A message from President-elect Donald Trump

If Trump turns out to be another puppet then so-be-it! We had to stop Hillary, period. At the very worst we’ve at least bought ourselves some time. Hillary wasn’t just a Zionist puppet; she would have been the best puppet they ever had! It amazed me no end how so many of my ex-friends construed this stance as me being a die-hard Donald Trump supporter. More astonishing is the fact so many people still believe Trump is very much part of the despised establishment. I maintain you’re ALL wrong & I really do feel I’m going to be proved right. I also know if this turns out to be the case, countless folk will suffer a serious case of Amnesia!


Well, truth is….. the TTIP is all but dead & buried! Therefore, I’M ALREADY A BIG FAN….. & quite frankly, how people fail to recognise this as a major step in the right direction is beyond me. The TTIP would have been the coup-de-gras for big business. They wanted this more than anything. Adding oil to the fire was the fact the media kept this whole crooked shebang well under wraps. It would have been a total disaster for us! Trump is about to put the final nail in its coffin. It may not be a complete game-changer BUT IT’S DAMN CLOSE!


Let’s however, never forget that after JFK’s assassination, how each & every one of his policies miraculously effected a 180 degree about turn. My only real concern is whether Trump is able to do what the Israelis always claim they’re supposedly doing – DEFENDING THEMSELVES! Trump must make sure the Zionists never get to him.


What we also must bear in mind is Trump is literally surrounded by politicians who have already been bought off by AIPAC, the ADL & other Zionist lobbies. Therefore, stop worrying about who he appoints. It is inevitable he will have members of his cabinet who’ve already received lumpy backhanders to continually say ‘IRAN IS THIS; IRAN IS THAT!’ The truth is Iran hasn’t attacked any country for 220 years! Trump also knows if he wants to make any deal with Russia then leaving Iran be, will be at the top of the agenda.


Another great piece of news is right here –
Trump starts new YouTube channel to combat fake news – 
Check out this clip (2.37)


Trump starts new YouTube channel to combat fake news









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    Thank you for sharing Michael. I can only hope our President elect dusts off the technology that has been hidden and put on the back burner by his predecessors and their corporate friends. Seeing TTIP withdrawn from is a good start though.

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