A Most Virulent Carcinogenic Strain is Running through Mankind – It’s Called Rothschild Zionism.

Often when I say Western politicians & the entire corporate media – TV, Radio, Newspapers, magazines & of course Hollywood itself are virtually all controlled by Zionists, I’m greeted with howls of derision – ‘oh how could they control every media outlet!’ What people don’t realise THIS IS POLICY! It is very much part of an ongoing process. Positions of importance are filled by those who are under the Zionist payroll, people like James Purnell. the BBC’s, get this – Director of Strategy. This awful little vermin is a self-confessed Zionist. He wouldn’t have got this job if he wasn’t. As time goes by, major outlets are purchased or corrupted because each & every position is taken up by them. This has been going on for over 200 years.




Waiting for the UN


Moreover, recently the BBC paid off a number of high-ranking individuals who’d expressed their disgust at the way the BBC became a haven for Pedophiles. Our money was effectively used to buy their silence. Needless to say, their places were taken up by those who were perfectly happy to be well-paid whores. Even though the BBC hasn’t quite reached fully-fledged gutter status Murdoch’s News International & Wolf Blitzer’s CNN is now well accustomed to, it is no surprise the BBC’s credibility has all but evaporated. 


Pure Evil


But what about the Justice system? The greatest crooks in history – mass-murderers like Netanyahu, war criminal like Bush, Cheney & Blair, the most outrageous fraudsters ever in the banking industry are being allowed to continue to steal even more. The police don’t prosecute known Pedophiles; inquiries are nothing but smokescreens & cover ups; even professors of physics who flat out say the official account of 9/11 is impossible, the UN merely acts as a launch pad for this vile man Cameron to say he wants to eradicate 9/11 Truthers. What has happened to our justice system? It too has been infected with this virulent carcinogenic strain of Zionism. Here’s my latest piece for Whatsupic – 



Business & violence!



  • Eva Nielsen


    • Sam

      🎶Read all about it, Read all about it, Jews of the world! Jews of the world!🎶

    • Sam

      Another great article Michael, I’ll share it around! On another note, whilst I agree Corbyn seems to be a man of the utmost integrity, I am starting to worry that he may be being used to corral the left…..what do you think of his Fabian society connections? They seem a very NWOish organization to me…

      • Thanks Sam. Much appreciated though I’m still fuming about that guy yesterday. I cannot stand people who talk without having any idea of the facts & that’s what my position is with Corbyn as regards to his Fabian society connections.. What I do know is the subjects he’s fought for over the last 32 years – against war, pro Palestinian & believes that the rich are taking the piss. For me these are the 3 most important policies. I actually don’t care about any thing else so long as Corbyn sticks to these 3 things. Bear in mind, in our formative years, we’re all looking to find our feet & the would-be politician/activist among us will go through a phase where one will look back & think WHAT WAS I THINKING OF? Look at David Duke. In his early days he was a member of the KKK. Does he regret that now? Well I’m sure if he’s asked that question he’d say yes but then all those who want to put him down will say ‘he’s just saying that!’ Bear in mind too the people who most slag him off are Zionists who are by far & away the most racist people on the planet. The thing is, ever since Duke left the KKK all he has done is highlight the true injustices & the heart of all the world’s problems is Zionism. Therefore I ignore the hue & cry. I judge a person by their actions; not by what people want to think. I suppose i should ask if Corbyn is still a member of the Fabian society & when he joined but what power do they have anyway. Ultimately Sam, two things – out of all the other candidates I would have chosen Corbyn in a heartbeat, even if he was the leader of the Fabian society. Secondly the very fact Corbyn was literally gang-raped by the establishment, both parties & the Zionist controlled media tells me HE’S THE RIGHT MAN! Whatever worry you may have I believe could have been subliminally installed because this is exactly what they are going to try to do. Just keep asking yourself – why are they attacking him so?

  • Rob2

    Google “The Hidden History of the Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia” by Preston James, PhD and you will get the answers.

    • Rob2 – I do believe I posted that or something similar a couple of months ago. Thanks ever so much Rob because so much of their history has been excised from the History books. I got most my information from Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s book “200 Years Together” which has been banned but not because the book itself requires a government .health warning. Also the speeches by Benjamin Freedman & Myron Fagan in 1961 & 67 respectively – two Jews who tried their damnedest to warn the world of this Zionist cancer. If you really want to know the truth doing some research is essential. Only then can people understand who’s really behind all this mayhem. US Presidents & UK Prime Ministers are merely puppets for the Rothschild Zionist plan. Their goal is to reduce world population to well under a billion & to ultimately become despotic lords of the planet.

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