I just received this from Cecilie Surasky of the Jewish Voice for Peace. I totally understand why colored folk in America are thoroughly pissed off. They’ve every right to be but as far as I’m concerned – ALL LIVES MATTER – end of! However, how does one even begin to describe what the Israelis are doing? So I thought about it for a while & I came up with this –


Do you remember the outrageous genocidal massacre that occurred in Rwanda in 1994 when the Hutu majority decided to take out whatever grievance they had on the Tutsi minority? Well what occurred was a blight on mankind for our contemptible leaders literally sat & watched the disaster unfold. No one gave a shit! Fortunately for the Palestinians they have the eyes of the world. It may sound a lot but in my eyes it’s all that stops the Israelis from wiping the Palestinians out altogether! Not only that, I feel they’d do this in a heartbeat because the Israelis harbor a level of hatred that’s actually unique.


Dearie me – what a world we live in!


Let’s get one thing straight – THE PALESTINIANS NEVER DID ANY HARM TO ANY JEW! Yet with our own eyes we see fatally wounded kids being hounded by grown ups? This is just too much. I’m sorry. Anyone who supports this can go to hell! This kind of hatred is worse than what the Hutu’s did to the Tutsi’s. Their urge to commit ungodly crimes was born almost entirely through ignorance. But the Israelis are not ignorant people yet they possess a level of hatred that’s incomprehensible because as I said, the Palestinians have never done anything to them & THEY BLOODY WELL KNOW IT! It’s the Israelis who’ve stolen their land.


This level of hatred can only be inbred into humans. It goes something like this – Parents immediately bombard their kids with lies saying everybody wants to kill them, especially Arabs, total bullshit but they’re made to believe this garbage. They grow up & teach their kids exactly what they’ve been taught. This is the only way! Only those with strong enough characters, those who possess an inherent will to question are able to pull themselves out of this poisonous quagmire. 




  • george

    you cant get hate out of our society because we bring up the kids in a hate filled society that what you get! Nazi Germany had Jewish kids that were brought up German and were never told who to hate

  • Abubakar Dabo

    I would prefer the language of silence on hate issues. We as humans are very weak. But the way Israelis hate the Arabs is something so hard to understand and accept. Michael Aydinian, you’re a wonderful person, I think the entire world community except the sraelis are having a hard time with this injustice done to the Arabs, especially the Palestinians. The right to defend or protect it’s citizens is exclusive to Israel only. I just wonder why the International Community keep tolerating this nonsense and can’t stop being hypocrical to put Palestine under UN protection. Need access to the truth?

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