A Call to Actions Radio Network – Planetary Wellbeing Authority with guest Kevin Galalae.

I apologise to the person who sent me this – yet another misplaced name. I’m truly sorry as I’d liked to have personally expressed my gratitude. I found this to be a fascinating interview & a superb account by Kevin Galalae exactly how the powers that be have been administering a process of genocide through sterilisation for over 50 years! Some time ago I wrote an article about how war had already been declared on us. As much as I realised there was order behind their heinous thoughts though, I had no idea it was so well orchestrated with the UN & the Industrial Military Complex working in unison. I thought I reached a point where there weren’t too many dots left to connect. I was badly mistaken. I’ll just say, it may be over an hour long but it will fly by – this IS a must watch. 


Population control or depopulation is accomplished by interfering with human fertility to prevent the moment of conception. Human fertility is subverted through the basic elements of life – water, food & beverages as well as dental & cosmetic products. The basic elements of life are adulterated with toxic chemicals that are Endocrine disruptors. In effect the basic elements of life become the literary vehicles for sterilisants & immuno depressants & become weapons of mass sterility & mass morbidity. Since no government would willingly poison its own people into sterility & morbidity the system had to be set up in such a way that nations forced each other to commit genocide. The system therefore operates by mutual coercion, mutually agreed upon & the United Nations act as the mutual agency that coordinates this system, imposes it on every one of its 196 member states & keeps track of progress. While the UN coordinates the global genocide & keeps track of progress, the military industrial complex conceives the methods & means by which the global population is poisoned & does the actual poisoning.




Falling under the category of chemical methods of population control are more than 150 Endocrine disruptors in our food, beverages, dental, cosmetic & consumer products whose hidden purpose is to sterilise us. The most common & widespread are Fluoride & Plasticisers, which means that every time we drink fluoridated tap water you are sterilising yourself for the day. Every time you drink or eat anything from a plastic container, you sterilise yourself for the day & every time you eat processed food ridden with taste enhancers & artificial sweeteners, preservatives & colorants, you are sterilising yourself for the day. 


The Scumbags!

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