AE911Truth: Calling out The New York Times for its total failure to report on the evidence of controlled demolition.

I received this E-mail from AE911Truth. It’s about time I did my bit for these great guys –

Dear friends,

Are you in favor of calling out The New York Times this September for its total failure to report on the evidence of controlled demolition? If so, we have some great news for you!


Just last week, the owners of the billboard directly across the street from The New York Times — a spot that usually goes for more than $20,000 — offered it to us for a rock-bottom price of $9,000 for four weeks! 


This incredible opportunity to amplify our message during the 9/11 anniversary cannot be missed! If you would like to see this billboard go up next week, please chip in what you can to help make it possible. We must raise the necessary funds by the end of Labor Day weekend.


Try looking


Taking the Times to Task

As many of you will remember, in December 2013The New York Times’ chief Washington correspondent David Sanger told one of AE911Truth’s C-SPAN callers, “We’ve not found any evidence so far to suggest that the building collapses were caused by anything other than the two airplanes.” In response, over 1,000 AE911Truth supporters emailed Sanger and the Times to tell them, “Clearly, you haven’t been looking.”


Didn't look!


Now we’re sending that message even more loudly. And once we’ve got their attention, every editor and reporter who works in The New York Times Building will also receive the Beyond Misinformation booklet — leaving them no excuse to say they haven’t found any evidence. On top of that, our impossible-to-miss billboard will be seen by 100,000 people each day throughout the month of September.


With a modest contribution, you can help AE911Truth capture the attention of the nation’s “newspaper of record” — and of millions of New Yorkers and tourists. Thank you for helping to make this the most educational 9/11 anniversary yet.


The AE911Truth Team


Do not be fooled by David Sanger’s chubby smile & oh so pleasant demeanor for this man is an integral reason the truth has remained hidden from public gaze. In fact 9/11 could never have occurred had the entire mass-media not been under Zionist control. He is a professional liar & his job is to cover up for his Zionist overlords by perpetuating myths regarding 9/11 so that the true terrorists & mass-murderers remain free. This man is evil personified yet he’d never dream of suing me because the truth is, if he were to sit a lie-detector test the machine would explode!



On the other side of the coin we have a giant, Professor Emeritus Steven Jones, one of the world’s foremost experts in Muon Catalyzed Fusion. Like anyone who chooses to think (as opposed to being led like dumb donkeys), Jones naturally realised the collapse of the 3 buildings on 9/11 looked suspiciously like controlled demolitions. He proceeded to conduct experiments on dust particles taken that day. He discovered beyond any shadow of doubt that huge amounts of explosives had been used to bring down these buildings. There are no ifs & buts about this! This was proof!


Of course there is no way Bin Laden or anyone other than those who had access could have rigged these buildings. Well we know two arch Zionists Larry Silverstein & Frank Lowy owned the buildings, the former being close friend of the greatest maniac on the planet, Benjamin Netanyahu. Small wonder the Zionist controlled media treated this great man with such contempt. Needless to say Steven Jones paid a heavy price for his urge to reveal the truth. In typical Zionist fashion his livelihood was snatched from him!


This video gives you some idea of the esteem this man is held, as well as the fact in a court of law his evidence alone would have Silverstein, Lowy & the entire corporate media in the dock.



Thanks to Debbie Lawrence for this caption – 



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