A verbal onslaught on the hierarchy by Larry Wilmore

WOW! Astonishing to say the least how this guy had the balls to unload with a tirade of truth but doing so at a function where Obama was but a few feet away? Moreover, surrounded by those whose only claim to fame was being part of the 1% that oh so badly needed to hear exactly what Larry Wilmore had to say? I can’t believe it! Talk about Cojones! So great to see liar extraordinaire Wolf Blitzer in the audience. For once he was the one put on the spot! How do you feel now Mr. AIPAC? Absolutely brilliant. What a fabulous performance! Hats off is an understatement!
But you’ve got to hand it to how so many of these pros, including the Pres. himself made out it was no big deal. Keeping a straight face is one thing but making out you’re as cool as a cucumber when Larry’s hitting so many nails on the head, is another thing altogether. However, do not for one minute think this may be construed as the one thing he got wrong. If anything it was a smart ‘out’. Truth hurts alright. After laying down the whole caboodle & nothing but, Wilmore softened the landing & perhaps any would-be Obama blow-back by saying –
‘to live in you time Mr. President, when a black man can lead the entire free world’…..
NO SIREE! You can be sure Mr. Wilmore is properly clued up. He knew his dramatic performance had to end off on an Obama ‘lick your arse’ high note. He also knows the only world Obama may think he leads is one where he’s merely been a puppet player who has had no option but to do what he’s told. Most importantly, the world he supposedly leads is anything but free! What a performance. Thanks once again to Paul Stewart for digging out these beauts!




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