A letter from Jim Condit Jr. about the recent death threats against me.

I was a bit down last week having had two more death threats to add to an ever-bourgeoning list. I mentioned it to a dear friend of mine who is actually helping Jim Condit Jr take on John Boehner for Congress. Talk about David against Goliath. What I’d do to see that toe-rag Boehner take a dive. Wouldn’t it be lovely. Anyway she told Mr Condit & the next thing I knew………..

Dear Michael,

Word has just reached me as to the death threats you have received for your recent posts. I suspect posting the Alex Jones / David Duke debate of August 18, 2015 and the Petition to Arrest Netanyahu for war crimes when he visits London next month may have been the tipping point for the other side. I understand the police have been to your house twice in the past couple of days. This is sure-fire proof that you are hitting a nerve – that you are hitting the enemies of mankind and the Ruling Elite where they have no defense.

What bothers them is that Dr. David Duke insists on educating the world that the backbone of the “New World Order”, etc. is the organized Zionist shadow government, sometimes called Z.O.G (Zionist Occupation government). As all informed people know, this crowd dominates the big news media, the issue of money, secretly counted computerized elections, Hollywood, the US Congress, the US Supreme Court, and the White House.

You might also consider directing your readers to the six-minute tribute to the late Congressman Jim Traficant, which is entitled, “James Traficant – A Tribute.” In this inspiring video, Traficant tells off the US Congress as they were about to expel him in 2002 in the first few minutes, and then tells off Sean Hannity in the last few minutes. Here is a new link as it appears the original video has been pulled down:

RIP Congressman Traficant       

Using his own experience in Congress, Traficant corroborates what Duke says in the Alex Jones interview. Your audience might also want to know that Pat Buchanan called Congress “Israeli occupied territory” on the McLaughlin Group TV show in 1991, as well as his article on the internet, “Who’s War?”, from May, 2003, about who pushed the United States into attacking Iraq under W. Bush.

On top of your regular flow of important articles, I hope these death threats against you serve to confirm to your readers just how valuable your voice is on the worldwide web. I would recommend publishing everything you know about this group, or any other group, which is issuing death threats to try and silence voices who are telling the truth about the “gang” which is stalking people around the globe and “ruining the neighborhood” for everyone else. Think of it as somewhat of an insurance policy.


Jim Condit Jr. for Congress

PS: Michael – I strongly recommend putting up a donate button considering all of the valuable content you have on your site, offered to the public free of charge. Nicky said you were against doing this, but I feel that many people are willing to help support people like yourself who spend their lives trying to educate the public. At least offer people the option to donate.


GC the great!

The letter from Jim cheered me up no end.

Pre June it was all from Facebook. In just over 3 years I received over a dozen, 4 of which I reported to the Police. Incredibly they felt only one deserved a crime number! One such case where I was told no further action would be taken I said to the Policeman ‘would you like it if someone said that to you? How can this not be illegal?’ He said ‘it is!’ So I naturally retorted ‘so why don’t you do something about it? If I was a Jew & the person threatening me was Muslim, do you honestly believe the same thing would happen?’

With FB you could handle it because they can only contact you via messaging. Of course it’s nigh on impossible trying to reason with these people but I’d always go out of my way to let them know they scared me none. I used to ask myself ‘is steam coming out of their ears’ when I felt satisfied I’d block them. One of the worst ones was a guy Named Yuval Shapiro who claimed him & his band of Zionist killers had a list of people they were going to kill. He even gave me the names of two men he had killed – one in Poland; another in Spain. He told me I was on the list & he would be coming round. I said “well let us know & I’ll put the kettle on!” I’ve since heard from a brother of one of those they killed.

However since I’ve started writing on my website I’m now getting it in the ribs via e-mail. This is a different ballgame because it’s not so easy to block them but I knew what I was getting myself into. This is part of the territory. People are always encouraging me by saying ‘well that means you’re doing something right!’ Still considering I detest violence & I’d never dream of harming anyone it’s hard not to think, ‘why the bloody hell are you threatening me you nasty little rat?’

