A proper update on the Orlando shooting

It seems getting people to realise these alleged terror attacks are actually false flags events organised by the true & as yet unpunished conspirators behind 9/11 is infinitely harder than convincing people 9/11 was an inside job. Not surprising for 9/11 by it’s sheer magnitude set itself apart. But with so much happening that day, with so many eye-witnesses & much of it captured on TV, if there were any glaring discrepancies in the official account, people with just basic analytical skills, sooner or later were bound to spot them. I’ve said it many times – only Zionists, the brainless & the bone idle don’t realise or accept 9/11 was an inside job.
I want to get one thing straight – mass killings aren’t all false flags for there are bound to be random acts of madness, as I pointed out yesterday – Anders Breivik massacred 77; Andreas Lubitz murdered 149 when he crashed Germanwings Flight 4U9525 into the French Alps. I made the point too, since Muslims weren’t involved, the media were unable to plant a terrorist spin upon these wretched events, though initially they tried to make out Lubitz, who was Jewish, had converted to Islam. Naturally when they saw this was a bridge too far they dropped it sharpish. So in my opinion, one would be negligent not to question the media’s actions.
Before I point out what the media should be doing, events like Aurora, Sandy Hook, Boston bombing, San Bernardino, Charlie Hebdo, the Paris & Brussels attacks & now Orlando can be split into two groups for there are two agendas –

1) GUN CONTROL ie they want to disarm you so they can do what the hell they like – Aurora, Sandy Hook, Boston bombing, San Bernardino & Orlando….

2) THE CREATION OF GREATER ISRAEL ie they need to keep bombing & destroying all the countries Israel wants neutralised in order to take control of the entire Middle East – Charlie Hebdo, the Paris & Brussels attacks.

So let’s examine this: For sure, if these attacks are engineered, the protagonists have everything in their favor because just like with 9/11, the media is simply not doing their job.
1) No real questions are being asked. How, after all, with all this heightened security, phone-tapping & email spying by the NSA, these acts are occurring at will?
2) To make matters worse, we’re constantly being told that more of these acts are going to occur. That sniveling little rat Mark Rubio couldn’t wait to tell us this! So we’ve been fighting terrorism for 15 years & from where I’m sitting, it looks like we’re making things worse! Aren’t good folk entitled to question when the media will finally ask the world’s most obvious question – ‘perhaps this war on terror is backfiring on us big time?’ I’ll answer that! THEY NEVER WILL!
3) Immediately, whenever an eye-witness says the ‘wrong’ thing, the media impose a blanket boycott on that story. Case in point – 
Thanks to Amanda Blackmon Zarovsky & Sydni Satterlund for this link. Watch both video clips & you will see there’s a lot more to this Orlando shooting than meets the eye –
4) Even if this guy is lying, why doesn’t the media report this? Of course this boy’s telling the truth. He has no reason to lie, whereas the media has every reason! There was more than one person involved & some bastard was making sure no one could get in or out! This is potentially a barnstormer & anyone who dismisses this out of hand is not only an idiot of colossal proportions but a person who really doesn’t give a shit about the victims. This is fake sorrow designed to make other fools think you care. 
5) Yesterday as soon as I heard the BBC say Omar Mateen, a US national of Afghan origin & THEN SAY ISLAMIC STATE ALSO CLAIMED RESPONSIBILITY, I thought ‘WHOOPS! HERE WE GO!’ Honestly, I swear, if I had a 10 year old who straight away didn’t think ‘hold the bleedin’ phone’, I’d honestly feel my wife was up to no good & I was raising a child that wasn’t mine! Look. Joking aside, you don’t need any evidence. You’ve simply got to question this. White supremacist Anders Breivik slaughters 77 people & the media never once utlised the words ‘white bastard terrorist scum!’ Mateen allegedly massacres 50 & the words ISLAMIC STATE is plastered on the screen. Now just to set the record straight – I do not want to live under any bloody religion. I hate all religion. So any prize twat out there who thinks I’m a lover of Islam, before you even open your mouth, stick that in your pipe!
6) So if you can’t see how the Zionist controlled media is chomping at the bit to make people hate Muslims, then you have the brains of a rocking horse. And yes. I’m afraid to say that includes all those who gathered in solidarity at Covent Garden in London. You lot are exactly what these mass-murderers need!
7) Mike McCoy made a good point – reports described the shooting as sounding like a fully automatic assault gun. The Police somehow were able to confirm the shooter bought the guns legally. Mike though reliably informs me fully automatic weapons are not legal. One cannot buy them normally. Again, if you can’t see this is all designed to make people accept gun laws that would be an affront to the 2nd Amendment then you’re blind & that includes Cenk Uygar of the Young Turks!
8) Julian Short also made a good point – “why haven’t they released the 911 call?” Damn right! It’s all well & good the media telling us Omar Mateen phoned the Police just to let them know he was inextricably linked to Islamic state. Well. Okay. If he did PLAY US THE GODDAMN TAPE & THEN WHILE YOU’RE AT IT, GET HIS FAMILY & FRIENDS TO CONFIRM THIS WAS HIM ON THE DOG & BONE! This is anything but too much to ask & anyone who thinks any different…… rocking horse!
9) Thanks to Sydni Satterlund & Simon King for this clip which shows the media is part & parcel of the whole coup. Why cut this guy off? He was an eye-witness. What more do you want. Of course, the only way one can make any sense of this is if one accepts there’s a hidden agenda here…..


