Abby Martin “Exposes” Zionism & Israel

I’ve said all I’m ever going to say about Israel & their evil, brutal occupation of the Palestinians. This 25 minute clip featuring the great Abby Martin says it all. She recently went out there so it’s from the horse’s mouth. If there’s any video you need to share here it is – 








  • zakimar

    I love Abby Martin and if she accepts Islam I’d ask her to marry me 😉

    Sadly, only the willfully blind and the dumbest of the dumb still don’t know that the APARTHEID israel satanic jew regime is second only to amerikkka in their evil when it comes to treatment of Native Peoples.

    May God accept every Palestinian as a martyr in Heaven and every APARTHEID israel jew and their supporters as murderers in eternal Hellfire.

    Thanks for another great article, and people should see the videos Abby Martin did on Cuba and the affects of the amerikkkan terrorist regime in that great nation as well.

  • Prakash Persad

    Abby,What might be interesting,but dangerous,is investigation the Evil Saudi family dictatorship,Oman,UE,Great Work.

  • Lynne

    Thank you Abby and Michael

  • Linda

    She said “put em in Australia” … they run australia! We don’t want them here either I wish they would drop off the planet.

    • zakimar

      Sadly, that was the answer of most world leaders when they realized the jew are parasites that were destroying their countries, they didn’t execute them, they shipped them off to destroy the countries of other people, whether Palestine, amerikkka, Australia, Canada, South Africa, USSR… and they have gone on to destroy or are in the process of destroying every one of their hosts, as all parasites do.

      When you come across a rabid dog on your property, it’s a sin to just drop it off on your neighbor’s property, instead you must deal with the diseased animal yourself or soon there will be so many diseased animals, that they will be a danger to not only you, and your neighbor, but your entire nation.

    • How can you put a rampant carcinogenic strain anywhere?

  • brad

    Congressmen have to actually make a vow to support israel over US interests. Proven. There is a Youtube interview of a former congresswoman from i think Georgia, and she tells all about this.

    Congress is an israeli colony.

  • Sylvan Forest

    Her fingers are displaying the Horns of Horus symbols. She is a puppet of the Cabal spouting the script.

  • sully

    The bible warned us about these people. For 2000 years no one could figure out what is the beast. Nothing seemed to fit that number but all along there was one thing, only one and one that existed then as it exists today, a geometric shape that has;
    6 sides
    6 triangles
    6 points
    It is the six pointed star because the bible is telling us, 666 is the mark of the Jew.

    • zakimar

      Jesus himself told humanity that the jew are the children of the devil. Sadly, many Christians follow the satanic jew and support APARTHEID israel. Fortunately most Muslims follow Prophets Jesus and Muhammad (pbut) and know exactly the evil of the jew and thus are the targets of their amerikkkan and nato mercenary slaves.

      JESUS CHRIST, speaking to the Jews in the Gospel of St. John, 8:44 “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lust of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is not truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar and the father of it.—then answered the Jews—” (which makes it clear that Christ was addressing the Jews.)

      • sully

        The entire Christian religion is based on the lie that Jesus died for our sins. He did not.
        A Pharisees Jew named Saul who was involved in the persecution of the early Christians realised persecution was not working to put a stop to them. They were continuing to spread the word of Jesus and the story of his Crucifixion.
        Saul decided on a new tactic. Subversion.
        Using the Roman version of his name, Paul, he claimed a vision made him stop persecuting Christians and become one himself. He then claimed the realisation that Jesus died for our sins, to pay the debt God demanded from us in a blood sacrifice, for our original sin.
        That is obviously a lie.
        Jesus told us the Lords prayer in Mathew 6:12,
        “Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors.”
        Right there Jesus tells us God will forgive our debts if we ask him to.
        Yet this Saul/Paul condradicted Jesus and started the Catholic Church based on the lie Jesus died for your sins and taught, if you want to go to heaven you better believe what I tell you and if you do not believe what I tell you, your going to hell.
        For 2000 years, the shame of the Christian church is they have for that entire time taught, not the word of God and not the word of his only son.
        the Christian Church has taught the word of a deceitful lieing manipulating Pharisees Jew who hated Jesus and all who followed him.

        • sully

          My prediction.
          A day will come when Christians will realise what I said in my last two comments is true, just as the Muslims will realise how they have been used and coerced by the Zionists into carrying out their phoney false flag terrorist attacks. Thereafter true Christians and Muslims will form the greatest allegiance ever seen on this planet, and together we will DESTROY the Zionist beast.

        • zakimar

          Thank you Brother and I’m glad others are aware of the scum that saul/paul was and his true mission, working for his father, the devil. If the only thing I knew about Christians is that they support the satanic/talmudic APARTHEID israel jew and give them money and weapons to murder the Native Palestinian Christians, that would be enough to know their religion is false.

          Unlike with Islam, where the puppet dictators support the murder of Muslims, but the people oppose it, with the Christians, the people support it as do their slave of the jew rulers.

