Abe Foxman being Chairman of the ADL is Tantamount to King Herod being in charge of the Baby-Sitters Union

I believe one of the secrets of having a contented, calm existence is being able to eek out a living by doing what you like. I’ve no idea of the statistics but I’d like to bet only a small percentage of folk actually end up working in the job they always yearned for. Most of us simply do not have the choice partly because we remain unsure of what we really want & what ambition realistically is & since earning a living over-rides all else, it is hardly surprising most of us take the best or most appropriate offer.

Of course, many folk are pulled away from their true love through the route of all evil & there’s no getting away from it, we all need money, more always helps & sometimes the offer is simply too good to refuse, Then there’s convenience of being near one’s work place or the sheer comfort of one’s working environment. All these factors play a significant role as do circumstances – you may desire a large family; others prefer to remain loners.

Throughout my life I found it extremely difficult motivating myself the longer I stayed in the same job, not to mention the fact having to take orders from people who were just a click above possessing the brains of a rocking horse, was often all too much to bear. Four years tended to be my cut-off point – the Jewelry Trade, Currency & Commodity markets, the Insurance business, running my own card club etc. Not that I want to go into my life story, (If you do, click ABOUT ME on my website), but the only job I’ve managed to continue for more than 4 years is writing.

In fact when I packed it in with the card club (excuse the pun), I spent 4 years writing a screenplay, one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. (The script is on my website too). After I spent quite some time trying to sell the damn thing. I came close a couple of times but trying to get in with Holly-wooders was tough enough; dealing with them was infinitely worse. In short I quickly realised you had to be part of their club.

At the time my friend said why don’t you continue writing. I looked at him as if to say, don’t you think I’ve had enough? I mean I put my heart, soul & central nervous system into writing the screenplay. I didn’t leave a stone unturned. Every scene had to be right. He retorted, no. I’m talking about social media. His very words were – ‘FB is made for you!’ He opened an account for me in March 2011. I think my first post was in October later that year. Within 6 months I was hooked because people seemed to gravitate to my style of writing.

Soon I was writing articles for other alternative media sites & was being paid too. Some three years later a lady offered to build a website for me. She ran well over 100 sites & was convinced once I learned the inns & outs of putting an article together, complete with captions & links, my site would take off. By the end of the year my website had received over 1.2 million hits, an average of 8000 a day. Subscribers were coming in thick & fast as were the donations. I was finally making a living doing what I wanted. I was actually turning down offers because I just couldn’t fit it all in. Suddenly it all went pear-shaped.

FB as we know has become a joke. We’re wasting our time simply because if ever we write something controversial ie involving Dual national Zionists, Israel, the Rothschilds NWO, Zionist lobbies etc. we may think we’re getting some traction but the truth is, the only people who see these posts are those who are already in agreement so we’re wasting our time. It’s taken a while for FB to get it’s algorithms up to scratch but they’ve got it down to a tee now. We really should be thinking about a mass exodus.

Along with FB’s regular tightening of the screws, crazy things started happening on my website. Hackers from all over the place were causing havoc. The working mechanics of my website especially the subscribe & donations section encountered gremlin after gremlin. My list of subscribers then disappeared altogether. A post of George Michael suddenly went viral, then my website didn’t just go down; it disappeared from the grid. It took two people 36 hours to get it back & running but what was so annoying is that the lady running my website told me that the George Michael post which caused all the trouble had in excess of 2 million hits in just two days!

Cut a long story short, I’ve never been able to recover. Three years later I’m lucky to average 300 hits a day on my website. Worst of all, every avenue of perhaps earning a few quid for my work has been cut off. From day one I was not allowed to advertise but even those who used to pay for my articles received the same treatment & so their ability to pay their way was severely restricted. This had the typical knock-on effect.

This is how the Zionists operate. They can’t kill everyone yet but they make sure your ability to earn a living is severely restricted. This is precisely what’s happened to me & I blame one man – ADL Chairman ABE FOXMAN. The ADL actually stands for Anti Defamation League. What a load of cobblers! The only thing they’re anti is Freedom of Speech. In short the ADL attacks anyone who reveals the truth about Dual national Zionists, Israel, the Rothschilds NWO, Zionist lobbies etc.

What Abe Foxman is doing is bad enough, In my eyes anyone, who in any way hinders Freedom of Speech is a criminal & should be arrested! But what drives me completely round the bend is the fact this guy who has stopped me earning a living is an evil, depraved racist. Talk about maximum Chutzpah, another Zionist characteristic – an out-&-out racist being in charge of the Anti-Defamation League is tantamount to King Herod being Chairman of the Baby-sitters Union!


  • Ted Duggan

    Have you tried this Michael



    • I think I’m already a member Ted. I’ve decided I’m going to keep my website going & start contributing to another 3 or 4 outlets such as MeWe, VK.com, Minds & GAB & stop writing on FB. I wish everyone would leave FB because it’s a complete load of bollocks now. What I’m going to do is tell everyone this on FB & see how we go.

      • Hey Michael, I know exactly what you are saying. EXACTLY.

        I tried MeWe for a few months, (as I am almost always blocked on FB), and all I got was yanks, loving Trump and the colonists occupying Palestine. I was cussed out, called a liar, racist, child molester, you name it, a dozen times a day, and only had 200 followers.

        VK is my choice, after trying about 10 platforms. https://vk.com/fredihazeem

        Patreon is a good cloud, and word processor for me also, but no viewers any more. The algorithms got me too. Trying to build a VK base now.

  • ferne bracken

    michael you are one of the heros thankyou

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