Africa: the richest continent on the planet, yet starvation & disease is rife

I know I don’t write enough about what’s going on in Africa. The thing is there’s only so much I can do & I feel I’ve got to devote my time to what I believe matters most. Yet what’s occurring in Africa is an absolute blight on mankind, literally winner takes all – it’s a crying shame. 


Africa is the richest continent on the planet in terms of minerals & natural resources, yet its people remain the poorest where starvation & disease is rife. If one requires a perfect word to describe Africa, I’d say ‘exploitation’ wins it hands down! White rule, black rule, it matters not. Almost every country in Africa inevitably sees it’s assets plundered by already incredibly wealthy individuals, while its inhabitants see little or no benefit.


Blood Diamonds


One of the richest countries, South Africa has seen one family, the Oppenheimer’s control a staggering 80% of its assets. Of course we know what happened with Apartheid – Mandela was made a figurehead leader which the media dutifully blew out of all proportions. White rule was replaced by black rule & NOTHING CHANGED…… except for one thing – all the scrutiny & criticism died a sudden death! The Oppenheimer’s still controlled 80% of the countries riches; blacks are no better off. Mandela was the con trick of the century!


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The truth is Africa has always been there for the taking. However, in the past 15 years or so, those who really call the shots ie those who control the politicians have realized – why not exploit the whole damn world? AND NOW, THEY ARE! We may not appear to be in the same dilemma as the starving, disease ridden Africans but to these greedy power-crazed maniacs we are every bit as expendable. Perhaps we deserve what’s coming to us because the TTIP is being ironed out behind closed doors & it doesn’t seem like there’s nearly enough opposition. The TTIP in a nutshell – imagine having the mafia in control of everything that matters.




We should have spoken out more when people like President Mobuto of Zaire was busy stashing $5 billion into Swiss bank accounts. Now this was back in the 70’s for Christ sake, an absolute king’s ransom. I’m inclined to believe our leaders & their bosses may have just taken a leaf out of Mobuto’s book. Sure they were all filling their boots but they never thought about plundering loot the way some despotic rulers were. Well since it was common knowledge telephone numbers were being stashed in Geneva & Zurich & for the world it seemed no one really gave a shit, why not? Monkey see, monkey do! Here’s a classic example of why we should all speak out when skulduggery is so obvious. The ‘I’m alright Jack’ attitude to an extent is understable but when it occurs en masse, it’s tantamount to giving a licence to criminality.


Org. Crime!


Almost every country in Africa had a ruthless ruler, often in the pockets of the banksters. Representation was all but a pipe dream for African people. There were a few decent rulers – I’ll name one – Colonel Gadaffi! When he came to power 1 in 4 were literate. When he was murdered 83% were literate! 1 in 4 Libyans had a University degree; Electricity was free as was education & medical treatment; bank loans were offered at 0% interest by the state; petrol was 14 cents a liter; a portion of Libya’s oil proceeds went directly into every single Libyan bank account; there were no homeless people; there were no beggars! I could go on & on. What is so sickening is how the media portrayed this great man as a terrorist when in truth he was a shining light for his people & a beacon in Africa. We don’t just steal everything; we destroy the Gadaffi’s of this world!




Recently France created hell in Mali & the Central African Republic where uprisings threatened the balance sheets of some of France’s biggest corporations. The trouble is anyone defending their own country in Africa is branded a rebel or a terrorist in the Western media. Most of Africa’s Diamonds end up in Tel Aviv. What goes on in some of these diamond mines beggars belief. Goodness knows where all the Gold & Uranium ends up. A while back there was a scandal in Malawi involving Tony Blair. He’s heavily involved in oil rich South Sudan & Sierra Leone. Two of his biggest partners are arch criminals Bill & Hilary Clinton. Yet this is merely the tip of the ice-berg. Everything in Africa is simply up for grabs!


A few older stories just for the purpose of showing the level of skulduggery in Africa. Most people have no idea – if you’ve got the muscle, it’s literally take your pick!


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Tony Blair’s charity initiative is receiving hundreds of thousands of pounds in American foreign aid funding



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