A bridge too far: Washington Examiner calls for Russian infrastructure to be bombed

I’ll say this: TOM ROGAN may have a BA in war studies but he’s not a journalist, a politician or an expert in any field. He’s simply a lunatic criminal who should be arrested, tried, incarcerated & the key thrown in the river. If anyone deserved a Guantanamo-type existence, Rogan applies with distinction. People of his ilk are way too dangerous to have in positions of power & influence. It is painfully obvious this man has no moral scruples. He is merely just another person who will do or say anything for money. Right or wrong doesn’t enter the equation. In my opinion, these people epitomise all that’s bad in humans. 


Moreover, much as I believe in freedom of speech, it has to be made absolutely clear – those in the public eye, notably the MSM, are obligated to adhere to strict operating requirements. Irresponsible, deceitful & downright lousy as nearly all newspapers are, quite how any editor can be imbecile enough to publish, as Neil Clark states, such ‘hate-filled incitement’ shows how desperate & evil the true power-brokers have become. We know who these people are.


And the problem is as clear as daylight – the rules they stringently enforce on all ‘normal’ folk as well as their ‘enemies’, do not apply to them. Now how can this be? Such an intolerable situation is not merely a recipe for disaster; IT INVITES DISASTER! This is tyranny itself. As Neil Clark says – 

“Just imagine if a Russian newspaper urged the Canadian Air Force to launch strikes on Brooklyn Bridge. There’d be outrage, and rightly so.”


What makes it even more incredible is those inciting the worst possible violence imaginable & all on trumped up, if not completely false claims, are the very same people who scream blue murder the moment anyone speaks the truth about their real employers – the Zionist lobbies, Israel & ultimately the Rothschilds banking dynasty. This is why they’re desperate to pass ‘hate’ laws everywhere which would render criticism of Israel, Zionists & Jews as hate speech & therefore a criminal offence. Several politicians have already committed Treason by imprisoning their own citizens for daring to speak the truth.


Anyway, here are two articles worth reading about what this little wretch Rogan had to say. I thought I’d take out a few segments. We are truly in the realms of such stratospheric lies, I’m sure you’ll have similar feelings of not knowing whether to laugh or cry. The first one literally beggars belief….

Another article on its website this week was entitled, and I kid ye not –


Owner of the Examiner is one Philip Anschutz, who we are told is a “Christian conservative” billionaire. I personally don’t think it’s too Christian to publish articles calling for air strikes on bridges, do you? Or did I miss that section in the New Testament? It’s clear that we shouldn’t set our moral compass by Anschutz’s paper.


A bridge too far: Washington Examiner calls for Russian infrastructure to be bombed



Rogan has put the idea of an attack on the Crimean Bridge into the public domain. To compound this reckless move, the Washington Examiner not only published his piece but tweeted it too, to its 130K followers.
Twitter rules state: “You may not make specific threats of violence, or wish for the serious physical harm, death, or disease of an individual or group of people”. Do these rules not apply to those calling for the blowing up of a Russian bridge used by the public?
And no, it wasn’t a parody. But as bad as the Examiner is, it’s not operating in a vacuum. Rogan’s piece is just the latest in a series of shockingly Russophobic articles in the Western media that would result in immediate career death if the writer targeted other countries, and the nationals of other countries, in the same way.
When Russians die in disasters, the tragedy can also be mocked. One of the worst examples of this was the way the French ‘satirical’ magazine Charlie Hebdo made fun of the deaths of 92 people, including 68 members of the celebrated ‘Red Army’ Alexandrov music and dance ensemble, in a plane crash on Christmas Day 2016.


Washington Examiner’s Tom Rogan is A Clear and Present Danger to The People of Russia and The United States


  • Aunte Semite

    tom rogan is OF COURSE a jew dual citizen with APARTHEID israel, so OF COURSE he wants WW3 so the satanic jew parasites can expand (see the “greater israel project”) and then control what’s left of us humans.

    • Absolutely AS. He deserves a firing squad!

      • zakimar

        Just make sure when the jew finally get their cowardly amerikkkan and nato mercenary slaves to start WW3, you join humanity and send as many of those satanic children of the devil to their father. I look forward to seeing you on the battlefield, whether in Palestine or washington dc insha’Allah

        • I feel I’m on the battlefield now Zak.

          • zakimar

            All of us humans are on the battlefield now, but we are unarmed against the jew usury and their slaves’ weapons. I ask God to change that so we have the weapons to defend humanity against the satanic jew parasites and send them and their minions to their lord, the devil. #BDS #BDSusa

  • His statement goes way above the realm of irresponsibility – another crazy Israelite with blood-lust who does not care a damn as to who might get killed/injured by his gestures a padded cell would simply be way too good for him – maybe a snake-pit might be better !

  • Catherine

    It’s totally horrifying! To call to action such a destructive act is unbelievable irresponsibility. He’s apparently “zombied out” by watching too many films about destruction being glorified and “fun” … causing many to participate in such heinous activity these days. In viewing the photo of that completed bridge I was struck with a sense of amazement at its beauty and example of human accomplishment! Why can certain people only think of destroying such an awesome structure!? Their souls need a good “re-set” in my opinion.

    • Absolutely right Catherine. I think it’s obvious & many people are beginning to see it. It seems Russia, ever since it’s rid itself of Zionist shackles, is now going from strength to strength, while the very lifeblood of America is being sucked dry by the Zionists. As Netanyahu once proudly declared – “ONCE WE SQUEEZE ALL WE CAN OUT OF THE UNITED STATES, IT CAN DRY UP & BLOW AWAY!”

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