What’s more I’m not doing this for personal gain. I’m doing this because I believe in a sense of fair play – right & wrong. I feel mankind is doomed if good does not triumph over evil. In my heart of hearts I know my criticism of Israel, the Zionists, Western governments, big business & above all, the contemptible media is fundamentally sound. Contrary to what my detractors think I harbor no bias whatsoever. I want the truth. One can’t unravel the whole truth if bias is attached to one’s thought process. I don’t give a damn if the truth hurts. You don’t have to support criminality; that’s what most Israelis do. They have the option to draw the line. The thing is, if my own people the Armenians behaved in a similar fashion as the Zionists, my criticism would be every bit as scathing.

I know my judgement is good because I use my brain. I mull over scenarios, entertain certain theories & I don’t stop until all the dots connect. If there are 100 pieces in a puzzle & one piece doesn’t fit I look upon it thinking ONLY 99 pieces fit. That means the puzzle is like a flawed theory. It has to be discarded. For something to make sense all the pieces have to fit. Naturally the last thing gargantuan crooks want is exposure but as someone once said ‘evil flourishes because good people do nothing.


I have taken the advice of Jim Condit Jr. and others and now have a donate button on my website. If you are interested, please click on the donate button located in the sidebar of my website



Just for the record here’s my run-in with a nasty piece of work named Yuval Shapiro –

YS – Anyone calling for committing another genocide against the Jewish people must be aware that we will find and exterminate our enemies wherever they are. This is not a threat but friendly advise to enjoy the time that you will be allowed to continue your spreading of hatred towards us! In November of 2015 we will publish the names of 4999 enemies of ours and invite you to check out those who will still be around in November 2016. We understand you think it’s a joke, but isn’t jewish humour always based on facts?

It’s amazing to see how a person of Armenian descent can be so antisemetic and hating others who just as Armenians suffered so much in the last century.Since so many of my friends are Armenians, inside and ouside of Armenia, which I have already visited twice and hope to return in August for a third time, God willing.I showed your facebook pages to my Armenian friends here in school in Switzerland.I will spare you what their responses were so as not to antagonize you.You would not believe their comments anyway.As for me I will pray for you so that you may find the truth and stop the hatred.Me and my Jewish friends are doing everything we can to have many countries recognize the GENOCIDE perpetrated against your great and courageous people and in a few places we know we have been able to make the difference.You will find some of the posters on my facebook pages and I can tell you that even my friends in Turkey as well as Turks in Germany, Belgium and Holland reacted and questioned my motives but all of them respected my views and are very much still my friends today.I am not asking anything of you but I wonder what and where your motives and obsession with the Jewish people come from? Stay well, shalom, Yuval.

ME – Listen you little vermin – last time you threatened my life. Well since Zionists are the most evil mass-murderers in history, this is hardly the first time I’ve been threatened. Now you’re trying to make out I’m full of hatred. You’re tactic of trying to falsely instill guilt will go nowhere with me. As far as I’m concerned you are either totally ignorant or more likely, the lowest of the low – a troll who is paid to spread lies & poison. STAY WELL INDEED! You are a disgusting little rat!

YS – so you mixed two of my messages and then posted only one? !!!! and you added antisemetic stuff, such as we only take ? I will indeed what is most precious tou you, in sha Allah i will indeed take !!!!!


YS – with a hot burning iron rod we will f— you up your ass !!!!

ME – What’s it like wanting to murder people?

YS – its not wanting anymore, marcin from lublin , poland was numero uno, then it was the turn of pablo from cadix in spain, and you I will participate personally, that’s a promise !!!!
i will heat up the rod myself !!!!
au chalumeau !!!

ME – Well I’m reporting you to the police you little c—!

