A Plea by an American in an Open Letter To Senator Harry Reid re: Gaza

In just 10 minutes John Barbour SAYS IT ALL! And I thought I had a way with words. This is perfect because everything he says is 100% on the mark. This is not a Jewish problem; it’s a Zionist one & these people are not even from the Middle East! Spread far & wide & thank you Barbara Durant for sending me this link & Sophie Lamontagne for the caption.









We Kill Children


  • Halo

    I’m pretty sure Jews are totally different from zionism !!! Zionism those are came from amarica uk and east Europe and all over the world to Palestine and they Destroyed the country and makes anger between the the people of the land all together!!! That’s really unfair if not the Really true Jews they don’t like the corrupt government of Israel which is zionism , but ALLAH no gonna accept that ALLAH will revenge them any time .

    • eevie

      The real jews are found in Yemen and are being nuked by Israel via the US. Neutron bombs. I’ve seen footage.

    • I wonder – is there some sort of time limit for Allah to finally spring into action because for years I see so many people saying this & nothing ever happens except Israel going from strength to strength while Arabs & Muslims are being slaughtered. Is there any chance that Allah may be pushed aside to perhaps allow common sense to take hold so that Arabs might be able to finally present a united front. Allah’s had his or her shot!

  • Linda

    Holy shit Michael that guy was amazing! Thanks for that! I’m not religious in the slightest but take away faith from Palestine and they are left with nothing to hold on to. Get your point tho.

    • You’re most welcome Linda – I’m the same – I have no time for religion either. I wasn’t being sarcastic. I know people will think I was but merely saying some almighty being is will do this or that is ridiculous. But the guy in the video was great.

  • Lapsedmethodist

    ” these people are not even from the Middle East! ”

    In actual fact by 1953 over 800,000 Jewish refugees from Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Algeria, Libya and Yemen had arrived in Israel with 200,000 going to Europe and America. They’re called Mizrahi Jews and they’ve never come from anywhere other than the Middle East. They now, by natural goeth and intermarriage , make up over half of the population of Israel.

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