A lesson to learn: this is not about what you or I do; it’s what the media does.

Much as I use the term ‘Zionist controlled media’ I can’t help but feel people take this term too lightly. From day one I’ve tried to explain, the only way we could be in such a predicament is if the world’s flow of information is controlled. This means every major news outlet – TV, radio, newspapers, magazines & Hollywood, had to be working in unison so that virtually everything people saw, heard or read was indeed controlled by people with the same agenda.

WELL…. IT IS….. & THAT’S WHY WE’RE IN THIS MESS! Make no mistake, all the terrible things that have occurred in the past 100 years, the wars, conflicts, assassinations, false flag events, all the lies…….. there is no possible chance any of this could have occurred had the media been independent & thus free to report the truth.

Yet there’s more to this than meets the eye. What the media DOESN’T do shapes how most of us think as well. We’re being programmed & most of us have no idea. How ironic it is that so many people oblivious to this so readily say ‘don’t believe what you read in the papers!’ The point is, everything the media promotes as well as everything the media ignores has zero to do with chance & all to do with design. Yet all too often we fall into a trap that inadvertently is of the media’s making.


Don't be a rocking horse

On Wednesday I was led to the story of Cecil the lion being unceremoniously killed by an American dentist who’d paid $55,000 to have the opportunity. The next day I wrote a little piece condemning such senseless slaughter. I attached a petition & posted it. Naturally many people voiced their concern while others felt the need to point out that a lot worse was going on in the world. Then last night I came across a caption by Ken Doc II in the group ‘1,000,000 people for 911 TRUTH’ which stated –

A dentist kills a lion and everyone goes nuts; 3 towers collapse from office fires and no one says shit!’ 

I felt something needed to be said –

Comparing the two things is ridiculous. For starters the caption is so off base it beggars belief. To say ‘everyone goes nuts’ is bad enough but then to compound one’s thoughtlessness & claim ‘no one says shit’ about 9/11? YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! How many people have lost their lives & had their careers ruined trying to expose 9/11 for Christ sake. Furthermore the last thing the Zionist controlled media is going to do is let you know just how many people, the untold millions that realize 9/11 was an inside job. To say we don’t give a shit is an insult! Since Zionists planned & executed 9/11, the media’s job has been to make truthers look idiotic. They can’t publicize the truth. Instead of venting your anger on people who rightly are appalled at such mindless slaughter of these great creatures, you should concentrate your wrath on the contemptible US media & politicians.

I only hope people understand the point I’m trying to make here. Having made 10 videos about 9/11 & having become a writer/activist solely because of 9/11, I could quite understand Ken Doc’s frustration, even when I was writing this comment on his thread. This is why I said what I did in the first three paragraphs, ending off with –

all too often we fall into a trap that inadvertently is of the media’s making.

Joe Haley

Thanks to Joe Haley for this caption

Get this into your heads please –

1) The only reason most of us know about the plight of Cecil the lion is because the media decided to publicise the story.

2) Since they had the option of keeping schtum, there’s has to be a definitive reason why this story was given the green light.


4) It’s a subject matter which makes the media look as if they care about issues they know many people do care about. It makes them look normal.

5) But it’s also their way of telling us when & what to get angry about. Why?

6) Because it helps to take people’s eye away from whatever ball they don’t want us to see.

7) They already know – if the story takes off, it will serve to annoy a large portion of activists & Truthers who for some reason feel those who care about Cecil the lion don’t give a shit about 9/11. In other words, this is just another example, a small facet of their overall plan to DIVIDE & CONQUER!

8) If anyone other than those inextricably linked to those who control the entire mass-media had been responsible for 9/11, then we’d have known who really did it, ages ago! The Zionist media is not going to cover up & lie about such a heinous event unless they did it!

9) Therefore, I reiterate what I said at the end of my comment to Ken – re 9/11, since delving anywhere near the truth is potentially nightmarish, the media will impose a blanket boycott on such news. That most definitely includes publicising how untold millions of people are in no doubt 9/11 had to be an inside job. 

10) The moral of the story here is – if you’re aware the media works for the greatest criminals in history, something most activists & Truthers should have no doubt of, then – DON’T FALL INTO THE TRAPS INADVERTENTLY SET BY THE MEDIA!  