10) Many others pointed out there was the question of why the Cops waited 3 hours?
11) Isn’t it fair to say even if all we’ve been told about 9/11 is true the fact is, all these years later the US military remains in Afghanistan. I know Hollywood uses the word ‘payback’ with unerring regularity but isn’t this getting a bit ridiculous? So, I think I have every right in asking when is the media ever going to say AREN’T WE ASKING FOR THIS?

From where I’m sitting – we’re not fighting terrorism. WE’RE DOING OUR LEVEL BEST TO CREATE IT! 

12) Where are all the ambulances. Where’s all the footage of the dead & injured being carried out? I’m sorry but this just doesn’t hang right – 50 dead & 53 injured! WHERE ARE ALL THE GODDAMN PARAMEDICS? THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE as this guy in the video so rightly points out……


It should be common knowledge who owns the mass-media. The problem for us is as I said years ago, the Zionist have goodness knows how many cracks at the whip. After the Aurora shooting I said, prepare for ever more of these senseless shootings because – IF NO ONE STOPS THE ZIONISTS, THEY WILL NOT STOP! We passed the point of no return with 9/11. This is the key because once you realise it was a Zionist operation everything falls neatly into place. They will not stop because they cannot! If they have their way I’m in no doubt they will wipe out whoever they want & do so without battering an eyelid. Whether we can do enough to stop them is the million dollar question. I feel there are 3 crucial factors –


1) We need to get the Police & the military on our side. This is becoming increasingly problematic because Western traitors for the Zionist cause have naturally made sure all good men holding prominent posts in the military & Police have had to make way for traitors who’ll do whatever they’re told! 
2) Unless we can somehow break down the control they have over the flow of information, it’s difficult to see how we can make the essential breakthrough. While we talk even the Internet is increasingly coming under their grasp. Their assault is relentless because it has to be. They know they’re losing mainstream viewers hand over fist so it is imperative for them to lock down the Internet. I know they’re doing one hell of a job making sure as few people as possible read what I have to say. Zionists despise the very idea of freedom of speech!
3) However, the 3rd & final factor I believe will be the game-changer. As I said earlier, all these events in America are for one reason – THEY WANT YOUR GUNS! Why? Because they want to be able to kill you & me. That’s the long & the short of it!  


