A driver recorded his stop at a DUI checkpoint in Tennessee this 4th of July.

Quite why US cops are choosing to behave like this is beyond me. We know US police forces were instructed to receive advice from Israeli specialists in riot control. End result – the green light to do as the Israelis do – be a thug; a proper bully. You can even commit cold blooded murder……. Okay, so just because you’ve been given the green light, DOESN’T MEAN YOU ACTUALLY HAVE TO GO AHEAD & TERRORISE THE VERY PEOPLE YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO SERVE & PROTECT?


Daft as this may sound, the fact of the matter is – ever since the order was given for the US police force to receive training from their Israeli counterparts, there’s been a massive spike in indiscriminate police killings, notably on unarmed civilians. There’s also been an unprecedented rise in the number of cases where US police have claimed one thing, only for video evidence to prove they simply told a pack of lies. Kind of rubbed off being down in Tel Aviv eh? Needless to say, the US media has never mentioned the Israeli connection.



What gets me is where’s the questioning? Where have all the good coppers gone? Surely, someone must be questioning these directives? Yet, time & again we see so-called officers of the law think nothing of lowering themselves to behavior more akin to Viking raiders. Are there really that many ignorant moronic twats in the US police force? Dearie me. Thanks to Kristiine Salumets for this link.



Police my arse!

Police my arse!

Obedience is doing what you’re told, no matter what’s right. Morality is doing what’s right, no matter what you’re told. 

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