A Palestinian home is fire-bombed. An 18 month old infant dies but Netanyahu, the IDF & most significantly, the media call this “Jewish terror!” DO I SMELL A VERY LARGE RAT!

I switched on the computer this morning to see a few messages with links regarding the horrific fire-bomb attack in the West Bank village of Douma where an 18 month old Palestinian infant was burned to death & three of his family members were seriously wounded last night. Throughout the day, I received more of the same, often accompanied with the plea – ‘you’ve got to write about this.’




Being told this is not so uncommon & to be honest my initial thought was – 9 months ago Netanyahu couldn’t wait to send his state-of-the-art US tanks into a largely defenseless Gaza resulting in the death of 2200 Palestinians, the vast majority civilians, some 600 being children. Moreover, it’s common knowledge the IDF use Palestinian kids for target practice. Every other day there are reports of yet another unarmed Palestinian being killed either by settlers or the IDF. So I switch on the TV & put on RT & sure enough, they were running the story. Why’s everyone going overboard on this? Then I heard –

the Israeli military called the attack “Jewish terror,” while Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu & other Israeli officials echoed the claim, vehemently condemning the attack.


I thought – YOU WHAT? What the hell is this crap? Did I say anything that was out of order about Netanyahu or the IDF regarding their track record? NO POSSIBLE WAY! So, how the hell does this make any sense? So I set about constructing my first post of the day which involved the inns & outs of media control where I warned people not to fall into the traps that the media either deliberately or inadvertently set. Little did I know the answer was staring at me squarely in the face.


How many times have I said whatever the media tells us believe the opposite? How many times? Obviously, the indisputable fact is Zionists own the media. Therefore it’s nigh on impossible they’re ever going to say anything detrimental about themselves. In fact, you can be sure everything is designed to be as beneficial as possible for them. When it hit me I couldn’t believe it ……. the answer to the conundrum is in the phrase…….


I thought, er hello. Wakey, wakey! NOW IT ALL MAKES SENSE! JEWISH TERROR MY ARSE! But of course – THIS COULD NEVER BE PUT DOWN AS ZIONIST TERROR, even though 90% of Israelis are Ashkenazi Zionists. You can be sure the settlers responsible for this outrageous act are as hard line as Zionists can possibly be….. but not only does Netanyahu & the heinous IDF shamefully try to pick up Brownie points as if they give two shits for the poor family that’s been brutalised, the Zionist controlled media dutifully donates the shame straight into the laps of Jews. 


If you’re not thinking what I’m thinking then ask yourself again – why the emphasis on Jewish terror? No Jews were involved. Netanyahu knows it & so does the contemptible media. So why do this?

Because they want Jews to be attacked, most especially in England, Canada, France & Germany where their Zionist puppets have already been instructed & are now being urged to usher in legislation they badly need, legislation that’s an affront to our democratic rights. Cameron has already hinted he wants to bring in laws criminalising criticism of Israel.


We all know this is on the agenda but they know very few people are in favor of any more erosion to our civil liberties. This is a classic Zionist media move – they’re deliberately enticing violence on Jews. I believe this ploy to create a climate of anti-Semitism will produce the desired result naturally or open the way for a false flag that will be blamed on Islamic extremists. Either way – I SMELL A VERY LARGE RAT! JEWISH TERROR MY ARSE!


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