As knackered as I am I feel compelled to elaborate on this. Remember when this urge to take your guns started with that evil Zionist bitch Diane Feinstein? What happened to her? One minute she was the flavor of the month; next minute the media never mentioned her name again! Don’t you think they know how much Americans hated her? This traitor & her family is guarded 24 hours a day by armed bodygaurds, ALL AT YOUR EXPENSE & this Zionist piece of trash wants to strip you lot bare!
Think! What happened right after it became obvious to the bullshitters on Capitol Hill & the media that the public weren’t buying their crap about gun control? It was wallop – AURORA! SANDY HOOK! THE BOSTON BOMBING! SAN BERNARDINO – one after the other. Remember, this didn’t happen after 9/11. It happened right after they wanted your guns & they knew they had to do more. THIS IS WHY ALL THESE EVENTS ARE ZIONIST FALSE FLAGS! IT’S SO OBVIOUS I CAN’T BELIEVE HOW PEOPLE ARE FALLING FOR IT!


I’ll finish off by saying what I said 5 years ago – Now I care for you lot because I know you’re good people. I lived in America for a year & I can honestly say I had the time of my life. Fun-loving, hospitable & you dig having a good time! Thing is, I’ve got selfish reasons right now – AMERICA! IF YOU GO; WE GO! Now as much as I hate violence & detest all weaponry, the situation today demands one thing –

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WHATSOEVER MUST YOU SURRENDER YOUR WEAPONS! ANY ATTEMPT TO STRIP YOU OF YOUR 2nd AMENDMENT RIGHTS SHOULD BE REGARDED AS AN ACT OF WAR! While you have weapons there’s a limit to what they can do. We must never forget we have the one thing they don’t have – STRENGTH IN NUMBERS!






    • Aaahh you got me there Jack. You know what I meant when I said strength in numbers. Your strength in numbers is not quite the same as my strength in numbers but when I retire, if I retire, the first book I will read is yours! Right now I simply don’t have the time x

  • People don’t like the idea of the killer(s) having illegally obtained a gun nor illegally modified one.

    Does anyone know why many people don’t like that fact, if it is true? Do you people know why some people will argue about it being an automatic weapon and that the guy speaking in the video is lying?

    I can tell you why very easily.

    Many people want to ban or heavily restrict guns. No surprise there. Those with such a agenda can’t use this incident for their agenda if the guns were illegal or illegally obtained/made. That’s also ONE of the many reasons the media and certain people in government would say he is lying and hide such facts. They need the guns to be legal and how he got them to be legal to use this for their drum beating.

    • Thane – I can’t thank you enough mate because the point you’re making here is absolutely crucial because not only does it show they’re blatantly lying but it reveals their agenda. THEY WANT TO HAVE ALL THE WEAPONS UNDER THE SUN BUT WOE BETIDE IF WE HAVE ANYTHING THAT CAN DO SOME SERIOUS DAMAGE! From where I’m sitting they want to disarm Americans step by step. As much as I detest violence & hate all guns, such is the dire predicament we are in, in that we have the greatest crooks on the planet governing us, Americans cannot afford to give way on but one step! And just to show all those idiots out there who think I’m a paranoid rambler – THESE ARE THE FACTS THE MEDIA NEVER MENTION – 99% of gun crime in America is committed by those who ILLEGALLY POSSESS WEAPONS! This says it all because any legislation that is passed will effectively only apply to those who obey the law. Therefore it will have virtually no effect on gun crime! WHY DOESN’T THE MEDIA EVER TELL YOU THIS? This is not rocket science. If you cannot see this then you simply haven’t got a decent brain. You’ve watched too much TV!

  • Steve

    After every massacre comes the sad loners crying ‘Hoax’. Underneath all the above tumble of words – there is nothing that could count as even a suspicion that this event was soehow staged. The only interesting thing is why people would prefer to think of these real bloody killings as ‘not really happening.’
    Perhaps it’s because the hoaxers are so emotionally stunted and isolated from other people that they just don’t really care and so use the events as fodder for there sad imaginations.
    Perhaps they can’t really grasp the true nature of their own society – a violent unequal hard edged losers-die social place rammed full of readily available guns.
    You hoaxers need to connect to other people in real life – or who knows you might be the next ones to crack and go out on a mindless shooting spree.
    Just drop it for fuck’s sake. You’re making lame ass dickheads of yourselves;

    • “Steve” – I have no idea where you live but what I do know is you are one stupid, rat faced tool of the very people who have created this false flag, rubbish “terror’attack.
      Because no one with one brain cell would after all these years come up with such lame and inexcusable rationale that ‘everyone else who reads this article or goes along in any way is deluded.
      You are the deluded one.
      Even that is not correct as you are simply a trouble maker with piss and crap coming out of your orifices various.