YS – Funny, thats exactly what marcin and pablo did as well !!! it looks like it did not save their sorry asses !!!! nor will it change anything to where you are heading for !!!
it was your choice,not mine ! it will only precipitate things !!! i have 16 devoted followers in school !

ME – Good.

YS – If I say, shove it up your ass, they will shove it up your ass !!!! and no MI6 can or will be able to do anything about it !!!! scotland yard always look the other way when they know what we are planning !!! swiss police already came 9 times to our school !!! now they don’t bother anymore !!! once they even came accompanied by spanish police and left after 25 minutes never to come back !!! go to yerevan, there I will not look for you, I promise !!!!

ME – I’m staying right here arsehole

YS – suit yourself !!!! hatten garden?

ME – Personally I don’t know what you’re so pissed off about. I know this is what you bastards do. You are mass-murdering lying scum!

YS – yes we are young turks !!!! hatton garden? you go home on the tube? Choose an eye !!!!!


He then copied & pasted my post about Gilad Atzmon’s article about Greville Janner –
Oskar Groening, the so-called Accountant of Auschwitz, goes on trial at the age of 93 for his complicity in war crimes. Meanwhile – Greville Janner, a known paedophile who molested at least 9 boys in his Leicestershire constituency, is excused prosecution because at the age of 86, he’s suffering from ‘severe dementia’.
I’d say this evil little wretch is afflicted with a whole lot more than that! Of course this piece of filth never had dementia 30 years ago when those he’d abused first began signing sworn affadavits to the Police. If it was you or me, no way in hell could we have escaped justice.
So why does the letter of the law apply to us but not this vermin? As Atzmon says Janner is no ordinary Jew. Among other things he was dominant in the field of holocaust education. (Yeah. More bollocks)! He is clearly concerned with Jewish suffering but apparently dismissive of the shoah he is accused of inflicting on minor boys at the same time he represented British Jews.
As far as I’m concerned, the more we allow Jews or Zionists to possess this ungodly level of influence, the greater the price we will pay. And before all you deluded morons defend this deceitful perversion by accusing me of hating Jews, I DON’T WANT ANY GROUP OF PEOPLE, EVEN ARMENIANS, USURPING POWER & AUTHORITY THROUGH THE KIND OF DECEIT, BRIBERY & COERCION YOU LOT ARE REKNOWN FOR! THIS IS OUR COUNTRY! IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT HERE, PISS OFF!


YS – right or left eye?

ME – Did you like that post?

YS – yes i did, it took away my last doubts about locating you whenever we will be ready !!!

ME – Good. I’ll put the kettle on for you.

YS – i had exactly the same thing happen to me when chatting with marcin, until he sent me a picture of some guy who did not survive treblinka ! thats when I knew I could and would be the last person he would see while breathing for the last time !!!

ME – So do you kill people for a living or do you just like doing that sort of thing?

YS – I am 16 years old, and I do it because I promised my grandfather I would with my friends avenge the murder of his dad!

ME – I never had anything to do with that! In fact I’ve never hurt anyone in my whole entire life. I deplore violence. How can you talk about hatred when your own heart is so full of it?

YS – sorry but I see no difference in marcin,pablos or your antisemitism except that you are twice their age and that I have many Armenian terrific friends and not one Polish !!!!
murdering a polish stinking drunk antijewish bastard was easy !
its a different ballgame with an armenian, but you have been very helpful i must say !

ME – Well maybe that’s because you have difficulty in understanding what justifiable criticism is as opposed to blind hatred which you are clearly consumed by. You say what I write is anti-semitic but the truth is I have many Jewish friends that do not think as you do. I’m against evil – that’s all. If you wish to construe this as hatred then there’s nothing I can do about that.
And there’s no way you are 16 – so cut that crap!

YS – indeeed there is nothing you can do about it anymore ! you blew your chances, only yerevan can save you ! i turned 16 in december ! check with my school ! you think i am younger? or older?