          And unlike in Islam where we are prohibited from: alcohol; pork; usury; homosexuality; porn; drugs; tabacco and other sinful things, most Christians not only ignore those same prohibitions, but celebrate them and of course the jew produce/promote/push them.

          When Jesus returns, he will tell humanity that Islam is the final religion of God, but the jew antichrist/APARTHEID israel ruler will have most Christians and jew trying to murder him. So I urge everyone to read the Qur’an and not listen to the Islamophobe liar jew of the msm.

  • sully

    Understand this, they are not Christians. They choose to ignore the words of Jesus and instead believe the liar that is Saul, therefore they have no religion and their faith is in the devil himself.
    I am a true Christian therefore I know both Jesus and Mohammed were sent to us by God. Jesus said Mohammed would come after him. Jesus said Mohammed is the spirit of truth. I believe that.

    • zakimar

      Yes, God did send both Prophets Jesus and Muhammad pbut as well as the Torah, Gospel and Qur’an. But just as the Torah was corrupted by the satanic jew and then the Gospel, the Qur’an was kept in it’s original form and is incorruptible and thus people should accept Islam as their religion if they want to follow the final word of God.

      The satanic jew owned media does their best to spread Islamophobia as they work for their father the devil and the devil stated his mission is to lead people away from God and thus take them to Hell. I studied comparative religions throughout high school and university and now realize why they NEVER had a Muslim teaching us Islam, because they didn’t want people to accept God. I recall a Baha’i teaching the Qur’an, a jew teaching Islamic history and a Hindu teaching Islamic culture… I only reverted to Islam in 2016, many years after graduating from university and now realize how those satanic teachers lied about Islam to their students.

      The moral, don’t learn about Islam from worshippers of the devil and criminals but go directly to the Qur’an and a Masjid near you. And watch Ahmed Deedat and Zakir Naik on YouTube as they are true Muslims and have spent their lives studying comparative religions and can tell you exactly why Islam is the final religion of God.

      May God bless you with His Guidance as only He can bring anyone to Islam.

      • sully

        Do Muslims around the world understand that the Zionist deceivers, masquerading as Muslim leaders, came to America, recruited the 9/11 hijackers and in Iraq they did the same thing to create ISIS to overthrow Assad?

        • zakimar

          isis stands for (APARTHEID) israeli secret intelligence service and was run by an APARTHEID israel satanic/talmudic jew named simon elliot, going by the name Al Baghdadi to fool stupid people in the jew MSM. He was funded, armed and protected by amerikkka, APARTHEID israel and the satanic saudi puppet dictators of amerikkka until the God fearing Russians sent him to his lord, the devil.

          If isis were Muslim, they’d be executing the satanic APARTHEID israel jew or idol worshipper scum buddhists that have been committing genocide against Muslims for many years.

          • sully

            I knew the ISIS leaders were Israeli mossad, but I believed the ISIS fighters were Iraqi Muslims who did not understand this trickery and so they believed they would create new Islamic state.
            Here is what I do not understand, there is a billion Muslims, many millions of them in Europe and America why are they silent about these zionist lies about 9/11? Why do they not stage demonstrations in big cities demanding governments admit the truth that Israel did 9/11 and Islam was blamed for it?

          • zakimar

            No true Muslim would join isis as they must know the money, weapons and support comes from the servants of the devil, the jew, amerikkkan/nato mercenary scum and of course the jew blood saudi dictator pigs.

            There can be no Caliphate until APARTHEID israel and amerikkka are destroyed, so murdering Muslims across the Middle East instead of the satanic/talmudic APARTHEID israel jew and their amerikkkan slaves is almost as stupid as it is evil.

            May Allah put the isis terrorist scum in Hell with their APARTHEID israel jew pig and satanic amerikkkan dog masters for eternity. They are sisters of each other.

            When the jew get their stupid amerikkkan slaves to start WW3 for the jew banksters and APARTHEID israel, I and millions of other true Muslims will join with Russia, China, Iran, and others to send the jew and their mercenary nato terrorist slaves to their lord, the devil. Only then will the world have peace. May we be alive to join Prophet Isa and Imam Mahdi when they arrive, to help send the jew antichrist dajjal and his slaves to their graves. #BDS # BDSusa #BDSuk #BDSfrance

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  • Nick Santus

    Dear Abby it seems your not aware the Rothschild’s own America. that is the reason for the continued American involvement Politicians are given the choice fatal accident or brown envelope and do as we tell you.

  • Michael Forte

    What a brilliant interview…! Thank you so much…

    One of the craziest situations and what is at the heart of the US’s support of Zionist Israel is that so many members of the Senate / Congress hold Israeli passports. How is this possible? How can these individuals be expected to withdraw financial and moral support for Israel. They cannot possibly be regarded as objective and neutral.

    I feel sick to the bottom of my heart and soul with empathy for the Palestinian people… I feel totally ashamed that the World’s governments (‘Western’ and Arab states) stand by and let this happen. I feel sick to see the British and US politicians pandering to the hateful Zionists and Saudis. My heart bleeds… ❤️

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