The art of mis-direction


  • Simon

    I know so many people who say “Don’t believe what you read in the papers”,
    Yet actually, everything they believe was stuffed into their head via Mainstream Media.
    Moslem/Palestinian terrorists HAS to be the classic example.
    The only strength of belief they have is that they associate with other similar thinking
    people and a lot of people feel safer going with the general consensus. Some people
    can’t bear the thought of ridicule whereas those who KNOW the truth would simply facepalm
    the people ridiculing.
    You get someone on their own and discuss something like ‘owned media’, they will say things like,
    “never thought about it really” or “I suppose it could be possible”, anything which can keep them
    from that insecurity of making themselves seem ignorant. But if the same person was with a load of
    other like minded people and you bought up the same topic, they would jump on the Strength in numbers
    ‘conspiracy theorist’ ridiculing bandwagon.

  • I would say your comment Simon is perfection personified……….generally………

  • pete kiley

    yes all true Michael. My book may interest you.
    THIS IS WHAT THE NEW ZEALAND GOVERNMENT WILL DO TO YOU IF YOU TRY TO SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT, AND COMPLAIN ABOUT CHEMICAL SPRAY ISSUES. http://www.amazon.com/Persecuted-New-Zealand-Migrants-Story/dp/0473178184/ref=pd_rhf_se_p_img_1?ie=UTF8&refRID=1G331BEKZ0NEMH18ASRY
    The St Clair vineyard chemical poisoning of peter kiley sets a precedent here in New Zealand. This is what happened when I stood up for the environment in New Zealand. I am a british citizen with no criminal record, and migrated to new zealand with my then wife and two young daughters in november 1992. We have no relatives here. My two daughters here in new zealand are now aged aged 24 and 27, they have never had a proper upbringing due to this unresolved 19 year issue. We have lost our small Seddon Motor Camp business and my freehold and dept free titles on that business and our home, on issues that were not of our making, effectively loosing my life savings. I now have a $165,000 NZD mortgage for the first time in my life. Neither of my daughters have children, they both live in rental homes in christchurch NZ, and also work there. My youngest daughter has recently informed me that she is expecting twins, which are due this september or october. My daughters mother, namely denise corden ( my ex-wife ) had a nervous breakdown over this issue and went to live in the USA. My girls havent seen her for some 10 years, due to lack of funds. I would like to post you a couple of free CDs of my book, they are in colour, my actual book is in black and white only. http://www.amazon.com/Persecuted-New-Zealand-M…/…/ref=sr_1_1? The opening pages in my books can be freely read through Amazon. My book is not selling, as I believe the powers that be do not want the public to read it, as the truth will hurt them too much. The MDC- Marlborough District Council CEO Bob Penington and the council lawyer Peter Radich both acted with outright malice against us. Both the NZ National and Labour Governments sided with the MDC. A Marlborough Pesticide action group headed by now deceased Gerry Hey put in a $1million compensation claim for us. The MDC threw it out, not giving us anything. Meanwhile my family have been placed in relative poverty due to this unresolved issue.
    http://www.youtube.com/user/stclairspraydrift The result of the st clair vineyard chemical spraydrift onto my property resulted in the poisoning of myself, as confirmed in 2008 by the NZ Government agency ACC, this sets a precedent here in New Zealand. ACC pay me the sum of $35 per week for said poisoning. I also believe my family were also poisoned, but ACC did not pursue their cases. facebook.com/petekileywww

    Contact details. Peter Kiley 17 Nursery Lane Seddon Marlborough New Zealand. EMAIL catherinelouise@xtra.co.nz LANDLINE 64-03-5757778 CELL 027 318 8026 CELL 0210 268 4499 Yours sincerely Peter Kiley.

  • Michael; my book HOW THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE CONTROLS THE WORLD published in 2009 has most of this conversation in print, about 911 (a call for help) based on fear, and the word MEDIA is a Latin word that means “in the middle” yet the MEDIA – as we now know it – means SOCIAL ORDER THROUGH SOCIAL CONTROL. The “Media” is not “in the middle”! The “Media” is all controlled by the Jewish Zionists, especially “Holywood” where the major movies originate. As mentioned in my book many times, “DIVIDE AND CONQUER” is the method of creating all the wars that make the rich even richer. Of all people, I would think you would have read my book.

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