All of a sudden FIFA is in the US dog-house

I’ve been writing all day – I’m washed up. I’ll have to finish the piece tomorrow  I’ll just say Soccer’s World governing body FIFA is so corrupt, you could place them in a group with Haliburton, Exxon Mobile, Monsanto & BP & they’d feel perfectly at home. FIFA has pulled so many strokes, I don’t know how they never entered the Oxford & Cambridge boat race! Thing is for years it’s been common knowledge FIFA was rotten to the core yet nobody gave a toss. All of a sudden FIFA is US public enemy No 1. This abrupt change of heart makes a U-turn look straight as a dye. Tomorrow all will be revealed.



  • Ron Wright

    Has the FIFA corruption crisis saved Israel from vote to expel it from world football?

    The FIFA corruption crisis came just as its annual congress was due to debate a motion calling for Israel to be suspended from world football.

    Israeli football team threatened by expulsion by FIFA because of Israel’s racism towards Palestinian footballers..

    Possible or likely this is the cause of America’s sudden interest in this historic goings on?

  • Anna lee

    I do not believe in coincidences, this sound like the Zionist blackmail did not work , hence this sudden urge to publish the “truth” , then again it maybe truth but why right now? I am more inclined to believe a black mail when wrong , this will be a warning to the other people under threat from the NWO and Zionist blackmailers !

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