ME – If you say so. I blew nothing – if you want to go round saying you wish to commit murder then what can I say apart from the fact you are sick

YS – i admit I am !

ME – And you think you are serving good Jewish people this way, by murdering anyone who disagrees with you?

YS – i don’t care about anyone ! I know that your postings and friends such as atzmon and david evans are enough proof that you have decided to become an enemy of the jewish people, your tough luck is that i was brought up with the idea that we must and will eliminate our enemies to the last man ! and you are one of them ! you can die of old age in yerevan in your bed ! in the uk you will be impaled with a hot burning iron rod up your ass after losing an eye !!!!

ME – Yes. In other words I can see by what you’re saying that everything I have ever said is true. You lot really are mad as well as inherently evil. The sad thing is, if you Zionists end up killing all the multi-millions of people you want to kill, you will inevitably end up destroying yourselves. Evil can never win & you are evil through & through. There’s no point in even saying you should be ashamed of yourself because you’ve had this seething hatred bred in you. You’re taught this from an early age. You’re all stark raving mad!

PS: Considering how nasty he was to my good self I thought I’d be damned if I was going to correct all his errors. I think he needs to stay in school. Incidentally, after I blocked him two more SHAPIRO’S, Yoav & Leonard tried to cause me grief but I blocked them straight away, though not before I checked out one of their profiles just to see if these vermin were linked. Sure enough, the theme all over his page was REVENGE! Unbelievable. As if these people haven’t caused enough pain & suffering?


Another one I received via e-mail just the other day from a Brian Mueller regarding a post about 9/11


I was there in New York City. I was there to watch these planes ram these buildings. Your a fucking whack job. I have multiple degrees in science and physics. Yes with that much force it is possible to crush anything to dust and debris at ground level. We are also talking about older, chemicals and building materials.

If you think the United States needed a reason to go to war with anyone on this earth, your nuts. Destroy own buildings….

Fucking whack jobs who spread this garbage will one day be hung from the bridges of New York. Upside down till they die.

You are nuts. With an agenda, you have against jews. I’m not jewish nor do I DEFEND THEM.

We are watching you, your family, and your home. Remember we have the bridge for you..


You’ve got no degrees. You’re too dumb. People who have multiple degrees don’t go round threatening to kill the entire family of people who disagree with them. I will be reporting you to the police right now. I want it to go on record.

By the way – I’ve never been scared of cowardly scumbags like you. I know everything you said is a lie. You have no degrees because any expert in Physics knows that Kerosene fuel cannot compromise grade A steel. Expert in science & physics? And you don’t know what a controlled demolition looks like? Give me a break. 
If you’re a Zionist murderer say so dickhead. I don’t give a shit. I know sooner or later some coward like you will kill me. I don’t care. I’ve had a good life. The mere thought of letting a vermin like you unsettle me would make me want to throw up.
If you thought you could scare me – didn’t you do a good job!


  • denis mcgreevy

    Whats this little fkn pricks email address michael?

  • Nicky Nelson

    This is truly scary Michael. I am glad you finally made some of these threats public. Thank you for all you do in the name of truth and justice! 🙂

  • Stephen Bee

    You have my full support also Michael…I share all your posts in my circle of friends and they pass them on also…Stay safe..you’re starting to win a lot more hearts and minds and the BDS moverment is causing lots of financial harm to the zionists…:-)

    • Thanks Stephen. – though we’ve still got a load of people to convince for a while now I’ve sensed the Zionists feel they’re losing their grip. Sure they still have all the power with all the politicians & media in their pockets but they’re losing the people hand over fist. Thanks for reminding me to do another plug for the BDS movement too 🙂

  • Naseer

    First, the clouds that mostly make noise, just make noise, and don’t make much rain.

    So the threatened person should not take it too much on himself. However ! I would appreciate if he/she can create arbitrary identities and continue to work through that. Safety and survivability should be the first and prime objective. Whatever can be done, should be done.

