A lesson learned: beware the comment – provide references!

Just a little tip folks – we know about Trolls. They’re easy to spot. The key with them is NEVER GET INVOLVED! Ignore them like the plague. I know we can’t help ourselves because sometimes I CAN’T! It is genuinely difficult. But think of it like this – YOU’RE THE TROLL. You find a nice thread & you throw the proverbial spanner into the works. Can you imagine how you’d feel if all those on the thread simply carried on as they were exchanging comments, as if you weren’t there? 5,10,15 minutes? How would you feel if no one bites? Like a lost fart in a gasbag! This is the way to handle Trolls. They rely on one thing – your juice.


No Juice

But we know Zionists never stop. Therefore they have to keep trying. However, they’re too smart to continue with the same old parched methods. What doesn’t work they cast aside or modify, as well as incorporate new techniques. We know only too well a considerable sum is put aside to pay students to infiltrate social media sites in order to play as many dirty tricks as possible. I’m going to tell you about a particular one. Beware of this because it happens more often than you think. Yesterday once again I was confronted with this beauty……..


Now this was on my Roger Waters post which has had a phenomenal response. It occurred on my FB wall. My intention was to ignore it because here was a trouble-maker, Troll, call him what you like. GET THIS INTO YOUR HEAD NOW – anyone who asks for references, DOESN’T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT REFERENCES! This person is someone you will never convince otherwise. His goal is to waste you time & drive you mad. It should be self-explanatory but here’s how the conversation proceeded –


My good friend Bill Bailey, who’d actually tagged this man said –

“Michael, please address Brian’s concerns.”

So I thought I’d make myself absolutely clear –

“Bill – I do not have the time to spoon feed every Tom, Dick & Harry who cannot be bothered to do their own research. I know you are a good man & you mean well but believe me, more often than not, this is a ploy by Zionists or those who believe all the Zionist propaganda, just so I waste my time digging up all the references under the sun for them to turn round & say – where’s the proof! This is a tactic they use regularly. I never give these people the time of day because I already know – whatever I provide, whatever evidence I produce, these people have no intention whatsoever to even think about changing their minds. Bill – If I was given £1 for every time someone says “references please” I’d be sweet as a nut!”


In the meantime can you imagine what Mr Reference must have been thinking? At the time, I could have been wrong. There’s always an exception to any rule. The truth is, I’d sussed him out to a tee! So, the guy has a choice – run with his tail between his legs or to try & wangle his way back in by lying & making out he’s a nice guy. He chose the latter. After a few comments from him & others I said –




“If you really cared you’d have tried to make a point of insisting – ‘no. Please. I would like to genuinely learn about this problem.’ I’ve got you lot sussed!”

Now think about this. If you were genuinely trying to learn more, this is the least you’d do. Look at his response –

“You made it a point you weren’t interested in providing your resources. I am a nobody to you therefore you owe me nothing. Since you didn’t want to volunteer the information I was fine with your choice. I beg no one for anything. If you provided the references I would have looked with an open mind but since you opted out I don’t have time to fact check your rant therefore I move on. Have a great day and God Bless you.”

Note: my English is not perfect by any stretch but this is so poor it looks like English is the 2nd language. But the choice of words. Let’s break this down because here we see the hunter now assuming the role of the victim. Now I wonder – who does that for a living? —- ‘I am a nobody’ ‘you owe me nothing’ ‘your choice’ ‘I beg’ ‘I’d have looked with an open mind’ ‘have a great day’ ‘god bless you’

Oooohh please. This all too much. He’s so nice could he actually be Jesus bloody Christ! Bill then tried to explain the situation to him. Ryan Flannery came out with the perfect comment though –

“Brian….You don’t have time to FACT CHECK??!! But you have time for Facebook??!! Doesn’t make any sense at all…”

Brian then proceeded to play Mr Innocent. I wasn’t buying it for a second. I said –

“Thank Bill & Ryan. Think about how Zionists make up cock & bull stories which are given to the media to bombard us night & day – classic example Saddam’s WMD’s. There was never any evidence, just like as they’re doing now with Iran – the Zionist media donate an unchallenged platform to these liars. We never get the chance to ask where’s the proof! Yet these people have the gall to say ‘references!’ DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH! I mean come on – anyone who sides with the most evil state on the planet BY A PROVERBIAL MILE, has got to either be a Zionist trouble-maker or a person with the brains of a rocking horse!”