      If however you are a simpleton, then why are you here in the first place. If you are a troll we need not answer that.
      Go shit elsewhere and keep your delusional self out of intelligent debate and investigation.

      I have just taken down the Vatican fools so do not incite me to waste time on the likes of you.

    • Sam

      We hoaxers? You are talking to people who know more than you about virtually every subject Steve, educated and seasoned citizens of the world, you ever read anything of operation Gladio? You ever stop to think cui Bono? You ever notice recurring themes in these latest attacks? Did you ever put any effort in at all?? No, you just lap up all the shit they feed you don’t you? Well, we don’t need your input matey, please keep away from the grown-ups we have important things to discuss! We don’t prefer to think these events are not really happening, you dipshit, It’s not escapism, the Muslem bogeyman isn’t coming to get you, it’s much worse as you would know if you had any idea what is going on in the world at all, you deserve what is coming Steve, it’s made for you….

      • The great Sam in on the act too & no surprise hitting the nail on the head – love the line “You are talking to people who know more than you about virtually every subject Steve.” DAMN RIGHT TOO! All the points you make are spot on. These wankers ignore the most relevant details, even damning evidence simply to, as you say, lap up the drivel of the Zionist controlled media. What does it take for people to realise that as soon as that evil bitch Diane Feinstein opened her mouth, these events started occurring hand over fist. Whenever there was an agenda to pursue, another Mossad plan would be hatched. The most annoying thing Sam is THEY’RE NOT EVEN TRYING TO MAKE IT LOOK REAL, AS IF THEY’RE ALMOST TRYING TO FLUSH OUT ALL THE PEOPLE SMART ENOUGH TO SUSS THEM OUT!

    • Simon

      Oh ‘Steve the naive’.
      You go play with your real life people and carry on wandering around in total and ignorant oblivion.
      You are the epitome of the galley slave voting for the man with the whip!
      Wakey wakey, rise and shine, or continue to be asinine.

      • Well said indeed Simon – Wow. I can honestly say two things – when I replied to Steve on this thread I had no idea there were all these comments lambasting his words & I can safely say, I have never had so many great comments where insults were not met with insults but fantastic comments made by good people who are right on the money. I am indeed so fortunate to have so many good friends. What a great line again – “You are the epitome of the galley slave voting for the man with the whip!” Brilliant Simon.

    • When it comes to lame ass dickheads Steve ol’ buddy – you are in a class out on your own pal! Of course there’s a possibility you’re a Zionist whose job is to try & make people infinitely smarter than you look bad but this time I’m not so sure. I think you are genuinely dumb. Do you honestly believe any of these good people who you’ve just shamelessly insulted want a society loaded with weapons? Are you really that deluded? Can’t you see there’s a hidden agenda here. If what you say is true then surely you cannot ignore the possibility that Zionists, who are desperate to keep control of America could be behind all this? Just unbelievable. And let me tell you something else – DON’T YOU DARE TELL ME TO DROP ANYTHING! I WAS BORN WITH A RIGHT TO THINK & SPEAK MY MIND. You tell me to drop it do you? Well, I’ll tell you to keep doing your thing. THAT’S THE DIFFERENCE! You can voice your disapproval but if you ever come on here again & insult my friends I won’t go so easy on you. YOU HEAR ME? YOU BETTER!

  • Simon

    As usual Michael. A precise and logical description of events.
    ‘If it doesn’t make sense, it’s usually not true.’

  • Eva Nielsen

    Sam and Simon – spot on. Very good answers.

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