    Also, one way to conceal the identities is to use PROXY servers, and encrypted channels like UltraSurf, China-Proxy etc. In that way, a person who is trying to track you down, cannot get the real IP address that you have been allocated. Instead he gets an IP address in another country.

    Needless to say, the person is doing a great job. May God reward him/her.

  • Sam

    Hi Michael,
    Sounds exactly like a schoolboy to me mate, full of shit, weedy little virgin, 16 devoted followers, not even on Twitter you cuuuuunt hahaha as for the red hot poker fixation, I think Freud would have a thing or two to say about that!

    • What amazes me Sam is how these people have been brought up not just to be deluded as they are but to have an ungodly capacity to vehemently blame others of what they specialise in doing – spewing out hate. And thank you so much for your generosity Sam.

  • Simon

    Shapiro has threatened loads of people.
    I heard about him threatening people and blocked him after a friend request.
    I also saw some guy in a group telling how his brother was killed by the trash.
    Being super suspicious minded i straight away wondered if he was a stooge,
    there to make an empty threat seem more real. But then if he was genuine i
    would feel like a pile of crap. But you know how careful you have to be with
    trusting anyone if you decide to air the psychotic ways of the Zionist.
    If that psychotic loser Shapiro killed those people and he admitted it and even gave
    names, why would he still be free?
    This post should be shared widely. Not only as incrimination but to let people who
    think we are ‘conspiracy theorists’ realise that we are treading on peoples toes, and
    they do not like it.
    I know you are fully aware of the risks of doing what you do and i think you are a
    very brave man. Utmost respect Michael.

    • Simon

      One more thing.
      If someone was accusing you, me or anyone of something we were simply not guilty of,
      I don’t know about you but i would just laugh at them. Tell them to do their worst etc etc.
      Any doubters of the sick Zionist entitys agenda should surely see this!?

    • Very interesting Simon. This guy Lothar Hess claimed his brother was killed by Shapiro. Apparently 7 guys battered him to death with baseball bats. As arrogant as Zionists are, I didn’t buy it. killers don’t publicise their work. Then a few days later I got a friend request from Lothar Hess. I thought shall I let him in & see what transpires? Then yesterday I made this post. At the end of the night I thought – right. Let’s accept his request & lo & behold Lothar Hess was no more. Not only had his request disappeared which in itself is a rarity but any trace of the guy had vanished. I now believe this was one of the Shapiro gang & they were trying to make some sort of move. Note how FB allows all this.

  • BTW: No One Can Silence Michael Aydinian!
    (With a nod to Lord Byron)

    The Aydinian came down like the wolf on the fold,
    And his cohorts were gleaming in purple and gold;
    And the sheen from his words were like stars on the sea,
    When the blue wave rolls nightly on deep Galilee.

    Like the leaves of the forest when Summer is green,
    Our host with his truth at sunset was seen:
    Like the leaves of the forest when Autumn hath blown,
    His opponents on the morrow lay withered and strown.

    For the Angel of Wrath spread his wings on the blast,
    And breathed in the face of the foe as he passed;
    And the eyes of the zionists waxed deadly and chill,
    And their hearts but once heaved, and for ever grew still!

    And there lay the Bibi with his nostril all wide,
    But through it there rolled not the breath of his pride;
    And the foam of his gasping lay white on the turf,
    And cold as the spray of the rock-beating surf.

    And there lay the psycho distorted and pale,
    With the dew on his brow, and the rust on his mail:
    And the tents were all silent, the bullshit alone,
    The lances unlifted, their trumpets unblown.

    And the widows of Khazar are loud in their wail,
    And their idols are broke in the temple of FAIL;
    And the might of the Psychopath, unsmote by his word,
    Hath melted like snow through his pen as sword!

    • Jonathan – what can I say? That is brilliant. I’ve never been a great fan of poetry but I do like the line by Alfred Lord Tennyson.- “My strength is the strength of 10…….. because my heart is pure!”

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