A genuine error. I humbly apologise.

I’m truly sorry to say I posted this clip only to discover this was a re-enactment to illustrate these executions are occurring almost daily in the Occupied territories. It was never my intention to promote staged events & by doing so emulate what our leaders & media do on a regular basis ie lie through their back teeth.


My friend Neil Hallett sent me a longer version & it is clear there is no blood & this was staged. I humbly apologise. I am sent scores of video clips & links & to the best of my ability I try to post genuine material. It is unfortunately inevitable around once a year something slips through the net.


I will say it is particularly annoying for me because I have seen countless examples of Israelis shooting unarmed Palestinians. I believe too I’m right in saying the Palestinians are being systematically wiped out & my intention is only to highlight what the media neglects to inform the public. I regret this but then at least I have the decency to accept & own up to an error.


It is now virtually a matter of record that the media deliberately lied in the lead up to the illegal Iraq war. 12 years later they are yet to apologise for the deaths of anywhere between 1-2 million Iraqis, the horrendous suffering from depleted Uranium & the maiming of millions more along with several millions who’ve lost their homes & businesses. I only hope some of the people who so roundly criticised me on You Tube have the decency to admit this.


I’d also like to thank the many FB friends who were alert to the fact this was a staged event. It’s good to know so many of my friends are concerned only for the truth. What is undeniable are two things – since the turn of the century every 3 days a Palestinian child has been killed. Recently thanks mainly to Netanyahu’s deliberate ploy to stir up unrest now illegal settlers have the right to shoot dead anyone they suspect of having a knife.




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