More bleating proceeded & it was obvious. This was for the sole purpose of making me look like the bad guy, so I felt – okay. let’s offer an apology & ask specifically what he wants. I duly did this only to get this response –

“First question is the first line of your fact. “Nazis fought for much of the time against vastly superior numbers, whereas the IDF for the best part slaughter virtually defenseless people”. (For the record – it’s common knowledge WWII was won & lost on the Russian front. Here the Germans were massively outnumbered. His question of whether the IDF slaughter virtually defenseless people PROVES MY ORIGINAL POINT. If don’t already know this there are two possibilities – YOU’VE BEEN BRAINWASHED OR YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW! Now the brainwashed don’t ask questions like this because they’re brainwashed! This guy has already made up his mind. He’s a trouble-maker. However, the best is yet to come…

“Palestine launches rockets into cities at an enormous rate, take citizens hostage and murder them. So what I am getting is the Israelis have no right defending themselves. And also I find it hard to believe the Germans were out numbered vastly. Even if out numbered they definitely had more technology and better weaponry.” Now, we’ve gone from wanting references to him telling me what’s what! Look at what he says. How can anyone be that dumb to believe such crap? All you have to do is look at the outrageously lopsided casualty statistics & a map to see how much land the Israelis have stolen. I mean take a look at this piece of work! I knew I was right about this rat but NOT LIKE THIS! I sincerely hope everyone can see my point here. Do you honestly think if I’d have wasted my precious time digging up all sorts of articles & videos, this guy would have even looked at them? Some people naturally steamed into him but now he was getting what he wanted. I can’t tell you how this angered me because everyone missed the point – they should have said that he’s been found out. He’s not interested in learning anything! So, fed up, I said –

“I KNEW! He’s already made up his mind believing the biggest load of bullshit & this arsehole expects me to waste my time. Anyone who says “Palestine launches rockets into cities at an enormous rate, take citizens hostage and murder them. So what I am getting is the Israelis have no right defending themselves” – IS A LIAR OR AN IDIOT!”

Needless to say the ‘Mr Nice Guy I’m the victim routine’ went out the window so fast – all of a sudden it was – F— You. You C— the true colors. No one has any right to ask for references. I never asked him to read my piece. Why doesn’t he do his own homework – THAT’S WHAT I DO WHEN I READ SOMETHING I’M NOT SURE ABOUT! If he doesn’t like it, he’s welcome to comment & give his POV. This is not to say people cannot ask me for more information but be specific. I go out my way to respond to every message I receive. Any time anyone comments with a query, I always respond but anyone saying REFERENCES PLEASE? Ask yourself – what kind of talk is this? It smacks of arrogance that typifies those who believe Israel is always right no matter what! Don’t let them fool you.


  • Simon

    Nice one mate.
    Guilty myself of rising to troll bait. But i have always thought along the lines
    you talk about, ignoring them. It is the best way because they do absolutely hate that.
    I don’t always practice what i preach, depends what kind of day i’ve had or what sick things i have
    read about the regarding Zionist mentals recent insane activity.
    But definitely ignore.
    After reading this i have decided, no matter the mood, i will never rise again.
    It’s a total waste of effort anyway.

  • Tresstine Paulsen

    Whenever I come across a Zionist hasbara troll, I simply post:
    Please ignore INSERT NAME”s postings. He is a stone-cold Zionist and cannot be reasoned with.

    It is NOT terribly offensive. I’m just stating fact! Sometimes I even get ‘likes’ on this post.
    Only once did a troll post back….which of course I ignored!

  • Linda Morrison

    Oh dear I rise to the bait every time and not even with anything remotely intelligent! Just a short sharp “moron” or “tosser”. Makes me feel better and I smile while I press send.

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