All about the NWO & Wolf getting blitzed!

I know it sounds daft but all I ever wanted was to learn about things that were true. I had no interest in religion or nationalism. I possessed a deep-rooted dislike for liars, deceivers, fraudsters, fanatics & fantasists. In one sense these characteristics helped me. Over time you acquire an inner belief what you say is gospel. You also develop an ability to rapidly ascertain fact from fiction, which in turn enables you to make accurate predictions.
The flip side of the coin – you’ve heard the saying ‘like a bull in a China shop’. Well, in my formative years this inner confidence led me to be argumentative, curt, disrespectful & downright rude. When I was 10 my Dad knew I was never going to be a diplomat! However, I’ll admit, the only reason I obtained the full picture is the advent of the Internet & the fact, believe it or not, one of my closest friends bulldozed me into social media. Had it not been for him, I would never have joined Facebook & consequently, several eye-opening videos would have remained undiscovered.
If I had to pick one video to act as a guide to those who realise things are woefully amiss but have little idea of true history & the real power-brokers who’ve pulled the strings behind the scenes, Myron Fagan’s Rothschild’s Illuminati speech in 1967 would be the one. He explains perfectly how over the last 250 years this one family has quite literally shaped history. Unbelievable, incomprehensible, astonishing as this most certainly is, I can put my hand on my heart & say there is little or no doubt about it. The great man said –


“Future historians will wonder how the American people could have been so naive & stupid as to have permitted such audaciously brazen acts of Treason as the Federal Reserve Act & the 16th Amendment. Well they were not naive & they were not stupid. The answer is they trusted the men they elected to safeguard our country & our people & they just didn’t have even an inkling about either betrayal until after each one had been accomplished.


Now the great question is – when will the people wake up & do to our traitors of today what George Washington & our Founding Fathers would have done to Benedict Arnold.”

Years ago I read an essay by Professor Stephen Hawking. In it he stated

“Even though it’s indisputable the Cosmos is teeming with intelligent life-forms, the reason we have not encountered advanced alien life is because there’s a sick joke in the Universe – when species reach the point humans have attained, the tendency is to self-destruct!”

I’ve often bemoaned how mankind could & should be achieving so much more. As a species we’re members of an exclusive club – a minute percentage that not only evolve to become masters of their environment but eventually go on to understand & recognise the impossible Universe. We were in control of our own destiny for one reason – we weren’t marooned on planet Earth. The sky was not the limit!
Yet instead of this awesome ingenuity being utilised for the greater good, a test to see just how far we could advance as a species, pure unadulterated greed & the fact one family wanted it all has resulted in mankind’s ability to reach, strive & push boundaries to be well & truly asphyxiated. Words cannot begin describe what a crying shame this is, yet paradoxically, one has to hand it to these guys.
As much as I detest everything about the Rothschild’s, I nevertheless grudgingly recognise for any family to get this far is something quite remarkable. I once wrote ‘if you had a million parallel Universes & in each one Nature allowed a planet for human-like intelligence to evolve, I find it virtually impossible to imagine a scenario similar to the one we find ourselves bedeviled with today emerging anywhere else. Every single thing had to be absolutely spot on –
1) The fact a fabulously wealthy individual would seriously want his family & his family alone to one day take over the world.
2) The fact Adam Weishaupt, the man chosen to draw up a blueprint for world domination, a plan to actually put into motion, WOULD GET EVERYTHING EXACTLY RIGHT? This in itself is mind-boggling. What kind of a freak must he have been when in 1770 Mayer Amschel Rothschild approached him – TO KNOW PRECISELY WHAT HAD TO BE DONE? It’s not as if Weisphunt had anything to shoot at. No one had ever realistically attempted such a feat! 
3) The fact the timing had to be perfect – just before the industrial revolution & most significantly, prior to the introduction of the mass-media. This avenue had to be cornered. Few people as possible could ever know of their intentions.
4) The fact over 200 years each generation of this family was prepared to do whatever it took, REGARDLESS OF THE TIME FACTOR! Each one knew they’d never live to see the fruits of their labor, normally, the last thing any billionaire would do. They want to make money yesterday!  
5) The fact this one family could accumulate money at an exponential rate while all the other wealthy families, to them at least, seemingly, stood still.
6) The fact even though countless influential, wealthy individuals were quite aware of this looming, ever-increasing threat, no serious attempt was ever made to snuff it out. Though I habor a distinct hatred for the saying ‘you make your own luck’, I feel it couldn’t be more appropriate for the Rothschilds! 



I thought I’d add this……

Rothschild’s 25 Point Plan For World Domination –



Thanks to Ted Duggan for sending me this from the man himself, John Pilger……



And finally, I never had a good word to say about Donald Trump until I saw this interview on CNN years ago. Great to see wolf getting Blitzed! Now I’m sick & tired of trying to explain why Trump is our best option. Just watch this & then say to yourself ‘I can see why the Zionists don’t want this guy.’ I will say this though – I’ll take a potential racist over a guaranteed war-monger any day of the week. SO SHOULD YOU! The video that follows this clip is worth watching too.




  • Rhonda Todd

    Excellent as usual Michael. Yes, they have played it masterful for centuries. Not sure about Trump but time will tell. I am not optimistic.

  • Tony

    Michael, I wish I could share your optimism over Trump, but I fear that as usual when it comes to elections, the Zionists cover ‘all the bases’. Let’s hope I will be pleasantly surprised instead of being bitterly disappointed.

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