentrate my efforts on one crucial aspect of 9/11 – the investigation. Moreover I’ll automatically eliminate everything that was included in the official explanation. How about that? Let’s just concentrate on what was totally ignored by the media & the 9/11 commission. Three specific areas –

1) Cui Bono. Who gained. The money trail.
2) The Crime Scenes.
3) Eye-witness testimonies.





This sordid episode has proved to be unique in more ways than one. Inexplicabe as it may seem, the media made nothing of the fact 9/11 was by far and away the greatest financial embezzlement in history. I’d be more than surprised if Rothschild’s Napoleonic master stroke, which for 185 years reigned as numero uno mega fraud, even gets close to this monster windfall. Easy to say trillion but quite how one goes about gauging a trillion bucks so as to put this ungodly figure into some perspective beats me. What I do know is 9/11 saw several trillion exchange hands. The bad news – the crooks still have the bread; the good news – the perpetrators, as well as those in the know, left a money trail wider than the Grand Canyon. The only trouble investigators would have had is knowing where to start!

I say would have had as opposed to had because, believe it or not, detectives never got out the traps. It’s debatable whether they even made it to the starting gate. So, we have this nonsensical paradox – the greatest financial heist in history, with a money trail so vast, detectives could be excused for thinking it must be Christmas…….Cui Bono, who gains, erupting from every orifice; motive, step No.1 for unravelling crime, sticking out like a sore thumb…….. and what happens?…….Zilch. Nada. Nothing! This alone should have alerted even the brain dead! Our politicians & media were at the forefront telling us how terrible this attack was yet routine lines of inquiry obvious even to a 10 year old, were completely ignored. Moreover, the media never once highlighted this outrage. So how does one makes sense of this? Without venturing any further we can draw these conclusions –

1) The Bush administration at the very least allowed this attack to occur.
2) The perpetrators of 9/11 could only be those controlling US politicians because ,above all, only those who had access could have succeeded. Real terrorists would never even consider such an operation because they know even if they hijacked planes, within 5 minutes two F16’s would be either side their aircraft. In no time the terrorist pilot would have but two options – land or be shot down. The Towers or any other building doesn’t enter the equation. By the way, this process is US civil air defence protocol ie what would happen each and every time time a plane is hijacked.
3) The entire media apparatus had to be owned or controlled by those who were either directly or indirectly linked to the conspirators.

There’s more —–



  • john hirtle

    Feelin ya, mate! Great stuff.

  • Tresstine Paulsen

    Michael, I can’t express how thankful I am for your obviously brilliant perspective on 9/11.
    Every article that you write about 9/11 is so thoughtful, insightful, rational and absolutely enlightening! I’m a 67 year young grandmother and I’ve had so many questions in my head and gut-wrenching feelings about the stories we were told! Things never added up.

    I’be done considerable, but not enough, research on the Internet. I’ve explored many contradictory theories and I have definite feelings about who and how it was done. I can’t believe that the American public hasn’t begun a grass roots movement to have a true investigation and reasonable answers. But then so much of the government’s cooperation, or even God forbid initiation with Zionist Israel would be revealed.

    Thank you for your brilliant work.

    • Thank you Tresstine. Would it surprise you to know that much of what I wholeheartedly believe about 9/11 has not required much, if any research. For starters, as the great sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote in one of his fabulous Sherlock Holmes novels, humans see but most fail to observe. For instance, how many people still believe the official account? OVER HALF? Perhaps, even now, over 50% of us haven’t observed and so registered in our brains the most critical factor of 9/11 – WHAT WE ALL SAW WERE CONTROLLED DEMOLITIONS. Forget everything else. Once one has accepted what one’s eyes saw, & even today there are those who for various & obvious reasons will say “no. They weren’t controlled demolitions” when no other process can bring about the collapse of steel-structured buildings symmetrically in free-fall speed, that’s the key, symmetrically in free-fall, as i said once this is registered & accepted, automatically one is donated a line of inquiry which inevitably leads to those behind the planning & execution of 9/11. Controlled demolitions means –
      1) Larry Silverstein – the owner HAD to know. Forget about all the evidence which more than suggested this little wretch is a mass-murderer. To place the necessary explosives & wiring up & down the Towers is no simple process. Only the owner can sanction such a thing.
      2) SECURACOM – the company in charge of Security at the Towers, run by none other than the President’s brother Marvin Bush. The fact the media & the 9/11 commission never mentioned the company that did THE WORST JOB IMAGINABLE when it came to the security of the buildings. Securacom didn’t just know about this; in all likelihood, they oversaw the entire process of recruiting those who’d carry out the work. It’s nonsensical to assume any different because for the perpetrators, those involved in the planning had to be kept as a tight-knit group, otherwise known as OPERATIVES.
      3) Well if Marvin knew are you going to even suggest a certain GW did not? I DON’T THINK SO!
      4) Now, what did two of the most respected news presenters say on the very day, when everyone was consumed with shock & anger? Both DAN RATHER & PETER JENNINGS stated categorically, what they saw were controlled demolitions & they even said why,”to get at these buildings infrastructure one has to get at the very foundations”. Do you honestly believe the entire US mass-media was too dumb to pick up on what was so obvious? Well sure enough, the next day, forget about elaborating, NO ONE MENTIONED WHAT RATHER & JENNINGS SAID. It was as if a rule had been laid down that under no circumstances could there be any talk of controlled demolition…… and there wasn’t!
      5) Finally, Once again a reference from Sherlock Holmes -“Watson. How many times have I said, once one eliminates what’s impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, therein lies the truth.’ Common sense decrees what you KNOW as fact becomes the foundation of meaningful investigation. From this one can surmise & ponder in order to draw certain scenarios & significantly see if any eye-opening, thought provoking coincidences start to emerge. Well in the case of 9/11, they don’t emerge – THEY POSITIVELY ERUPT!
      Who have we mentioned so far? Larry Silverstein. Who happens to be a very close friend? None other than Benjamin Netanyahu – hmnn. Another lunatic mass-murderer. The media. They didn’t investigate; they covered up. Who owns & controls US media – Zionists. Which group of people exert an unmatched, ungodly level of influence over those in the upper echelons of US power – dual national Zionists! Who gained from 9/11 – Israel. Need I say anymore?
      For this much – how does one gauge ‘this much?’ Try this: what I’ve just told you contains more truth than what the entire Corporate media has told its viewers regarding 9/11 in almost 14 years! Moreover, not one iota of research was required. No bias is involved because all I’ve done is put 2+2 together. Whoever doesn’t like what I’ve said obviously will say I’m anti this & anti that. They can go to hell. If there is a God, they will! But did I mention Jews……. because I guarantee there are Zionists queuing up to say I’m against Jews! Why should I have anything against Jewish people? They weren’t involved. If they were. I’d have said! in fact, if my own people, the Armenians were responsible for 9/11, my response would be identical. As far as I’m concerned, anyone & everyone who chooses to criticise my synopsis, is someone who’s condoning the most evil mass-murderers this world has ever seen.

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